Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 27

If you are still hesitant to bench your less than elite starters when they face the Rangers on the road, last night’s 20 run outburst might have changed your thinking. Not only does Texas lead the Majors in runs scored at home with 324, but the second place team, the Yankees, trail them by a whopping 34 runs! Barring injury concerns or very poor recent performance,  I’m not usually one to bench a solid starting pitcher. But in this case, I just think you’re better off playing it safe. Guard against those disaster outings and save yourself the headache.

Here’s Pitch or Ditch for tomorrow.




Big Erv @ Huff *Erv is on a roll baby.

King Felix @ Hughes *Hughes 6 BB and 13 Hits in last 10.1 IP. If you don’t start him vs Mariners you probably should cut him.

Scherzer @ Danks

Simon @ Romero

Chen @ Lackey *I’ll bite on Lackey.

Duensing @ Lewis

Shields @ Cahill *Could be a great game.

Vazquez @ Livan *Javy bounces back after run in with Padres juggernaut.

Cain @ Hamels

Pelfrey @ Arroyo

Maholm @ Jurrjens

Zambrano @ Greinke *Little too risky for Big Z here.

Norris @ Carpenter *Bud scuffling a little bit but I’d roll him out.

Kennedy @ Luebke *Luebke quietly putting together a nice little run.

Cook @ Kuroda *The best 6-12 SP in MLB makes his last start in Dodger Blue?

                                                                                                                                                ***CORY SAYS “Pitch on Hughes simply because it’s the Mariners. Agree on all the rest.”


Stauffer got rocked by the Phillies. I sat him this week vs the Rockies cuz that cant be good. If he gets rocked again is it worth it to start him vs the Dodgers next week? or should I just keep him on the bench? these are my pitchers. If i had to sit one for him who would it be?
Cueto @CHC
Lincecum vs PHI
Latos vs LA
Cordero @HOU and CHC
Madson @COL and SF
Soria vs BAL and DET
McDonald vs CHC
R. Romero @TB and BAL
Thanks as always


I’d leave Stauffer in there. Don’t overreact after one poor outing on the road vs. a very good offense. For now, Madson would be my choice to bench as it looks like he’s in a dual closer situation with Bastardo.


would you drop any of these pitchers who have been struggling lately to pick up james mcdonald?

Zimmerman, Beachy, Pineda, An. Sanchez, luebke, hanson?


Nope. I still don’t trust McDonald enough to make that move.


Great stuff man, thanks for the blogs! Would you go with Kyle McClellan or Randy Wells the rest of the year? I’m in a league that awards a full point for strikeouts in head to head matchups. Also, I’m already a lock for the playoffs so am mostly concerned about the last few weeks of the season. Its a non keeper.


Should I drop Carlos Carrasco for Madison Bumgarner, or am I getting rid of Carlos just when his schedule is easier and could get some wins. Shocked he is avaialbe but it seems somone is cashing in for the year or am I being tricked and domthing is up with Madison I don’t know. I just came back from vacation so I need to catch up.



Although I do think that Carrasco will rebound from this so-so stretch, I’d rather have Bumgarner. He has more upside and pitches in the NL in a very pitcher-friendly division.


Quick one. The King for Pujols… A good trade for both?

Thanks Zach, makes sense and had time to make the change.Your the best.

Wth being out I was able to leave my line up the same and noticed Pagan and Joyce are my weak players. Next week is playoffs should I stay with them or should I pick up from waivers one or two of the following players to replace them?

Juan Pierre,Cliff Pennington, Jason Kubel, Hideki Matsui, Derrek Lee, Brett Lawrie (who sould be comming up soon)


Yeah, I’d rather have Kubel than Pagan, particularly if you can afford to lose some SBs.


Who do you like better for the rest of the year, Zobrist or Prado? Rob

I would have to go with Zobrist. He has been more productive than Prado, and there’s no sign of him slowing down anytime soon.


Agreed on Zobrist. Prado might hit for a slightly higher AVG but Zobrist wins hands down in both the power and speed departments.


Hey Zach,
On a team with Ervin Santana, Nicasio, Luebke, Humber, Cueto, and Harrison, is it worth keeping Barry Zito for the rest of the season or should I drop him for Rubby De La Rosa?

I was offered a trade proposal.. I am in a 12 team mixed head to head league. I was offered Nelson Cruz for Tim Lincecum.. I have pretty deep pitching with Sabathia, Colon, T Hudson, Bud Norris, Harang, Dillon Gee, and Carlos Carrasco.. What do you think about this trade. I am currently in 9th out of 12th place

All right, this question’s kinda long but…
McCann is going to the DL. I’m fine catcher wise with Miguel Montero, but out of these options to fill in for McCann as my backup, who would be the best; Molina (STL), Iannetta, or Napoli. Also, if I add one of these guys, I have to take Clay Buchholz off my only DL spot, so long story short, drop Kyle Lohse for one of these guys? Again, sorry for the really long comment.


Of that group, I like Napoli the most and wouldn’t have a problem dropping Lohse to pick him up. That said, I’ve never really understood the importance of a second catcher in a league where you start only one catcher. I think you might be able to put that roster spot to better use. Just something to think about.


Im the guy that ask ur opinion on the Mark Teixeira and Joe Mauer for Adrian Gonzalez and Matt Wieters trade over the weekend, well McCann was my starter so has this trade back fired? I’m curretly 2 games ahead in my league. John Buck and Chris Iannetta are the only full time catchers that are free agents and i don’t think either one are worth picking up, should i make a trade or will McCann just be out 15 days then be back?


