Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 26

It must have been tough for Desmond Jennings owners in both keeper and non-keeper formats to watch top prospect after top prospect get called up while the Rays simply refused to promote Jennings. As a Jennings owner in a keeper league, I was extremely frustrated. But all can be forgiven now. After going 4-for-6 with three extra-base hits and two steals over the weekend, Jennings is clearly here to stay, and a B.J. Upton trade (which as of now seems imminent) would signal that the Rays are 100 percent committed to the 24-year-old speedster. For keeper leaguers who are still in title contention, Jennings might just be the missing piece that puts their squad over the top. But even for those who are out of hope for 2011, Jennings offers plenty of hope for 2012 and beyond.

Now on to Pitch or Ditch…




Weaver @ Tomlin – gotta go with Tomlin vs. erratic Angels
Fister @ Sabathia
Arrieta @ Morrow
Duffy @ Miller – won’t risk Duffy vs. BOS; don’t trust Miller at all
Pavano @ Wilson
Verlander @ Peavy – hard to trust Peavy right now
Price @ McCarthy – McCarthy strong at home
Nolasco @ Zimmermann – hang with ‘em on the Nolasco Kid
Lincecum @ Worley – Worley is on a tear
Niese @ Cueto
Karstens @ Hanson – how long can Karstens keep this up!?
Dempster @ Narveson
Myers @ Westbrook – good game for deep league gamblers
Saunders @ Moseley
Chacin @ Kershaw – bench but don’t cut Chacin


I have one pickup this week cuz Lester is back…
Who is nest option for tmrw:

Dempster, McCarthy, Niese, or Tomlin?

Thanks as always,
Josh A


I’ll go with McCarthy and his 2.33 home ERA but this is a tough one.


What sources do you guys use get stats like BABIP and home runs to fly ball rate? Are there any good websites you recommend?

On the subject of Desmond Jennings, would he be a good guy to pick up for non-keeper leagues too? Right now my 4 OFs and Util consists of Bruce, Bourn, Rajai Davis, Torii Hunter, and Morse with Wigginton, Werth and Travis Snider on the bench. Who would you cut from this list for Jennings? Or would it be better if I just dropped Bobby Parnell since I already have Papelbon and Salas as my starting RPs?


Yeah, Jennings is definitely worth a pickup even in a non-keeper league. I’d drop Rajai as he’s been basically a one-category guy this year and Jennings could make up for most of his steals.


Is Chacin for Starlin Castro too lopsided? I’m trying to dump the Rockie, especially considering your suggestion not to pitch him against the lowly Dodgers. His numbers have slipped so much I almost anticipate the Rockies shutting him down if he continues this terrible stretch into August…


Hey Zach,

I currently have Daniel Murphy at 3B, Pedro Alvarez was recalled…worth it to make the switch? My offense has carried the 3B position all year so it’d be nice to get something out of 3B.

Thanks as always,
Josh A


I’d hold off until we see some consistency from Alvarez, who has yet to show any consistency at the big league level.


I hear ya buddy! Just how I felt with Jennings too, having actually traded for him (essentially for Mous) earlier in the season. Should be a great keeper now though.
My question is an unconventional one actually about (particularly contract) keeper strategies if you play in one, which types of keepers do you like to target most in these leagues. Do you find speculating on potential breakout guys (e.g Grandy, A-Cab) are the best gamble, ‘future studs’ like Bruce,Stanton,Upton etc (which are more obvious but less of a reward) before they become great like we expect, or even loading up on prospects (like Jennings) who can be potentially the most valuable. Missed out on most of them this year (apart from Jennings in the prospect draft) with it being my first keeper league draft, so I don’t have many good keepers to choose from this year. So was looking at what type of keepers to target for this year and next years draft. Oh and this is all while still trying to win this year, so maybe applies more to next years draft actually! Thanks.


Personally, I like to mix it up so that I’m not overly invested in one particular strategy to the point that it could blow up in my face. I usually grab a few prospects while making sure not to go prospect crazy as, after all, a roster spot is valuable, and clogging up 4-5 roster spots on guys who don’t get called up until July or August can be a real drain. In other words, in terms of strategy, I try to avoid putting all my eggs in one basket.


Hey Zach starting to have cutters remorse (if there is such a thing) over Rasmus in my keeper league. Seeing as he could now be headed to a nice situation in Chi-town (and away from Larussa!), is he worth attempting to claim back on waivers? His contract is $14 though, so would be much cheaper ($6) if noone did claim him and I could scoop him off FA, but dunno if he’d make it past waivers based on name value. Do you see a rebound coming?


