Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, July 30-August 1



Britton @ Colon (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

TBD (BAL) @ Nova (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Holland @ Mills – I’m still afraid to start Holland in tough matchups.

Haren @ Below

Cobb @ Pineda – Cobb pitching pretty well of late and this is about as good matchup there is.

Paulino @ Masterson – Paulino worth starting in deeper leagues for the strikeouts.

Lester @ Humber – Humber coming off two straight poor outings. I’m sitting him here.

Blackburn @ Moscoso – Start Blackburn if you’re feeling lucky but I don’t think he even deserves a roster spot in a 12-team mixed. I’ll give Moscoso a shot.

Lopez @ Lohse – I’m running out of patience with Lohse though…he’s on thin ice.

Dickey @ Marquis – Dickey holds a 3.09 ERA and 1.15 WHIP since the beginning of June.

McDonald @ Lee – McDonald on a nice roll but Phils on the road is too tough of a matchup.

An. Sanchez @ T. Hudson

Happ @ Gallardo

Bumgarner @ Leake – Even with Beltran now aboard, Giants offense still below average.

Jimenez @ Harang – Harang’s money at home (5-2  2.92 ERA)

Owings @ Billingsley


Weaver @ Verlander – This will be fun to watch.

Arrieta @ F. Garcia – Garcia totally unpredictable, but if you own him you gotta start him.

Davies @ Carmona – Carmona a decent option in deeper leagues if you want to take the risk.

Wilson @ Morrow – Morrow very risky after getting roughed up by O’s but I’ll give him another chance.

Miller @ Buehrle – Buehrle’s been so good at home (5-1  2.25 ERA) that you have to play him.

Pavano @ McCarthy – Great opportunity for Pavano to get back on track.

Price @ Vargas

Zito @ Cueto – Zito might not make this start.

Nolasco @ Hanson – I’ve given up trying to figure out Nolasco…just leave him in there and don’t think about it!

Niese @ Zimmermann

Karstens @ Worley – Dangerous matchup for Karstens but he’s been too good to sit. Ride Worley until he turns back into a pumpkin!

Myers @ Narveson – Myers coming off three straight quality starts. Narveson also solid of late.

Nicasio @ Moseley – I just don’t see much upside in Moseley, and he’s not even that good at home (1-6  4.05 ERA)

Saunders @ De La Rosa – Rubby 3 ER or less in each of his last five starts.

Dempster @ Westbrook – Dempster hard to trust but highy K rate is appealing.


Tomlin @ Lackey – Risk outweighs reward for Tomlin here. I’m cautiously optimistic about Lackey.

Sabathia @ Peavy – Peavy not trustworthy vs. Yanks.

Cahill @ Fister – Great matchup for both.

Jurrjens @ Livan – Livan too erratic lately. Pass.

Zambrano @ Maholm

Vazquez @ Pelfrey – Decent matchup for Vazquez.

Arroyo @ Norris – So when will Arroyo’s traditional second half surge begin? We’re still waiting.

Carpenter @ Greinke

Hamels @ Chacin – Playing it safe on Chacin vs. Phils.

Kershaw @ Luebke

Kennedy @ Cain


Got the bug for Desmond Jennings after seeing how well he’s doing on my keeper league team. Wanna get him on another team after just missing out on him (gave up and dropped him a day before his callup finally came!), would Lo-Mo straight up be fair value? Oh and got it done getting Weaver: Traded Nelly Cruz and Vogel for Weaver and Snider, thanks!


Morrison for Jennings is fair (as of now) but if you can pull that off you should feel very fortunate!


Gonna offer it right now then!

Hey Goose🙂 trying to decide on my active pitching staff for next week (12 team weekly league). Am tied 2nd in Saves, but way off the pace in WHIP (11th!), ERA (7th), K’s (6th) and W’s (tied 8th)…yeah I draft offense heavily too🙂 . Therefore for a while at least was thinking about benching some closers (League,Izzy) and loading up on starters (Anibal, Chacin) to try and close the gap in those cats. Good idea? Would still have Soria so shouldn’t plummet like a stone in saves.


