Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 28


Pineiro @ Penny
Hochevar @ Beckett
W. Davis @ Harden – sneaky gamble on Harden at home vs. so-so Rays
Bergesen @ Villanueva
Baker @ Harrison – Harrison hard to trust; Baker coming off DL at Texas, play it safe
TBD (FLA) @ Lannan
Capuano @ Bailey
Wells @ Marcum
D. Hudson @ Latos
Lincecum @ Kendrick
Correia @ Lowe – Padres are scoring on the road! Avoid!
Wandy @ J. Garcia


Another trade in my AL-Only 5×5 keeper I need help with since I’m in first:
2nd place trades:
– Casper Wells (15th round keeper in 2012)
– Beaven (15th)
– 2nd round pick in 2012
5th place (20+ points behind 2nd) trades:
– Papi (6th)
– Crain (15th)
– 6th round pick in 2012
It seems like 2nd place isn’t giving up a lot (+4 rounds in 2012 & spare parts) to get 2 usable parts this year plus a player he could potentially keep for next year, but my veto judgment may be impaired because I’m in first place.

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac
Seattle, WA

Scotty Mac,

Although I don’t necessarily like this trade, I’m not one to veto deals unless it’s totally one-sided, and I don’t think this quite qualifies. After all, there is a considerable difference between a second round and sixth round pick, and Wells and Beavan are both decent prospects. I think you’ve gotta let it pass.


Something else to mention I guess then about the prospects 5nd place is receiving… we essentially only get 5 keepers from year-to-year. The chances of Beaven/Wells being kept are pretty slim. He has Bourjos (Round 12), A. Bailey (10), Gio, Humber (15) & Hardy/Crow/Matt Moore (all 15) he’ll likely keep over them. Not trying to argue against your judgment, just offering up additional info that might impact it.

That would be 5th place, not “5nd”, in my other follow-up post…

Yeah, that does change things a little. Tough call. I’d put it up to a league vote. Your league mates will probably be able to offer a more informed opinion than I can as they have a better idea of what kind of player you can get in the 2nd round vs. 6th round etc. See what they say.


i’m being offered david price for chad billingsley, should i take it? please respond!


Yes! Accept immediately.


thanks i wasn’t sure do to their recent outings

Is J. Vazquez a strictly PoD guy or someone who should be kept on my roster at all times?


I think Vazquez is still a PoD guy until he shows more consistency. I still don’t trust him in difficult matchups.


Ok couple of questions rolled into one post, hope ya don’t mind…
Rotation: Lester, Beckett, Garcia, Gallardo, Scherzer, Morrow
OF: Holliday, Ellsbury, Cruz, Stanton, Victorino, C Young, Jennings, Choo (DL)

I’m targeting Youk before deadline…
I’m thinking Lester/Beckett & Jennings for Youk & Leubke

Options in return for SP: Cahill, Leubke, Dan Hudson, or John Danks.
Any jump out as you as better alternative?

Interesting twist…got offered Kemp for Lester.
I def don’t need the CF but can I pass on Kemp? I don’t want to dismantle top of my pitching staff either…

Which trade would you prefer? My 3B has been atrcious all year now it’s alright w/ Daniel Murphy…

Thanks as always,
Josh A

That’s supposed to be Beckett/Lester & Victorino for Youk & Leubke
Or 2 for 1 Beckett/Lester & Jennings for Youk & Stauffer(FA pickup)

Josh A

GM just countered w/ Youk for Holliday. I have the depth…giving up too much?


Holliday for Youk is fair value, especially considering the position scarcity factor.



In a non-keeper league, I’m fine with the first trade but I’d much rather deal Beckett than Lester and my top SP pick would be Hudson, not Luebke. Usually, I’d like the second trade too. But with such a deep outfield I don’t think you have an urgent need for Kemp. So given your needs, I prefer the first trade.


Espinosa or Uggla? I have Espinosa but was offered Uggla. They seem to be the same kind of player but espinosas rus a little bit. Espinosa is very streaky and I think they might finish with around the same stats line so Uggla will prolly heat up. Espinosa has been in a slump lately buuuut still not sure. Thoughts ?


I’m giving Uggla the slight edge due to the track record factor plus the fact that Uggla has been so terrible this year that his current hot streak could end up lasting a long time.



Following the trade of Rasmus to Toronto, do you think this will boost his production?

Currently hes on my bench but BJ Upton has been slumping bad for about 3 weeks now and im thinking this may be just what i needed for rasmus to take over that spot in my lineup and put upton on my bench. Also do you think he will run a little more in toronto? im thinking st louis just did not run much at all and they may have been holding rasmus back a bit.