Some of it depends on whether or not Rasmus would be a realistic keeper for you considering your other options, but 14 dollars isn’t a great price, even factoring in a potential move out of St. Louis, which I think has less than a 50/50 chance of happening. I’d let him pass through waivers and see if I could re-acquire him at the reduced price.


trade kendrick for byrd or deJesus and than drop which ever one I get for desmond jennings I would feel more comfortable dropping them then kendrick


who cares who u drop!!! whats the diff? PU jennings!!


Sure. If you can pull it off, that’s actually an interesting way of choosing which team Kendrick would go to (maybe keep him away from your main competition) rather than leaving it up to waiver priority. But only do this if you can make the trade immediately, as chances are that Jennings won’t be available for much longer.


Emilio Bonifacio or Casey McGehee rest of the way? Would have Ackley at second, Prado at third & Trumbo as my 1B/3B.


Bonifacio. McGehee has been absolutely horrible all year and is showing no signs of heating up.


I have Aaron Harang should i drop if so should i pick up Bartolo Colon,Matt Garza,Edwin Jackson,or Derek Holland

Mark Reynolds or Freddie Freeman ROS (5 x 5 Head to Head)? Thanks.


Simply put, if you can handle the terrible AVG, go with Reynolds. Otherwise, Freeman’s your guy.


As a Santos owner, I’m getting very frustrated with what Ozzie Guillen is doing in the 9th inning. He keeps splitting up the inning thus robbing Santos (and me) of saves! Does that hurt his value? Should I look at other available options?


Ozzie’s unpredictable managerial decisions does negatively affect Santos’ value to a degree but I wouldn’t go crazy over this. Santos’ ERA and K rate are still outstanding so while it’s always a good idea to actively monitor the waiver wire for closers, I wouldn’t sell Santos at a discount just because you’re frustrated.


Hey Zach, 12-team roto, 6×6. I’m in first and am pretty solid in pitching. I could use more power, namely HR and OPS. Should I trade my best pitcher, Hamels, for Berkman? I would lose serious production from Hamels, though he may regress a tad. But do you think Berkman will regress, as well? Thanks, Mike


I wouldn’t do that. I’m still skeptical about Berkman’s chances of maintaining his current level of production given his age and terrible 2010. If you’re going to trade Hamels, you better get back a truly elite guy who comes with minimal risk, and I just don’t consider Berkman to be that.


Please rate these closers.

Hanarahan, Santos, Madson, Nathan, Guerra, Isringhausen, D. Hernandez.

Which two are expendable due to their non set roles and lack of trustworthyness?



I’d say Madson and Hernandez. Putz is almost back so it’s just a matter of time before he slides back into the closer role, and Bastardo has been so effective in the ninth inning that I’m not so sure he’ll ever relinquish the job.



12 team Roto standard league.

An owner has offered me McCutchen and Cliff Lee for Zobrist and Weaver.

Usually I wouldnt even think twice about this deal before accepting it but right now this team just doesnt make sense to me.

this team did not come out as balanced as my usual teams. I have far too many Starters that I have been unsuccessful in trading and ones I cant see myself dropping for waiver guys. I am at a loss of what to do with this team. I am currently projected to go over innings cap by 112.

I have these SP currently,

Weaver,Price,Shields,Gallardo,Garza,Billingsly and Gio Gonzalez.

wiith these relievers

Street,Madson,Guerra and Melancon

My offense is


I don’t know if this trade will help me or not. I am kinda at a loss with this team. Currently in 3rd place and falling. The best waiver options as far as hitters go are Dunn (this year has been a disaster),Pagan,R.Davis,Lomo and Polanco.

Sorry for the long post but i really need your help with this team Zach, any suggestions?



First off, I’d definitely make this trade. McCutchen is the most valuable player in the deal in my opinion and you’re really not losing a ton with the Weaver to Lee downgrade. As for the team, I think sliding in McCutchen for either Ichiro or more likely Swisher will help. I also think that you can definitely afford to trade a starting pitcher (I’d make any of them available) for either a second baseman (as you would be without Zobrist) or a third baseman who could fill in for A-Rod right now and then move to utility once A-Rod returns.


I am in a 10 team total point league and currently in first place. I have a pretty good offense, but my pitching is not the best. I have recently been getting trade offers everyday for my bats in exchange for pitching (Gonzalez & McCutchen for Halladay & Lincecum). Should I make a trade or stick it out for the rest of the season with what I have?
C Victor Martinez
1B Adrian Gonzalez
2B Ben Zobrist
3B Jose Bautista
SS Jimmy Rollins
OF Aundre Ethier
OF Carlos Beltran
OF Andrew McCutchen
Util Mark Teixeira
Util Albert Pujols
SP Felix Hernandez
SP Tommy Hanson
SP Zack Greinke

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