Sure. It’s all about your specific situation, so if you feel you can gain more points by playing more starters, go ahead!


Hey Zach,

Not sure if you will get this in time, but would you rather start Ogando vs. Toronto OR Vogelson against Cincy? Thanks.

Rich D.

Drop McGehee, get Jennings? McGehee is my 3rd baseman. (Along with Reynolds, who’s my starter at 3rd) The rest of my outfield is good though. (Pence, Car-Go, Stanton, Bruce, Choo, and Chris Young.) Do I need him, or should I keep McGehee just in case something happens to Reynolds?

OR drop McGehee for Daniel Murphy, Ryan Roberts, or Bonifacio?


Yeah, I’d definitely do that. McGehee is pretty much useless and you already have Reynolds, who despite the terrible AVG is a more than serviceable starter. You can always trade one of your other outfielders if you have a logjam there. If there’s significant value on the wire, always scoop up the player first. Then figure out where he fits on your roster.


Dear 411,

Do you think this trade is balanced? Fair?
OR should i apply my veto?
Team A: Elvis Andrus and Jair Jurrjens
Team B: Adrian Gonzalez and Erick Aybar (LAA – SS)

Personally i think it is VERY unbalance, and obviously TEAM B is getting the best player with A-Gonz


that trade is so unfair absolutly apply that veto


Nope, that’s definitely not vetoable. Would I rather have side B? Yes. But considering Jurrjens’ numbers, a decent argument can be made for side A. And that’s all that matters.


Sorry guys for leaving a comment so late but do you mind giving an answer on this:
I was thinking about pulling off a big trade by trading Paul Konerko for Justin Upton
Do you think this is a fair trade straight up or should I include someone like Raul Ibanez or Vance Worley
Do you think I am giving up to much in Konerko and try and get someone like Javy Guerra or Anibal Sanchez
I could use another closer since Carlos Marmol has been aweful lately


I’d absolutely make the 1-for-1. I like the Upton side much more but it’s not an insulting offer. If the other owner comes back wanting more, sure, I’d throw in Ibanez or Worley.


***trade question***

i’ve been offered King Felix for Axford. standard 5×5 league. i also have 3 other losers. Salas, Soria, & Perez. My starters are Niemann, EJax, Fatolo, Marcum, Hellickson,&Harrison. i think i know my answer? whatya”ll think ………….?
Thanks for your time

Do the trade! You’re getting an elite pitcher for a second tier closer. Plus King Felix will definitely help your rotation. Man, I wish that I was in your league…in my league people do not know how to trade at all.

i did the day after i posted.
thanks again


Accept it. That’s a no-brainer.


since pence is now a philidelphia philli is now the best time to get him or is it better to wait and see how he does in that lineup


Depends on what you’re giving up but I’ve always been a Pence fan and his value definitely gets a boost with his move to Philly.


411 Masterminds,
13 team mixed roto ,6 keepers, 7×7 league:
Looking to drop two out of my rotation to rack up some heavy strike outs and slot some extra holds. Who should I hold ROTW: Tim Hudson, Brandon Beachy, Zach Grienke, Brandon Morrow, James Shileds, Chacin, Gio Gonzalez.



Chacin would be one of my drops but the second choice is a lot harder. See if you can make a trade to free up another one of those spots because all of those other pitchers really don’t belong on the wire. Morrow’s the most inconsistent but he’ll give you tons of K’s and that’s what you say you need, so it’s a tough call.


Hey Guys,
I need your thoughts on this trade offer I received. Its a 10 team H2H first year keeper league. Extra Cats for hitters are OPS , TB. Extra cats for pitchers are CG K/9 QS.

I get Joey Votto ($49)and Roy Halladay($31) and I give up Eric Hosmer ($3) , Bumgarner
($2) , Ackley ($3) and Mat Latos ($3). We can keep as many players as we want for
next year but total should be below $100. I think I am giving up a lot for having the best shot to win
this year. After this my only cheap player will be trout for $3.What would you advise?
Thank You!


