Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 3

NL-only owners like myself were very disappointed on Sunday as Derrek Lee was far and away the best hitter to move from the AL to the NL. All those saved up FAAB dollars for a guy who was hitting .246 with 12 homers and 41 RBIs through 85 games! I’ve always been a believer that non-mixed league owners shouldn’t conserve most of their FAAB dollars for the trade deadline in hopes that a high impact player will switch leagues. It’s just too risky and limits their ability to add useful pieces throughout the first four months of the season. Although my opinion hasn’t changed, the frugal owner was surely rewarded last night as Lee blasted two homers in his Pirates’ debut. Keep in mind that Lee was a career-long National League guy prior to signing with Baltimore, so the “AL is the tougher league” argument is certainly becoming more and more convincing.

Now if only Adam Dunn can go back to the National League. I hear there might be an outfield opening in Houston!

Here’s Pitch or Ditch for tomorrow.




Gonzalez @ Furbush

Harrison @ Fister – Fister suddenly fantasy relevant if he gets a modicum of run support

Carrasco @ Wakefield – don’t like Carrasco vs. BOS

Villanueva @ Shields – don’t like Villanueva vs. TB

Guthrie @ Hochevar

Burnett @ Floyd – could be 2-1 or 10-9, I’ll play it safe

Baker @ Pineiro

Beachy @ Wang

Jackson @ Wolf

Halladay @ Hammel

Marquis @ Vogelsong – Vogelsong continues to amaze

Garza @ Morton

Hensley @ Gee

Willis @ Lyles – Lyles hanging in there, but hard to pitch any Astros’ SP right now given the expected miserable run support

Lilly @ Stauffer


Who would you rather have Nyjer Morgan, Michael Brantley, Dexter Fowler and which hitter would you drop for one or two of them
– JP Arencibia
– Mark Trumbo
– Brandon Phillips
– Evan Longoria
– Emilio Bonifacio
– Dustin Ackley
– Gaby Sanchez
– Matt Holliday
– Andrew McCutchen
– Adam Jones
– Mike Stanton
– Jason Heyward
– David Ortiz
– Cameron Maybin


Of that group I prefer Morgan, as he’s been the most consistent hitter, but honestly I wouldn’t drop any of your current guys for him.


I am in a 6×6 mixed league. I am being offered Cordero for Billy Butler. I have Feliz, Santos, and Melancon. I made speculative acquisitions on Adams and Clippard that didn’t pan out. I have Ackley on my bench and Choo on the DL. Would you suggest accepting the trade?


Yeah, I would make that trade. Butler is replaceable and your closer situation is far from stable. Feliz is no sure thing to hold onto the ninth inning job with both Uehara and Adams now on board and Melancon’s save chances will be limited as the Astros are just an awful team!


Thank you Zach!


I have Bucholz on my DL. Is he done? If he is then I want to drop him and pick up choo off the wire and place him on thre DL in his stead.

I have to drop another guy to do this, as you can’t drop and add DL guys in my league without dropping a player on the active roster first.

I have a few options –

Drop – Carlos Pena / Bucholz. Get Choo / Hellickson

Instead of Hellickson I could get a 2b or catcher as I only have one starter in each of those positions. The players I would pick up for these positions are the best available on the wire.

Drop – Carlos Pena / Bucholz. Get CHOO / Kipnis or J. Weeks

Drop Carlos Pena / Bucholz. Get CHOO / Arencibia or Saltalamacchia

What option would you choose? Or should I stand pat?


I’d do Option 1. Hellickson deserves to be owned in 12 teamers and I generally don’t bother with backup middle infielders or catchers.


In regards to position context – I am trotting out C Carlos santana and 2B Danny Espinosa regularly and they are killing my average.


In that case, I might go with Weeks. I have more confidence that Santana will get hot than I do in Espinosa all of a sudden becoming a high AVG hitter. I do think that Hellickson should be picked up anyway if possible.


Hi guys trade question… H2H 10 team cbssportsline league weekly points league.

Im leading my league but have 3B depth (Zimmerman, Sandoval, and Pujols..since I have Prince Fielder at Utility and could cover 1B if I needed to move Pujols to 3B because of injury after a trade of depth) and want to trade it for pitching help.

My pitching is Kershaw, Shields, Marcum, Cueto, J Jurrrjens, Wandy, Billingsley, and Gio Gonzalez. The reason Im in first place is that they have all over performed and im afraid of a correction. Jurrjens has looked bad the last 4 games, Gio is starting to walk people again, Shields is starting to look human etc etc etc

The guy im trying to trade with is 2 games out of the final playoff spot and is looking to upgrade across the board to get into the playoffs. I offered Zim and C Billingsley for Cliff Lee. He didnt accept that and im thinking of maybe sandoval, Gio and Bils for Cliff Lee. Im getting the best player, whose consistent for basicly P and 3B depth win win right? or am I overthinking my pitchers recent problems and overreacting? Yalls thoughts would ease my mind. Thanks love the blog and the show.


I see what you’re trying to do but still think you’re overpaying…and overpaying for pitchers, no matter how good they are, is dangerous. You’re better off keeping the hitting depth.


Would you drop Wandy bacuse of that terrible offence?

Pick up Danks, Hellickson, Anibal Sanchez, or Nolasco instead?


I still slightly prefer Wandy over those guys but I have no idea why Hellickson, Anibal and even Danks aren’t owned.


Hi Zach,

Carlos Marmol is now available in my league….I need saves but certainly don’t need the meltdown. Can he hold it together for the ROS? Is it worth dropping a Brennan Boesch (my 5th OF) for him?


Rich D.


YES…Marmol’s upside is too great for you to leave him on waivers.


hey You think Pinieda is worth holding onto or dropping….will he be a factor for fantasy playoffs? I could pick up Holland, Harrison, Hellickson, Leake, Garza, Niese who are free agents…..just thinking ahead since I have a 5 game lead with 5 weeks to go My other starters are Sabathia, Gio, Kennedy, Beckett, and Beachy


I’d hold onto Pineda for now. The fact that all of those pitchers are available tells me that there will always be quality pitchers on the wire, so when/if Pineda gets shut down you can deal with it then.


Just to continue my question for a bit….Brennan Boesch or Martin Prado for ROS?

Ok so my youkilis deal has fallen through! So available options left to turn to: Pablo or Walker. I’m not sure either is a huge upgrade from Daniel Murphy.
But I got offered (Panda or Walker) & Beltran for Stanton.

Worth it? I have ny concerns about Panda’s wrist, Beltran in SF….big upgrade from Murphy?

Thanks as always,
Josh A

Other option: Panda & Kemp for Stanton/C Young (OF)/J Garcia…it feels like I’m giving up too much.
I thought about adding a pitcher but not sure which fits value-wise: Bumgarner, Niemann, Latos, Kuroda, Carpenter, or Hanson.
Thanks as always,
Josh A


Who is worth having as a fill in MI for the rest of the season Izturis or Y. Betancourt?


who has a better matchup: halladay or gio gonzalez

Which pitcher would you rather have for the rest of the year Derek Holland or Bartolo Colon and which of my pitchers should i drop if I should get one of those pitchers
– Tyler Clippard
– Jonny Venters

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