Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 20


Brandon McCarthy is 1-3 with a 4.60 ERA in six road starts this season.


Miller @ Arrieta – eeww

Tomlin @ Blackburn

McCarthy @ Below – not trusting B-Mac on the road

Vargas @ Morrow – tough matchup for Vargas

F. Garcia @ Price

Danks @ Chen

Holland @ Haren – tough matchup for Holland but he’s done well on the road

Cueto @ Karstens – have to ride Karstens while it lasts

Livan @ Myers – only going with Myers based on matchup

Worley @ Dempster

Kershaw @ Lincecum

Harang @ Nolasco

McClellan @ Dickey

T. Hudson @ Nicasio – Hudson risky in Coors, but he’s on a good run

Narveson @ Saunders



Should I trade Jaime Garcia and Chris Young for C.C Sabathia?


Nope. Garcia to Sabathia is an upgrade but Young is too much to pay for that upgrade.


Do you see another second half collapse for Brennan Boesch this year? My starting pitching has questions in a 10 team h2h: Hamels, Pineda, Ogando, Lohse, Kuroda, Scherzer, Jurrjens, and Lester. Beachy is still available. Cut Boesch and add Beachy to help with possible innings limit on Pineda/Ogando and a collapse from Lohse?


I’d cut someone else to add Beachy, but I don’t think you’re so desperate for a starting pitcher that you need to cut Boesch.


Please evaluate this trade…..I get V-Mart and Longoria and give up AmRam and Drew Stubbs. I lost Posey to injury, but picked up Napoli at catcher. Stubbs was supposed to solidify the steals category, but hasn’t swiped a bag in July. I think AmRam is better for the rest of the season over Longoria due to injury and I kinda think Stubbs will turn it around. Your thoughts? (8 team H2H standard league)


I’m OK with that trade. A-Ram to Longoria has to be considered at least a small downgrade at this point. Stubbs for V-Mart is fair but you clearly have a huge need for a catcher upgrade.


I have a very interesting question for you. I play in a 12 team 5 player per team keeper league. There are no keeper restrictions or values. But we are able to trade picks for future drafts. The eleventh place team is kinda having a “fire sale” for draft picks. He has traded JJ hardy and his 9th round pick for alcides escobar and his 5th round. Also he has traded Marcum and his 5th rd for Bud norris and his 3rd round. He is marketing for others to keep trading him for any of his players except his 5 keepers.. So what are your thoughts on this?? He did trade away Berkman and his 2nd for Crawford and his 4th.. ( that was to get a 5th keeper) .. Is this shady or just good managing for next year. I feel it might get blown outta proportion and other teams might do this that are out of contention. And yes it is more than a “free league”. Thanks for your opinion on this one.


I have absolutely no problem with that. It’s well within the rules and those trades are clearly not lopsided.



What do you think of Schierholtz? Do you think he can continue hitting the way he has recently?

Also I am lacking a little bit of speed and lost alot of saves with the k-rod trade so i decided to offer Morrow and Swisher for Valverde and Pagan. Do you think thats a fair value deal? I dont really need the pitching and Swisher is a bench player so it made sense to me. My outfield right now is Ichiro,Bj Upton and McCutchen but at UT i have been using swisher and Gaby.


No need to answer the first question…..

The owner declined the trade and said in forums that he has no intentions of trading with the team in 1st place (me) and everyone else kinda followed suite so i just hope i have enough to stay in 1st place now. 4 days ago i was 17 points up on the 2nd place team and now im 5 points up. My offense has been horrible with Ichiro Kendrick and McCutchen all hitting below .100 the last 7 days. I cant even remember the last time McCutchen stole a base.


Need to rework my deal. Does this sound fair?

Give Berkman and Ethier for Crawford and B.Wilson?


Totally fair and a trade I’d lean towards doing.


Alexi and byrd for kendrick and pagan i get Alexi side


I like it. Despite an up and down season, Alexei is the best player in the deal when we factor in the position he plays.


Is it still worth it to keep Francoeur on my team?


Depends on who you would be replacing him with but I’m just not a fan of Francoeur. Too streaky for my liking.


Am I missing something? Jonathan Sanchez and Roy Oswalt are both FA’s in my 10 team H2H. Which should occupy DL spot?


Even though it appears that Sanchez is closer to returning than Oswalt, I’ll go with Oswalt. He’s simply the better pitcher when healthy and Sanchez is just too much of a headache to own.


trade offer: 16 tm roto keepers league

give longoria and ethier

receive adrian gonzo and neil walker

am getting the better side or should i do this trade

give ethier

receive cueto

which one is better?


Do the first one. No question about it.


Should I accept Ryan Braun, Kevin Youkilis, and Gio Gonzalez for Matt Kemp and Miguel Cabera


Yes. Even if we call Braun for Kemp a wash (and Kemp is having the better season as of now), Youk and Gio for Cabrera is a trade that I’d do.


Offered Morse, Crawford, Greinke, & Buchholtz for Holiday, Beachy, & Strasberg. I am hesitant to give up Holiday. I have good pitching and fair hitting with Pujols & Baustista. What are pros & cons?

Zach, with vlad on dl i moved m young to dh. available for pickup is ryan roberts and daniel murphy. who should i take? thanks!


Roberts. He’ll post the superior across the board numbers and plays in a much more favorable home ballpark.


Hi Zach,

Kyle Lohse or Ryan Vogelsong for ROS in a 10 team h2h league? Thanks.

Rich D.


Vogelsong. More K’s and more consistent thus far.


I Finally got a chance to watch you guys and, 1st off yall r great!! Wanna say Thank you for giving some heads up on some quiet Hot Hitters like Belt, and Altuva. I got into some huge DL problems since the beggining of the season. Losing David Wright, Victorino on and off the DL. And making wrong Free Agent decisions, took me from 1st to last. So hopefully these new guys will help push me back to the top. And I just picked up J. Redick from Boston too!! Thanks for the insight guys!

Experts!?!?…..way to go telling us all to start Nolasco. i started him just like you said and he got hammered. this isn’t the fisrt time i’ve had one of your picks blow up in my face. i will never again even spend 1 second watching Fantasy 411. do the fantasy community a favor and stop pretending that you know at all what you’re talking about.

Hey Jason, sorry our 100% free advice isn’t right 100% of the time. And it’s not like every other person on the face of the planet wouldn’t start a pitcher with a 3.51 ERA at home against the worst offense in the National League, especially when he came in red-hot with a 1.15 ERA over his last five starts. Shame on us.

If it makes you feel any better I have Nolasco in all four of my leagues so I got blown up too. So stop whining about it, OK? Thanks.

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