Yeah, that’s a ton to give up and I’d lean towards passing BUT if you feel that this trade can significantly help you to win the league this year and put you over the top, it might be worth considering. Remember, flags fly forever!


I’m in a 12 team mix leauge,keeper and since the playoffs start next week managers are tweeking line ups. There were three pitchers dropped Daniel Hudson,Colby Lewis, and Ubaldo Jimenez. Should I drop any of my following pitchers for any of the three?

Matt Garza, Madison Bumgarner, Felix Hernandez, Cliff Lee, Chris Carpenter, Hiroki Kuroda,


That’s really hard to say as none of the pitchers mentioned belong on any waiver wire but if I had to decide, I’d drop Carpenter and Garza for Ubaldo and Hudson. But honestly, I’m shocked by the quality of available options in this league.


Whose stock has been boosted the most by the deadline trades?


Tune in to today’s show!


What do you think about trading Espinosa and Swisher to get C. Beltran and Molina?


I wouldn’t do it. I don’t think Swisher to Beltran is enough of an upgrade to warrant losing a solid power/speed middle infielder like Espinosa. Molina is irrelevant here.



Send Cruz & Get Youkilis? Like the deal? This GM is all over the place…still have an offer on table for Holliday for Youk…
Cruz better option to deal? Do I need Youkilis with Daniel Murphy as hot as he is right now? Will it continue? …
Help! Trade deadline for our league is Aug 7

Thanks as always,
Josh A


Definitely make that trade. I’d much rather trade Cruz than Holliday and Youk is simply more valuable than Cruz, who is always hurt and plays at a much deeper position than Youk.


Im in a ten team rotisserie keeper league and its pretty much a three man race the rest of the year ( I’m in a tie for first). I just lost Rickie Weeks to the DL and I was offered chase utley ($14) for Gio Gonzalez ($1), do I make that deal? ( My pitching is good without Gonzalez, I have Lester, Anibal, Halladay, Jurrjens, Erv, Billingsley, and Johan Santana. I do have Howie Kendrick as another 2nd baseman.) I do like the fact that Gio tho is only a dollar and we can have keepers for 5 yrs.


I like Gio for a buck as well but I think if your goal is to win now (which it should be), this trade makes a lot of sense. Utley is a definite upgrade over Kendrick and despite his recent injury history actually makes for a strong keeper at $14. Plus, your pitching is deep enough without Gio.


I can also receive Pedroia (22$) for Gonzalez ($1)? You like him better then utley for these last two months

should i drop CJ Wilson for either Bartolo Colon, Edwin Jackson, Derek Holland i need a starter if you say so because CJ has been doing bad of late and should i drop either Eric O’flaherty,Tyler Clippard, Jonny Venters for Zach Zozart when he comes of the DL thanks for the help

I’m no Zach but I drafted CJ in 2010 and had him all year, so I am familiar with him. I did not keep him in 2011 fearing the sophomore jinx..oh well…but in 2010 after the break he slumped from being tired (arm strength issues are expected from 1st yr RP turned SP) but he did rebound before the season ended. If it’s a keeper league and he’s just tired you might want to hold off, unless you’re in a pennant race and must make a move now. He’s had a 2nd solid year so he’s no fluke – you wouldn’t want to watch him rack it up for a competitor right?


No and no. As for Wilson, I’d still value the larger sample size over his recent short-term struggles. No way would I think about dropping him.


Hey Boyz,
I’m in a daily 10team 30cat(15/15) H2H 10 player keeper- built the team over 3yrs w/ drafts and grabbing prospects early. Champ last yr, now first in my Div and 2nd in the league.
I have been offered; A-Gone, Aramis Ramirez, R. Braun, Swisher
FOR; D. Ackley, M. Stanton, E. Hosmer. D. Jennings, J Hellickson

At 1B I already have two elite and one allstar, would need to make a drop to use A-Gone in a Util. Spot. At 3B, I think at 33 Aramis is spent..yes? So Braun is the net add…I think I’m giving up too much in a 4 for 5. Maybe it works as a 5×5 if I can get a top closer for the playoffs, his best is Papelbon …or am I overvaluing too much?
Would you please be kind enough to tell what you think.

