Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 2

I feel bad for the Astros’ pitchers. I really do. Wandy, Brett Myers, Bud Norris, even Mark Melancon. What did they do to deserve this? As if Houston’s offense wasn’t weak enough to begin with, now Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn have been shipped out of town. 80 percent of Double-A teams could probably outslug this group. For opposing pitchers, the strategy is simple. Pitch around Carlos Lee and you’ll be fine. The funny thing is that Carlos Lee doesn’t deserve to be pitched around. But it wouldn’t surprise me to see him get the Barry Bonds treatment. That is assuming there are any runners on base, which probably won’t be the case.

Here’s Pitch or Ditch for tomorrow.




Lewis @ Scherzer – Lewis inconsistent but has enough upside

Huff @ Beckett

Romero @ Price

Simon @ Chen

Hughes @ Danks – can’t trust Hughes right now

Duensing @ Big Erv – Big Erv red hot AND at home!

Harden @ King Felix – should be 1-0

Lowe @ Lannan

Wells @ Correia – neither useful against even mediocre offenses

Hand @ Capuano – Cappy very solid at home

Bailey @ Wandy

J. Garcia @ Marcum

Kendrick @ Cook

Kuroda @ Stauffer – Kuroda must be happy to still be in the NL West

D. Hudson @ Lincecum


I have Smoak, Alvarez, and Derek Lee, who do I play ROS?

Zach, I am in a 16 tm keepers league. i am currently in 5th place and climbing. the top 5 places win money. i need SB bad but i am very close in power stats like HR, RBI and R. Which one of these players in order provide me with the most out of those 4 categories? Ben Revere, Mitch Moreland, or Alfonso Soriano? this player is my utility so he is my last player on the roster and that has been my poblem the whole year.
Thanks- David


If you can tolerate the low AVG, I’d say Soriano as he should provide you with the most homers and RBIs. Revere offers steals but I’m not so sure how much playing time he will lose with Span now back. For now, I’d rank him last.


I made the playoffs.! Thank you for all your help. Fantasy 411 Pitch or Ditch is the best.
Now with some callups taking place this month, what are your thougths on Paul Goldschmidt, Ari 1B, Is he worth picking up for the playoffs? Should I drop Pagan or Joyce for him? …or is best to stand pat with my regulars?


I like Goldschmidt’s long-term outlook but I think it’s risky to expect him to put up big numbers right away. That said, if you’re not desperate for steals I’d consider dropping Pagan for him.


i am in 6th place and dropping i have great pitching but falling in Runs, AVG and I am last in SB. Which of these players should i add to help my team in those cats
– Dexter Fowler
– Josh Willingham
– Daniel Murphy
– Angel Pagan
– Ben Revere
– Michael Brantley
Which of my pitchers should i drop for one or two of those players
– Jonny Venters
– Tyler Clippard
– Eric O’flaherty
– CJ Wilson
– Jeff Karstens
Also I am 9th in K’s 9th in wins 6th in saves 2nd in ERA and 3rd in WHIP and 9th in IP

also who would you rather have Matt Wieters or JP Arencibia


Depends on whether or not you can tolerate Arencibia’s low AVG but he’s definitely the more consistent power hitter. Wieters has been up and down this year in just about every category.



For those specific categories, I’d say Brantley and Fowler are your best bets. I’m a little concerned about Revere’s playing time going forward, Pagan’s AVG is terrible and Willingham will contribute homers and RBIs but not much else. In a non-holds league, I’d lean towards dropping O’Flaherty and might drop Karstens as well before his stats begin to regress, which will happen eventually.



In fact I was thinking drop Joyce for Paul Goldschimt and drop Pagan for Jason Bourgeois?

Which of these SP’s would you sign. Holland, Cahill, or Cecil.
thanks Zach
The other Rich

or Karstens.


Holland is hot, so right now I’d definitely go with him.


So I get a trade offer where I would give up Bruce for Putz. The guy offering it says that I need saves at that Parnell won’t help, but I personally don’t think I need saves since Parnell is on the bench while Papelbon and Salas pitch and saves only represent one category rather than the whole pitching picture, so I’m inclined to reject this trade, but he says he’s open to a counter offer. The problem is that I don’t know what to look for. Although I haven’t completely thrown in the towel just yet, I’m starting to lose faith this season since I’m 6th of 10, 15 games back and unable to gain any ground on the leaders no matter what I do, but I’m willing to try and see if I can make some sort of beneficial deal before the August 14th trade deadline rolls around. Can you take a look at my roster, see what areas need improvement, and then see if there is anything in his roster that could address that issue with a trade? I really appreciate this.

My Roster His Roster
C: Montero C: Carlos Santana
1B: Fielder 1B: Kotchman
2B: Kelly Johnson 2B: Espinosa
3B: Reynolds 3B: Peralta
SS: Andrus SS: Hanley Ramirez
CI: Gaby Sanchez CI: Adam Lind
OF: Bruce OF: Kemp
OF: Torii Hunter OF: McCutchen
OF: Desmond Jennings OF: J. Upton
OF: Werth OF: Gardner
Util: Bourn Util: Daniel Murphy
SP: Lincecum SP: Halladay
SP: Shields SP: CC Sabathia
SP: Carpenter SP: Romero
RP: Papelbon RP: Kimbrel
RP: Salas RP: Bastardo
P: Kuroda P: Karstens
P: Luebke P: Tomlin
P: Bumgarner P: Maholm
BN: Morse BN: Damon
BN: Wigginton BN: Yunel Escobar
BN: Travis Snider BN: Niese
BN: CJ Wilson BN: Putz
BN: Parnell BN: Neftali Feliz
DL: A-Rod
DL: Brian Roberts


First off, there’s nothing I hate more than another owner in my league telling me what I need. It’s insulting. You’re the one who should know what you need so don’t feel pressured to make a questionable trade just because someone else is desperately trying to acquire one of your players. As for this team, I honestly don’t see any weaknesses except possibly AVG as you have Johnson, Espinosa AND Reynolds. I might try to trade one or two of your starting pitchers (I have no idea how you drafted such a dominant rotation) for an upgrade at either or both the 2B or 3B positions.


Thanks for that, but just for clarification, Espinosa is his 2B. Not mine. The formatting just got messed up but I’ll try and see if I can get some improvements on Johnson or Reynolds.

hey would you consider dropping Pinieda Holland, Hellickson, Harrison and a few others are available

ricky romero became availible should i drop guerra or nathan or chacin for him the rest of my pitchers are
Beckett, Jurrjiens, Freddy Garcia, Worley, Holland, Vogelsong

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