Even though there’s a decent chance that McCann is out longer than the 15 days, I still like the trade for you. Let’s not forget about Wieters. He’s a more than serviceable starting catcher so I’m really not that sure why you’re worried about filling that spot.


guess its cuz im used to having McCannn

i’ve been wanting to get uggla for a while but i don’t know if its worth it. he has been hitting alot better of late. do you think i should get him while he is cheap?


Depends on the price but I’m all for buying low on any player whose track record is far superior to his current performance level. And the fact that Uggla is heating up only means that the window to buy low is rapidly closing.


Hi guys,
I am about to deal Stanton and Helickson, getting Adrian Gonzales for them.
I need AVG.
Idea is I am selling high on Helickson and already cashed in on a lot of Stanton´s HRs.

What do u think?


Dear 411,

I have McCaan in two leagues. Who would you take from the wire to replace him:
League #1: Avila, Olivo, Martin, Ramon Hernandez, Arencibia, Buck or Posada?
League #2: Wiieters, Olivo, Lucroy, Ianneta, Ramon Hernandez, Saltalamacchia, Ruiz, Posada?
Leagues #1 Stats: R, HR, RBI, SB, K, OBP, TB
Leagues #2 Stats: R, HR, RBI, SB, TB, AVG, OPS
It’s impossible to get the fantasy value player similar to McCaan at this point. How long you think he will be out (estimate)?


I’d go with Avila and Wieters. I think they are the safest picks…least downside.



What do you think about David Ross? Is it worth picking him up and see?

Although Ross has played pretty well in limited ABs this year, in a mixed league, particularly a 1 C league, you should be able to get someone who’s a little more proven. Who knows how well Ross will hold up over a more extensive period of time.


Just got word that Josh Johnson has been shut down for the season =(
Which of these is going to the best for the rest of the season
Josh Tomlin (had him one of my leagues before)
Kyle Lohse (was really hoping his sucess would last the whole season)
The three New York pitchers Gee, Garcia, and Colon
and Mark Buehrle
My Head to Head ERA is my lowest record 8-8-0 so guess that is my biggest “need”

Jon from Texas (Hoping that Carlos Beltran does NOT become a Ranger. Go for Health Bell instead)

P.S. the paragraph that is with today’s PoD is awesome =)


I think Colon has the most upside as long as he’s healthy. He’s really the only guy on this list who can put up elite numbers including a high K rate. Old reliable Mark Buehrle would be my second choice. And thanks for the props!


Hi Zach thinking of making a trade to improve my pitching staff. Its a weekly league so cant PoD, keep 4 too. Have a killer offense in all cats but AVG. Who outve Nelly Cruz or Grandy would you package with a lower-mid tier starter like Anibal, Luebke or Vogelsong, and what type of pitcher could I aim to get back (top tier ace?). Need to improve pafticularly in WHIP and Ws. Thanks


Look for a team that needs hitting help and see if they have any top-shelf pitching to your liking. I definitely value Granderson higher than Cruz and my preference would be to trade Vogelsong if possible. See what a Cruz/Vogelsong package can bring back.


How would you rank these 2nd basemen from best overall (avg. runs, hr’s, rbi’s) to worse: Kelly Johnson, Dan Uggla, Danny Espinosa and Justin Turner? I currently have both Johnson and Espinosa on my team.Thanks.


From here on out I’ll say Uggla, Johnson, Espinosa, Turner. Espinosa is very close to Johnson though. I just still think that we have yet to see the best of Johnson’s season.



I know Dunn hit a homer last night but he was obviously on the bench because of the overall lack of production. At this poit he seems to simply be taking up a roster spot. When is it time to throw in the towel on him?



As a fellow disgusted Dunn owner, I’m giving him two more weeks. I think it’ll be safe then to put that roster spot to better use. He’s had a long enough leash.


picked up jennings will he stay up even if upton doesnt get traded


Absolutely. The Rays are on record as saying that Jennings is up for good, and considering the early results, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that anymore.


Hi Zach, OK, quick follow-up to yesterday’s question. Beltran or Victorino for Ogando or Jurrjens. Which pitcher would you trade to get either Beltran or Victorino? I was also leaning towards Beltran, especially since I need power. 12 team roto, 6×6. Thanks! Mike


Even though he’s heading to a tough park to hit homers, I’d lean towards Beltran too. Don’t underestimate the power of the contract year plus an exciting postseason race to provide that extra motivation and energy. If you could trade Ogando for Beltran straight up, I’d do it.


Another trade offer rolled in. I am content to stand pat because I am on a nice winning streak, but this one seems too good to be true. I give Stubbs and Pence and get Holliday, McCutcheon, and Victor Martinez. I have Napoli at C, so Martinez is a nice upgrade. Should I pull the trigger (5 x 5 head to head league)? Thanks.


YES! Gotta do that one.


With Colby Rasmus going to Toronto, should I drop Rajai Davis for Desmond Jennings?

Actually, scratch that last question, Jennings was just taken. Anyway, should I drop Rajai Davis for Colby Rasmus with Colby now becoming the new everyday center fielder for Toronto or drop Davis to pick up someone else?


Yeah, I think a Davis for Rasmus swap is a good gamble given that Davis has really been just a one-category player this year.


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