MY roster;
C-Lucroy; 1B – Migy; 2B- Ackley; SS-Bonifacio, 3B-Freese
LF-Holliday, CF-Hamilton, RF- Stanton, UTIL- Hosmer, UTIL- Fielder
BN – Kinsler, Gaby Sanchez, Moustakas, Bryce Harper / DL- Buster Posey
SPs – Alexi Ogando, Jair Jurrjens, Johnny Cueto, Tommy Hanson, Jeremy Hellickson, Colby Lewis, Max Scherzer, Alex Cobb
RPs – Jonny Venters, Neftali Feliz
DL – Adam Wainwright, Stephen Strasburg

Thanks guys….the RingKings


I’m unclear as to whether this is a straight 10-player keeper league or one that uses round/dollar values, but if it’s a straight keeper I’d definitely make the trade as you would still have at least 10 very good keepers after doing this deal. If it’s a round/dollar value keeper, depending on the numbers, you’re probably giving up too much. But the 411 strategy has always been to play to win now if you can and worry about the future later. Sometimes it’s a little dangerous to go prospect happy and limit your roster space so that you can’t pick up useful players who can help you more in the present.


Clay Buchholz transferred to the 60-Day DL. Drop him?


Yup. There’s a good chance Buchholz is done for the year. In a non-keeper league, he’s not worth a roster spot.


Fantasy Gurus,
20 team h2h league with up to 4 keepers. We start 3 outfielders, and one from each other position with 1 utli. Hitting cats being hits, runs, hr, rbis, sb and Ks against. Pitching cats being ER, wins, QS, Ks, saves, and holds. Pitching is devalued, only King Felix, Cliff Lee and Heath Bell?? were kept the previous year.
Team in contention is getting CC, Clippard and Ortiz and the team out of contention is getting Daniel Hudson, Brad Zeigler and Carl Crawford. Is this a veto trade?


Not a veto trade at all. Right now I’d rather have the first group but in a year or two, should Papi fall off and Crawford rebound, the second group could very well turn out to be more valuable. Vetos should not be used that often and in a keeper league they should be used even less often as future seasons must be taken into consideration.


I dont want to make this trade but it looks tempting. What are your thoughts
Send: Verlander, Lincecum
Receive: Reyes, Crawford, Beckett


Yeah, I think I’d make this trade. Verlander for Reyes is fair value and I think that Crawford more than makes up for the downgrade from Lincecum to Beckett.


Send: McCutchens
Receive: Josh Johnson


Absolutely NO. Johnson’s probably out for the season. Even in a keeper league I wouldn’t make this deal.


picked up Guerra for hernandez who looks like hes not the closer anymore in ‘zona
good move their was also cordero, salas, ishringhausen, and melancon


Sure. I would’ve made that move for any of those available closers. You should probably even grab more of those guys if you have the roster space.


In my NL only non-keeper I just traded david wright even though he’s just about as hot as he can possibly get off the DL… Sent Wright, Luebke, and Worley. Recieved Heath Bell, Ryan Roberts, and Matt Holliday. I aquired Luebke and Worley for nothing and have Jurrjens, Cain, Jaime, Bumgarner. Needed saves, got a replacement for Wright, and got some power back with Holliday. This makes sense… Wright???


Yeah, I’m fine with that. Even though Wright is the best player in the deal, Holliday is close to him in value and you got back Bell, a top-flight closer whose fantasy value was saved by the Padres’ decision to not trade him to a place where he might have became a setup man.


Hey Zach,

I hope you had a nice weekend. I need saves as my only relievers are Soria and Walden. How do you feel about offering Pineda to get Salas? This is a 10 team h2h and we are down to the wire. Thanks.

Rich D.


I think you can do better for Pineda. Salas has been great so far but he’s still rather unproven and La Russa could easily turn to McClellan or even the newly acquired Dotel should Salas run into any trouble closing games going forward.


You think Gio is worth hanging onto as a 5th starter? Also what are your thoughts on Reddick, he is a free agent but I have 6 OF”s and V.Wells is on my bench but hesitate to drop as he has power potential when filling in for anothers off day…..


