Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 19



Brett Cecil

Weiland @ Guthrie

Moscoso @ PorcelloMoscoso a pitch for deep/unmixed leagues

Pineda @ Cecil – great matchup for resurgent Cecil

Colon @ Hellickson – being cautious with Colon

Peavy @ Duffy – Peavy not inspiring confidence lately

Masterson @ Liriano

Ogando @ Chatwood

Leake @ Morton – Morton has turned back into a pumpkin

Stauffer @ An. Sanchez

Lohse @ Gee – could go either way on both, do you feel lucky?

Lee @ Garza

Zimmermann @ Happ

Beachy @ Jimenez – check Ubaldo’s last 9 GS vs. his first 9

Gallardo @ Enright

R. De La Rosa @ Bumgarner


If you had to choose: Leake or Rubby?


I’d go with Leake. I just trust him a little more.


What do you think about Desmond? Will he pick it up for the second half and be a legit choice for the SS slot?


Other than the steals, Desmond hasn’t done much of anything this year and I really don’t see too many positive signs (85/19 K/BB ratio!). He’s probably worth a bench spot in deeper leagues but no way would I trust him as my starting SS.


Think I should pick up Cecil and drop vargas for tomorrow? He gets Toronto next.


I’d actually hang onto Vargas as he’s got the larger body of work, though I’d certainly bench him vs. TOR.


Which one of these three in order would you pick up for next week. they all have 2 starts next week vs not that good of offenses:

Narveson: vs CHC and HOU

McClellan: vs HOU and CHC

Nicasio: @LAD and SD



Narveson, McClellan, Nicasio.


Should I be looking to trade Jhoulys? An innings limit is likely approaching, right?


I wouldn’t be so quick to assume an innings limit for Chacin as he did throw a combined 173 innings last season between the Minors and the Majors, but it depends of course on what you can get for him.


Was offered King Felix today and normally that would be someone you would jump at but I’m not sure. he wants an outfileder so he offered Felix for Ellsbury. I also have J. Upton and Granderson in my starting OF (as well as Crisp, Damon, and Brantley that I use as utility or fillers). I already have pretty good SP in Kershaw, Weaver, Shields, Scherzer, S. Baker as my top guys. he also has Roy Halladay if I wanted to take a shot at him. thoughts? should i go for Felix w/ either Ellsbury or Upton? take a shot at Halladay? or do nothing?


Pass. All things equal, I’ll always take the hitter over the pitcher and with that rotation you just don’t need Felix that much.


How for real is Asdrubal? His track record looks like he has the AVG and SB, but the power is coming out of nowhere. It’s a 10tm H2H ctgry and we keep 10 guys. Definitely keeping Pujols, Pedroia, Longo, HanRam, CarGo, Ellsbury, Heyward, Felix. Then don’t know out of C Young, Wieters, J Johnson, Latos, Waino, Asdrubal. Should I move him or will he be worth keeping? He’s young at a thin position so I figure I can get a pretty good amount of value to help me this year (I’m in first), but if he is for real he might be worth holding on to. My other SP are Marcum, Morrow, Wandy, Kuroda, Baker, Stauffer. Do I need more pitching? Thanks guys!


I’m definitely on board with Asdrubal. He’s still just 25 and I have a hard time thinking that he’ll all of a sudden revert back to a single-digit HR guy. Yes, barring a second half collapse I’d definitely keep him. I’ll give him the edge over Young, especially considering the position factor.


I am looking to add more pitchers to my team but I have too many outfielders. I am definitely keeping Chris Young, and Jose Bautista but would like to know which 3 to keep for the rest of the year: Gardner, Bonafacio, Markakis, Francoeur, Swisher, Stubbs and Snider. (Stubbs has not been doing too well lately). Also how do you feel about dropping Kelly Johnson and picking up Ryan Roberts? I also have Danny Espinosa on the team. Thanks.


My top three would be Gardner, Stubbs and Snider with Markakis not far behind. I’d hold onto Johnson…more power upside despite the poor AVG.


10 team NL only ROTO
I picked up a god awful abandoned club about a month and a half before the all star break. I’ve put some pieces together and scrapped my way from 15 points back of the 9th place team, to just three points out of last (mainly due to panda’s return, Nate the Great Schierholtz, and various deep but logical and rewarding spot starts).
This guy needs a 2B (i have Ellis as a MI).
And Saves (I have street and picked up Hernandez a week before Putz’s DL stint).

Im looking to….
-punt saves at this point (in 6th place)
-Scoop up some Wins, K’s, and QS (currently in 6th place in all three)
-but remain somewhat near 2nd place in ERA+WHIP
He wanted ellis for furcal last week but i didnt bite
Yesterday he posted beachy and gallardo on his trading block
I give street + hernandez + ellis
and get beachy + gallardo + brandon wood/zach cozart
Fair value right? Especially considering I’m in last with nothing to lose and only respect (not cash) to gain.


Rasmus has been horrible and I’m starting to wonder if I should drop him and pick up Alfonso Soriano or Alex Rios. Would you take either of them over Rasmus for the rest of the season?

