Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 29

Petco Park, not to mention the Padres lineup, could be the perfect cure for Jason Hammel.


Chatwood @ Porcello – still not trusting either
Guthrie @ Burnett – not trusting either
Francis @ Carrasco – still trusting him
Ogando @ Cecil – Texas not quite so fearsome on the road
Wakefield @ Floyd
Liriano @ Gonzalez
Niemann @ Bedard – don’t like Niemann but it’s the Mariners
Gee @ Wang
Morton @ Halladay
Vogelsong @ Willis
Hensley @ Beachy
Lyles @ Wolf
Garza @ Jackson
Hammel @ Stauffer – good matchup for struggling Hammel
Collmenter @ Lilly – I can take or leave Teddy Ballgame


e jack not making his debut for st louis debut on friday? don’t think he’s a start anyways but i still rostered him before that duncan magic kicks in!

using debut twice in the same sentence is a mark of genius …

Hey 411 guys, A potential trade question…Evan Longoria (sending him) for David Wright (getting him)? Who gets the better end of this trade, is this a fair trade and who do you think will be the better third baseman the rest of the year? I know Longo is struggling right now and that D. Wright just came back from the DL. just wondering who’s going to be the better option.


It’s very close as both have battled injury and inconsistency throughout the season, but I’d stick with Longoria. He’s been the slightly more productive hitter, and the absence of Beltran from the Mets’ lineup will, in my opinion, have a real negative effect on Wright. The fact is Longoria has a better supporting cast, and that can only help his overall numbers.


Thank you very much for the response, much appreciated. I was kind of thinking that way just wanted some advice and your opinion.


Jon Jay is available on waivers. Is he worth droping Ludwick (like to see where he ends up), Trout, or Yough for?

Thanks for all the help throughout the season so far,,


Yes, in a non-keeper league I’d lean towards dropping Trout for Jay. If Ludwick gets dealt out of San Diego (which seems very likely), it would definitely boost his value, so I’d hold onto him.


Jemile Weeks or Danny Espinosa?? I have Espinosa and Weeks is on the wire. Or do i drop a player like Josh Reddick and keep Espinosa and then go get Weeks?? i can move Prado to the outfild spot to make up the position difference. Thanks, hope i didn’t confuse you.


Weeks is definitely worth a pickup, particularly if you need a speed boost, and I’d actually add him for Reddick, who I’m not sold on. Despite Espinosa’s poor AVG, his power/speed combo from a thin position is plenty valuable. There are always quality outfielders available on the wire, making Reddick more expendable than Espinosa.



I was able to pick up Kubel with out letting go of Pagan since I placed Weeks in one of my two DL slots. Now he goes 3 for 5 tonight. Does the Beltran trade improves his numbers or hurt him?
I have Zobirist to cover 2nd with Weeks out, and Wiggington as back up, but should I drop Wiggie or Angel for any of the following players:

Hideki Matsui, Rafael Furcal, Jose Altuve, Chipper Jones,Willie Bloomquist


I’d stand pat. I don’t see Beltran’s departure as having much of an effect, negative or positive, on Pagan as most of his value is tied to steals, and I like Wigginton’s positional flexibility.


Which side do you like in a 14 team H2H nonkeeper?
Matt Kemp, Edwin Jackson OR Kevin Youkilis, Jayson Werth, Colby Lewis


Kemp/Jackson. Kemp is by far the best player in the deal. It’s that simple!


12 team, 5×5, standard roster w/ 5 OF, 4-team keeper.
Need help with Steals. Okay in the other offensive categories.
Considering offering Prado for Suzuki.
Could sweeten the offer by including in Wieters for Soto.
Would appreciate feedback!


Just answered your question under the previous post.


Thanks Zach, appreciate it.

I have Josh Jonhson in a 5 player 6×6 14 team mixed keeper league, 1 DL slot. 3 options as I see it A) Hold onto him in my DL and keep him for next year B) Drop him and pick up Strasburg and DL him till/if he comes back and keep Strasburg C) Drop Josh Johnson and pick up an active player. I’m 44 points off the lead so not looking likely I can do anything this season, what do you reckon?


Keep Johnson. Since you’re pretty much out of it for this year, Option C doesn’t make much sense, And as for Strasburg, he may or may not return this season. It’s still up in the air. Johnson has already proven that he’s a big league ace so he’s the safer choice even though we know he’s definitely out for the remainder of the year.



In a 12 man league, mixed and head to head, I have the following OFs.. Ellsbury, L.Morrison, M.Stanton, Vernon Wells, J.Heyward and A.Gordon. After Toronto acquired Colby Rasmus, I have been thinking about dropping one of my OFs. Which do you suggest would be the less productive OF that I could drop for Rasmus?

Thank you,



I’d dump Wells. Despite the nice HR total, he’s been extremely inconsistent. And his batting average is flat out awful.


who do you like more in a keeper league:
Carlos Santana or Michael Pineda?


Santana. When it comes to keepers, I’ll always lean towards the hitter, and Santana is an elite prospect who happens to play at a position that’s tough to fill with high-end talent.


my OF’s are Rasmus, Stubbs,Crisp, Adam Jones, V Wells, Snider, and Jay would you drop one of them for Jennings(TB)?


Yes. I’d drop Wells for Jennings, who by now should really be owned in all leagues.


Would you drop Werth for Heyward?


That’s a tough one but I think I’d hold onto Werth. Both have been extreme disappointments but I have a little more confidence in the veteran Werth picking it up than Heyward, who looks to be having difficulty adjusting to the adjustments of opposing pitchers. He’ll figure things out eventually, but it might not happen till 2012.


Hey guys,

Ethier and J.Weeks for H.Pence fair?


It’s fair but I don’t think I’d give up that much unless I knew I had a viable 2B replacement for Weeks.


I have Kinsler on 2B. Weeks was more of a bench guy for me randomly put him in for SB’s.

In that case, I’m OK with it. Pence is a clear upgrade over Ethier so it’s worth it.


Would you suggest dropping R. Weeks in a Non-keeper roto?

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