Gio has been one of the better pitchers in baseball all season so yes, he’s worth hanging onto:-) Don’t get all hyped up over two poor starts. As for Reddick, I’m just not sold on him and since you already have 6 OFs, why not use that roster spot to address a different position where you don’t have as much depth? That makes more sense to me.


Hey Zach, getting tired of Torii Hunter and hear Goldschmidt’s being called up. Is it worth gambling and dropping him for Goldy for my Util spot? I do need power and ribbies and like Cory’s said, it’s clear Torii is on the decline (can’t trade him either).


While I’m excited about Goldschmidt’s upside, I’m not so sure what you’re going to get from him right off the bat (no pun intended). But if it’s just a matter of dropping Hunter I’m OK with it. If Goldschmidt doesn’t work out and Hunter gets picked up, you should still be able to find a decent alternative on the wire.


neil walker for jaime garcia?

Who do you like better the rest of the year? I’m getting tight with IP, so I need to choose wisely. I’ve been riding Vogelsong, but Harrison, Neimann and Cobb are available. This is a 12 team Dynasty league, so future value is a nice bonus, but I’m in first and want to win now. I could use K’s as well. Thanks.


I’d stick with Vogelsong. He pitches in a weak-hitting division and a pitcher-friendly ballpark and is putting up decent strikeout numbers.


Hey Zach,

Would you trade Pedroia for Ryan Howard?
I currently have Prado to cover 2B.


If you have a need for power, that’s a fair value trade. So it depends on your needs.


is it time to part ways with chacin and karstens?
holland, niemann, McCarthy, and Cecil are availible


I’d drop Karstens for Holland at this point but would hold onto Chacin for another couple of starts to see if he can get back on track.


In a 12 team Keeer, i’m too hight on INN (+86.00), and desperate to get a good closer.
Would you trade Shields to get Hanrahan, Kimbrel or Storen? or none? This will help me in SV and INN.

I’d do it, this is the time where you’ve gotta go for those kinda deals that help your team. Without looking at nos id take Hanrahan or Kimbrel for Shields (don’t own any of these guys anymore unfortunately). I know Hanrahan’s been unreal though with his still perfect save record and Kimbrel brings top K’s for a reliever too.


I’m not sure I’d do that. Shields has been a top-5 SP this year and I think you can get a little more for him, like Kimbrel plus a hitter. By the way, of those three closers I prefer Kimbrel. That K rate is off the charts!


Hosmer or Carlos Lee ROY?


I’ll say Hosmer, largely because Lee’s supporting cast is nonexistent.


Should I sell high on Asdrubal Cabrera or keep? Same with Adam Lind?

alexei just became availible should i pick up for kendrick or furcal for kendrick


I’d stand pat. Kendrick has slightly better overall numbers than Alexei and I’m not that high on Furcal, even with the change of scenery.



Looking for OF. Ethier, Stubbs, or Boesch?

Ryan Roberts or Danny Espinosa? for the rest of season? the numbers are pretty much the same, with Roberts AVG a little better but its been dropping as well. thanks for all info this year!!


I slightly prefer Roberts due to the AVG factor. There’s still a big difference between .228 and .256. And Roberts does have three straight multi-hit games, so maybe he’s getting hot again.


My lineup looks like this
C-Santana, Mauer
1st-Votto, Butler
2nd-Weeks, Kendrick
1st/3rd-Mike Young
Of-Ellsbury, Kemp, Stanton, Willingham, Jennings,
Bench-Gardner, kendrick, Mauer
SP-Beckett, Chacin, Vogelsong, Jurrjiens, Holland, Freddy Garcia, and Worley
CL-Nathan and Guerra
Do u see any weaknesess
I think my weakness is SV and my batters have struck out 1003 times

that seems like a great team but how many teams r in the league? it seems like there is only like 6 or 8 teams because this sounds like a dream team and its very hard to get a team looking that good in fantasy leagues. i am in a 16 tm league and i am one of the best in my league and i dont even have close to the team u have. haha

There are 12 teams

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