I went ahead and dropped him and picked up schierholtz. I figured he might give me a few steals and a little better avg with a couple xbh in there as well. Did I make a mistake or do you think he will be as good or better than Rasmus the rest of the way?



I’m not high on Rios at all and Soriano just doesn’t excite me. Yeah, Rasmus has been pretty terrible lately but I still think he carries the greatest upside of the three.


What do you think of J.Niese.Is he worth a pickup?Is he too legit to quit?Worth dropping javy guerra for?


Niese is still a Pitch or Ditch guy in my mind (someone I wouldn’t trust in all matchups) and no way would I drop a pitcher who is currently a clear-cut closer for a Pitch or Ditch starter.


13 team roto mixed league, 6 keepers only, no top 3 round draft picks can be kept.
Made a bang decision last night to offer a trade and within 24 hours the other guy said yes. Offered him McCann (pick 3 keeper 2012)and Hosmer (pick 26 keeper 2012) for Albert Pujols and Carlos Ruiz. Cant keep Albert and wont keep Ruiz. Needed more RBI , better avg and runs. Also last in the hitting K’s categorie by 10 points.

I have my 6 keepers at Ellsbury, McCutchen, Stanton, Ausdrubal Cabrera, Trout and choosing between Ackley and possible Price or Shields. I probably would have kept McCann and Hosmer, but only back by 13 points and closing in steadily to 1st place.

I wanted to win now, too aggressive and expensive?



You gave up a decent amount there but I’m all for playing to win now when you have a chance at the title. Plus, you certainly still have enough quality keeper options.


Who would you prefer the rest of the way: Ubaldo or Greinke ?


I’ll say Ubaldo. He’s been flat out dominant for awhile now while Greinke has been rather inconsistent.


Wo would you go with for tmrw: Harang, Myers, Vargas, or Blackburn?

Thanks as always
Josh A


I’d go with Harang.


With Lidge on his way back is he going to have any value this year? What are the prosepects of him closing?

I had offered up the trade of Quentin for Wilson as I am in a tight race for a 3 point swing in saves (currently have bell, soria, guerra, broxton – along with venters). The counter came through as Wilson and Lidge for Quentin and Venters. Lidge is a bit too much of a wild card for me. Thoughts?



Yeah, I wouldn’t make that trade. Even though Lidge says he’ll be back by the end of this month, I’ll believe it when I see it. And even if he eventually returns to the closer role, it might take awhile. Why risk a terrible ERA and WHIP for maybe a handful of saves? I just don’t think it’s worth it. I’d rather have Venters.


In desperate need of a SS… What do you think about trading Latos to get Hardy? Am I giving up too much? Hardy doesn’t have a high percentage of ownership but the numbers are definitely there.


That’s a totally fair trade considering the lack of depth at the SS position.


Is this a good trade, i give Martin Prado and Carlos Gonzalez for Ichiro Suzuki, Danny Espinosa and Michael Bourn.


You’re giving up the best player in the deal but if you need a speed boost I’m fine with it.


with arod to the dl, which 3b should i pick up? headley, wood, e5, valencia.

thanks zach


I’d go with Valencia. He’s hot right now (.292 AVG in July) and I’m tired of being teased by E5. Headley is good for AVG but provides close to zero power.


Kyle Lohse….anything left for a strong second half?


Lohse is a guy I might use in favorable matchups but overall I just don’t trust him. He’s been very mediocre of late and doesn’t strike anyone out.


Could you please rank putz,madson, perez as closers for the rest of the season? Assuming putz is healthy of course. Thanks.


Assuming Putz is healthy is a pretty big assumption but in that case I’d go Putz, Perez, Madson (not convinced that he’ll finish the season as the closer with Lidge on the way back).


I currently have S.Drew, but am seriously thinking about dropping him for Z.Cozart. I am going to try to find someone else to drop, but would I be crazy to drop Drew?


I’ve added your question to the list of questions to be answered on today’s show so stay tuned. Personally, I’d stick with Drew as I’m generally conservative with these types of decisions, but Cory and/or Nando might feel differently.


Guess I wasn’t that crazy after all. After that unfortunate accident I went ahead and did the move.

who wins this trade C,Young and J.Zimm( with his innings cap) for Greinke?

In a league where you only have to play one second baseman, my team has Utley, Uggla, and Espinosa. How do you rank them going forward if my league values Runs HRs Ave RBI and Steals?

Hey Big Z, am still trying to trade for some more power and RBIs but having no luck getting a decent 3B (guess noone wants to lose one this year eh). That said, if I could get Wright would you do EE/Torii and Pineda for him (non-keeper)? Otherwise I think im gonna have to look at improving power elsewhere, what MI do you think say Utley + Pineda could get me? Or also how about what OF for Torii + Pineda.
Could do a different arm to Pineda (Billings, J Garcia, ricky-ro etc) but it seems the right time to sell high on Pineda! Thanks


Yeah, I’d take a chance on that trade, especially considering that Pineda isn’t keeper eligible and that the Mariners have already said they’ll limit his innings. I think he could be shut down as early as the start of September.


Me giving up hanrahan marcum and billy butler for leo nunez dillon gee and miguel cabrera…….need power


Do it, if for no other reason than that Cabrera is far and away the best player in the deal.


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