Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, July 16-18



Sabathia @ Romero

Weaver @ Cahill  (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Big Erv @ Harden  (Gm 2 of doubleheader) – I’ll say pitch on Harden. Angels not a scary offense.

Lackey @ Shields – Still don’t trust Lackey.

Jackson @ Scherzer – This could be 2-1 or 10-9 but I’ll risk it.

Carrasco @ Simon – Carrasco testing my patience but I’m not giving up on him just yet.

Francis @ Pavano – Francis a decent AL-only option. Pavano 3 ER or less in six of his last seven starts.

Wilson @ King Felix

Vazquez @ Zambrano – Vazquez too HR prone to trust at Wrigley. I’ll sit Big Z in first start off DL.

Hamels @ Niese

Maholm @ Norris

Carpenter @ Arroyo

Lannan @ Hanson

Kuroda @ Kennedy

Greinke @ Chacin

Zito @ Luebke – If you’re not going to start Zito here, why own him?


Peavy @ Penny – Peavy very shaky of late. Bad matchup for Penny.

Hughes @ Villanueva – Hughes needs to shake the rust off.

Gomez @ Atkins

Paulino @ Duensing – I’ll roll the dice on both here.

Pineiro @ Gonzalez – Good matchup for Pineiro.

Harrison @ Beavan

Beckett @ Niemann

Kendrick @ Pelfrey

J. Garcia @ Bailey – Bailey’s career ERA vs. Cards (7 starts) is 6.03! Not good.

Gorzelanny @ Jurrjens – Gorzelanny an OK start in deep/non-mixed leagues.

Correia @ Wandy

Volstad @ Wells

Marcum @ Cook – Marcum a little risky though.

Cain @ Latos

Lilly @ D. Hudson – Dangerous matchup for fly-ball pitcher Lilly.


Carmona @ Baker  (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Burnett @ Hellickson

Red Sox @ Orioles

Buehrle @ Davies

TBD (Indians) @ Swarzak  (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Willis @ McDonald – Far from an ideal matchup for the inconsistent McDonald.

Hensley @ Capuano – Capuano 2 ER or less in six of his last seven starts.

Lee @ Lopez

Marquis @ Lyles – Both are solid NL-only starts but too risky in mixed.

Lowe @ Hammel – Hammel much better on the road (3.40 ERA) than at home (4.92 ERA).

Wolf @ Duke – Regarding Wolf, see Lilly, Ted.

Billingsley @ Vogelsong


Need help in my OF: Cuddyer, Heyward, Swisher, Snider. What do you think about me sending Latos for Bourn?


Latos has been better of late but I’m fine with that if you feel you can make up significant ground in steals. Bourn alone might be worth 3-4 points!


Well, I’m actually in a H2H league… 14 team. That make a difference at all as far the value of the trade?


Depends on if it’s a H2H points league or H2H category league. If it’s H2H category I wouldn’t hesitate to make the trade. If it’s H2H points the decision is tougher. But ultimately, I’d do it anyway. Your outfield could definitely use improvement.


Would you trade Berkman for Carl Crawford? I need speed, I lead in homers and RBI but i’m just concerned because of Crawford’s injuries and his struggles. I was thinking sell high on Berkman but I’m not sure. What do you think?


Yeah, I’d take a chance on that. Despite the power production, Berkman’s AVG has been in free fall since his red-hot month of April. Crawford was actually hitting well following a horrific April and is set to return to action on Monday. I think it’s a solid buy-low sell-high move.


My offer got declined so I was thinking maybe Berkman for Howard? He likes Berkman and Howard is on his block.


I’m fine with Berkman for Howard. When it comes to power numbers, Howard’s been one of the most consistent performers over the past five years. On the other hand, we really don’t know how much longer Berkman can keep this going. Howard’s more of a sure thing.


Who has more value next three weeks pujols or texeira


Wow. And how exactly were you able to get both of those guys? I’ll say Pujols due to Tex’s terrible AVG.


need help 4 game losing streak stanton, butler, and chacin are slumping so what do you think and do you have any recommendations?


I wouldn’t be worried about Stanton. He’s streaky but the numbers will be there by year’s end. I’ve never been a fan of Butler though. He’s a one-category player (AVG) and doesn’t hit enough homers to warrant a starting 1B or even CI spot in a 12-team mixed league.


scrapping for saves. Guerra or Nathan for the balance of the year?


Nathan. He’s back as the closer, has been pitching very well of late and obviously has the track record.


yeah, that’s what I was hedging on, then Gardy came out defending Capps as his closer late Friday night, so I was wavering and “offline” when he flip-flopped on that, and boom, Nathan was gone before I was ableto do anything.

Would you trade Jay Bruce to get Lance Berkman?


Very fair value but I’d actually lean towards no. I still think Bruce has more power upside and chances are we’ve seen the best part of Berkman’s season. Bruce, on the other hand, could be in line for a strong finish.


My SS(Desmond, Theriot) and OF(Cuddyer, Swisher, Heyward, Snider) slots need help. I was offered G. Sizemore and Cozart for Ubaldo. What’re your thoughts? Thanks.