Yes, I think Rasmus’ move to Toronto will do wonders for his numbers across the board. He now gets a fresh start and moves to a very hitter-friendly home ballpark. I honestly wouldn’t have a problem subbing in Rasmus for Upton for the time being.


Who would you drop – Mark trumbo or carlos pena? I already have those guys as well as Berkman, Pujols and Carlos santana as cover for first. I do however need a backup for my only 2nd baseman, Danny Espinosa (as hes killing my average). I was going to replace one of those 1st basemen with Dustin Ackley or Jemile Weeks off the wire. Your Thoughts…………….


I prefer Trumbo over Pena simply because he won’t absolutely kill your batting average. I’d be willing to sacrifice some homers to keep my AVG at a respectable level.


12 team, 5×5, standard roster w/ 5 OF, 4-team keeper.

Need help with Steals. Okay in the other offensive categories.

Considering offering Prado for Suzuki.

Could sweeten the offer by including in Wieters for Soto.

Would appreciate feedback!



I’m fine with Prado for Ichiro. Try that one first before adding the catchers. I do think that Wieters is slightly more valuable than Soto.


Hey Big Z got a dilemma now that Rickie Weeks looks like heading to the DL. Have Ackley on my farm and was hoping to promote him during the offseason as Id get a year of him at $0, but with Rickie going down looks like I might need to promote him now. Other options at MI are Altuve or a whole lot of mediocre ones. Am 2nd so think I need more than Altuve to stay in the race, go for it and promote Ackley now (will have to sign him to a keeper contract for next year then)?


Yeah, if you’re in contention, go ahead and make that move. You won’t have Ackley for $0 next year but I’d think he would still be fairly cheap.


I’m in 1st place in my H2H with a nice 17 game lead. Unfortunately, the rest of my league (commish included) has decided to cheat by making a bunch of bush league trades. Any advice?


It’s simple. Voice your displeasure and see if the other owners feel the same way you do. And if nothing comes of this, obviously you don’t want to be in this league next year.


Hi Zach am ravaged by injuries to B-Mac, Cargo and now Weeks! What can I do, only 1DL spot and no more room to even pick up a replacement for Rickie.. Thinking might try and offer Weeks to get an upgrade elsewhere, could that work? If it doesn’t, would you drop Wandy/Perez for a replacement (Rickies bro) instead?

Or should I maybe even drop Rickie to pick up a replacement (his bro).


Trying to make a trade to free up a roster spot (deal doesn’t even have to include Weeks) isn’t a bad idea, but if that’s not possible I’d just plow ahead with one less roster spot for the next couple of weeks. Wandy or Perez are simply not dropable.


Really? Even in a 10 teamer? Could also drop Nathan.

The 10-team factor does change things a bit. I think I’d drop Wandy, especially if your staff is already solid.


I’ve got an opportunity to trade Carlos Santana away for Brian McCann. I’ve locked up a playoff spot and the team with McCann is in a dogfight for a playoff spot. I’ve also got Alex Avila and can slot him in as a starter until McCann comes back. It’s a keeper league, but I’m playing to win this year. If the other owner won’t do a straight-up trade I could include Gordon, Morse, Beltran, or Adam Jones (my bottom four hitters) and ask for Rasmus, Francoeur, or Desmond Jennings. Thoughts? Worth the risk? Thanks, Damon in Seattle


Yeah, the straight up deal is worth the risk. Try that one first and then take it from there.


Is Kyle mcclellan still worth holding on to? How realistic are his chances of closing?


Yes…at least for the short-term. It’s definitely not out of the question that McClellan starts to close given La Russa’s unorthodox decisions, so he’s worth hanging onto.


Should Johan Santana be owned in a 10 team mixed?


Absolutely not! I don’t even think he’s worth owning in a 12-teamer at this point. He’s at least a month away from returning and who knows how effective he’ll be during the season’s final month. A good $1 keeper in a 12-team mixed? Yeah. But in a 10-team non-keeper, you can find better options.


Found someone who’s wants hitting and has Weaver (I need pitching to remind you). He’s countered:
R Hernandez, T Snider, J Weaver for M Montero, N Cruz and R Vogelsong
Do it, or try to trade Garza/Luebke instead of Vogel maybe? 4 man keeper. Thanks


Yeah, I’d do that. I actually prefer both Garza and Luebke over Vogelsong. It’s not a steal but it’s fair. Weaver has been the best starting pitcher in baseball so far this year.


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