I don’t think you’re getting enough for Ubaldo. Cozart is totally unproven and, despite some bright moments, Grady is just not having a good season.


Also, another quick question; is Heisey in anyway worth a pick-up after another multi HR game tonight?


In a 12-team mixed league, I’ll say no. He’s just not playing enough and his AVG is mediocre.



Dropped J.Sanchez to get Garza and my rotation now looks like this,

Weaver, A.Sanchez, Marcum, Garza, Morrow,Nolasco and Beachy. Do you think that rotation is good enough to get the job done the rest of the year if i play the POD game on tough matchups? Liriano is still available if you think I should take him over any of these guys.

Also Gaby has been horrible the last few weeks and im thinking about sitting him in place of swisher since hes just my UT guy with Pujols at 1B Panda at 3B and Kendrick in my IF slot.

This is my lineup..would you make any changes?
OF-BJ Upton




Yeah, I’m OK with that rotation and would leave Liriano on the wire for now. I’m also fine with your current lineup, though long-term I still like Gaby over Swisher.


Who would you rather have right now in a non-keeper: Mike Trout or Travis Snider?


In a non-keeper I’ll say Snider. He’s hitting well right now and Trout is going through some growing pains. The Angels could even send Trout back down to the Minors and recall him later in the season.


Should I drop David Freese for Travis Snider? Snider is hitting and has steals, which i need.


Yeah, I’d do that.


Do you picture Carlos Santana having a big second half? Like Lance Berkman’s first half?


I don’t think it’s fair to expect anyone to match Berkman’s first half but I do like Santana for the second half. The window to buy low is definitely closing quickly.


Mike Morse or Beltran for the rest of the season ?

Would you drop any of Axford, Walden, or Santos for Nathan? Thanks


Nope, but I’d drop someone else for him…someone who isn’t currently closing games and racking up saves.


Hey guys love the show, Is this a good trade for me? He is willing to accept and I already have Cabrera at 1b… I trade Howard, C Young, Dan Hudson, and Carrasco for… Cruz, Zobrist, Cain and Chacin… I feel that Dan Hudson will get shut down this yr due to innings. Thanks for you help in advance.


I don’t like this at all. I’m not so sure about Hudson getting shut down and even if we call Hudson to Cain a moderate upgrade, I’d much rather have Howard/Young than Cruz/Zobrist. Carrasco to Chacin is an upgrade but it’s just not enough.


What are your thoughts about this trade?
Send: McCutchens
Receive: Berkman

dont do it if you are in a keepers league. maybe, depending on if you need power and its not a keepers league i would think about doing it.


Pass. Even if you’re in a non-keeper league, I think McCutchen has a ton of upside going into the second half as a young player who will only get better. I can totally see the aging Berkman falling off.


Recieve v mar and heyward get rid of slow berkman and stanton thoughts?

I have Carlos Pena and Mark Trumbo has looked good of as of late. I was thinking since Trumbos numbers are pretty much the same but with a better average and steals, should i drop Pena and add Trumbo?? Thanks, luke


They’re fairly equal in value but I do like Trumbo a little more due to the AVG factor. Unless you’re very weak in homers, I’d make that move.



I am over innings cap by 64 innings and falling in the SB category so I made one more attempt at a trade with the crawford owner. I offered Morrow (he wouldnt do it without him being a part of this deal) and Rasmus for Crawford and Buchholtz. I know Buckholtz may not be back for a while but that doesnt concern me too much since Crawford is coming back soon. do you think i made a mistake with this offer? I still have a 6 man rotation with Weaver,A.Sanchez,Marcum,Garza,Nolasco and Beachy.



Nope, I’m totally in favor of that offer. You have solid pitching depth and I like Crawford for the second half.


Hey Big Z have plummeted from 1st all the way to 7th in my league in the past 2 weeks in my 10 team roto keeper league. Part of its due to Reyes and A-Rod hitting the shelf, but it seems largely due to my pitching numbers. My rotation seems ok on paper, do you think I need to try and trade to upgrade it, or is it solid enough to stand a chance to win and should come around: Haren, Gio, Bumgarner, Big Erv!, Ogando, Stauffer, Buchholtz. Was burned a few times by PoD earlier in the season (and by Mr Liriano) which has caused some of the ERA/WHIP problems, but am bad in wins and Ks too. Am trying to decide if I need to try and trade for a no 1 or no 2 type starter. Could maybe deal a guy on my farm like Ackley/Jennings to get something done. Thanks.


Oh no!:-) I wouldn’t at all be afraid to deal a farm guy if you feel you have a good chance at reclaiming first place. I like your pitching but do think you could use another high-end starter, mostly because Haren is historically a poor second half pitcher. If I knew that Haren would continue to put up ace numbers, I’d say to stand pat, but that’s far from a sure thing, and this would make me a little nervous.


Zach I have been offered 2 trades that I am not sure about the first is
Send: Tim Lincecum
Receive: Jair Jurrjens
the second is
Send: BJ Upton
Receive: Lance Berkman

Do u not know any easy answers?

Numbers don’t lie.

That second trade i canceled, so it doesnt matter.


The first trade is terrible for you but I’d probably do the second one if you can survive in the steals category without Upton.


I’m a huge Nationals fan and love Ryan Zimmerman but’s he’s struggling. Do I do try to trade him based off his value or hold on to him and wait?

What is up with Bourn? He’s not stealing bags!!! He’s my speed powerhouse.

I wouldn’t worry about that too much. The guy already has 35 steals, so plenty more will come.


Should I replace any of these (Morse, Morrison, Ellsbury, Pence, Ethier, Chris Young, Alcides Escobar) with Travis Snider or Eric Thames? Are they both solid everyday players?


Yeah, I’d swap Snider in for Escobar. Most of Escobar’s value is tied to his position. I like Snider’s power upside, and he’s stealing a bunch of bases too.


Someone just dropped Matt latos in my league. Is he worth picking up? I’d probably drop a closer as I Have 5 right now. Hanrahan, Santos, Madson, Hernandez and Nathan.

Who would be the best closer to drop if I add Latos?


I’d pick up Latos for someone else. Saves are scarce, and owning five closers puts you in a prime position to make a trade. Why just dump a closer if you can get something…anything…in return?


what about sending chacin and leake for carpenter and hanrahan


I’m all for that one!


In the even marcum is DL-ed again, what are your thoughts on picking up derek holland?


Depends on who else is available but I’m not really a fan of Holland at this point. He’s still just too inconsistent for my liking.


I have an open roster spot. Should I pitch or ditch (there are so many pitchers avail in my league) or add Adam Dunn? Will he turn it around? I need HRs but my ERA this week is not good.


I’d add Dunn. There’s really no downside in doing so.


Need help with a trade. I give up Reyes and Bailey for Longoria and Gaby Sanchez. My other closers are Bell, Perez, Farnsworth and Melancon. I need homeruns. H2H 8-team league.

trade offer: Longoria for N. Walker and King Felix. what side would you rather?? im getting the king felix side. THX


Yeah, I prefer Walker/Felix. Longoria just hasn’t been able to figure it out this year, and while I do expect him to improve in the second half, Felix is a nice reward for the downgrade from Longo to Walker, which by season’s end might not even be considered a downgrade.


What do you think about Ubaldo for Stubbs?


Pretty fair, but I’d take my chances with Stubbs and hope he morphs back into the player who was looking like a first-round pick for much of the season’s first couple of months.


drop A Soriano for Torres? Also getting Reyes back….thinking of keeping Bonifacio and releasing S Drew?


If you need SBs, I’m fine with you picking up Torres for Soriano.

I’d hold onto Drew. You’re addressing speed by making the Torres pickup and Reyes is close to returning, so I’d sooner take Drew’s power upside over Bonifacio’s speed.


Is giving Crawford 4 pence a good deal thanks


It’s a fair trade. Pence is the safer guy but Crawford has elite-level upside coming off a terrible first half.


Dear 411,

Would you please rate tis two trade proposals:

A) Get Ichiro for Ryan Roberts
B) Get Ichiro for Ubaldo

As additional information i’m desperate for SB. I have plenty of depth in 2B and SP.



i would maybe do the first one, the second if definitely NO.

Who would you target if i give Ubaldo?
Maybe Stubbs or BJ Upton?


Ubaldo for Stubbs is something I’d do. No on Upton unless you’re desperate for steals.



Definitely yes on the first one. The second one is very close but I’d lean towards no.



Little help – I’ve got Victorino coming off the DL. Whos should I drop of Thames, Trout, Ludwick, or Perkins (since it seems Nathan has secured the closer role)?

Thanks as always,


Perkins. No question.


perkins without a doubt

offer Mauer and chacin for valverde and konerko
and y isnt the show on


Yeah, that’s a no-brainer. Advantage Valverde + Konerko.


Hey Zach,
Hope you had a nice weekend. How would you rank these SP for the ROS:

Phil Hughes
Matt Harrison
Derek Holland
Brandon Beachy
Alexi Ogando
Michael Pineda
Kyle Lohse
Hiroki Kuroda


Rich D.


Pineda, Kuroda, Beachy, Hughes, in that order, would be my top 4.


Does this order change now that the Mariners made an announcement regarding Pineda’s innings limit and shutting him down by September 1?

why wasnt the show on today?

Podcast only today. It’ll be available soon on iTunes and the MLB.com Podcast page.


got it on itunes!

ya no show?

I’m thinking of dropping Derek Lowe and picking up Rubby De La Rosa, sound like a good move?

Dontrelle Willis, Tom Gorzelanny, Juan Nicasio, and even and injured Wade Davis (when he comes off the DL) are others on the waiver wire that inspire more confidence than Lowe right now. Which is my best option?


Sure. I’m OK with dropping Lowe for De La Rosa. Love the K rate.


drop norris pick up morrow?


They’re very close in value but I’ll give the edge to Norris. Morrow pitches in the AL East and is a little more prone to blowups.


how about dropping vargas for nolasco or worley


Yeah, I’d definitely drop Vargas for Nolasco.


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