Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 4


Cecil @ W. Davis – Cecil very sharp since return from Triple-A
Ogando @ Penny – Ogando not fading easily
Masterson @ Bedard – Masterson not fading either
Britton @ Francis
Nova @ Humber – Humber, OTOH, is regressing to the mean
Liriano @ Haren
Lopez @ McDonald
Lohse @ An. Sanchez – neither sharp lately
Detwiler @ Rogers
Lee @ Bumgarner
***SIANO SAYS “Agreed. Blue plate special is Esmil Rogers, who now takes Ubaldo’s spot in COL. Gets the Nationals but he only has 4 IP at home this year so only if you are feeling beyond lucky, more a keep tabs for future POD value.”


Cecil, McDonald, or Nova for tmrws start?

Thanks as always,
Josh A


I’d go with McDonald…2.83 ERA at home and I’m more scared of the CWS and TB lineups than I am of the CHC lineup.


Should i pick up bourgeous for gardner
or fister or tomlin for chacin?
I claimed Romero of waivers so wat do u think ROS


I’d stick with Gardner. Even though Bourgeois is slated to play just about every day now, Gardner’s the more experienced player who is in the better lineup. Bourgeois’ sample size is just too small. I’d stick with Chacin too. 2 ER combined over his last two starts spanning 13 1/3 innings.


OK….What’s the deal with Mike Napoli? He is absolutely killing it right now, but I can never determine when he is going to play. He starts against lefties, but is there a rhyme or reason to starts against righties. My boss frowns against my constant lineup checking and he plays in a lot of late games, making roster moves difficult. I am in a daily league and would like to take full advantage of this hot streak. Any advice? Any chance he emerges as an everyday player?


I have no idea, especially since he’s hitting well vs. both lefties and righties this year. Napoli is playing almost every day of late though so the best you can do is check those lineups. Here’s a helpful site to use that usually lists lineups several hours before first pitch.




This one is tough. Im in a six player keeper league and im making a push for this year. My offer is martin, justin upton, kemp, lincecum, liriano, dempster, and colon for mauer, pence, markakis, cain, jurrjens, oswalt and danks. On an other deal I got offered reyes latos karstens and marcum for lincecum asdrubal and colon. Which offer would you take?


In the first trade, I’d MUCH rather have the first group, so if that’s the group you’re getting I prefer that trade. Otherwise, go with the second one.


I have Tulo – I was offered Jimmy Rollins and Trevor Cahill. Deal seems tempting. Tulo is a 5 tool and Rollins is 4 tool. This deal would solidify my pitching and wouldnt hurt me that bad in the SS spot. Thoughts ???

Keep Tulo…you need better than Cahill back there. He’s been terrible recently.


Pass. I’m not a Cahill fan at all and I still consider Tulo a significant upgrade over Rollins. Another thing to take into consideration is that Tulo is historically a big-time second half producer and has posted some monster numbers in August and September.


Hey Big Z, got a big call to make in my contract keeper league. Have speed to deal and am in need of either hitting (RBIs and OBP) or pitching (K’s, W’s, WHIP). Been offered Berkman (only $2!), for Jennings ($0). Now I love Jennings and think he’ll be a great keeper, but am 3rd so looking for a way to put me over the top this year, plus Berkman’s possibly a keeper at that price too. However I do have A-Rod and Weeks on my DL though so I maybe should be seeking pitching more. How do you see the deal? I could try and deal a different speedster e.g Maybin instead possibly.


Yeah, that’s a very tough call as we always say to try to win now, but I’d have a very hard time dealing Jennings for an aging veteran who is having a huge season but remains a question mark going forward. I’d much rather trade Maybin if possible, even if it’s for someone with lesser value than Berkman.


Jason Bourgeois or Omar Infante?

I have no major roster needs, just looking for guys with late season potential who could go on a tear. Omar had that awesome run at the end of last season and has been hot lately, but Bourgeois has great upside in steals potential and will most likely be hitting at the top of the lineup. Just don’t understand why he’s being benched when the astros line up is barely quad a eligible? Thanks as always for the words of wisdom.


Go with Bourgeois. He’ll certainly play enough to make a meaningful fantasy impact, particularly in roto leagues. Outside of the multi-position eligibility factor, I just don’t understand the appeal of Infante. He doesn’t excel in any one category and his overall numbers are just not that good. In my mind, he’s no more than a bench guy in mixed leagues.


Derek Holland or Bartolo Colon and Tyler Clippard or Jonny Venters

Derek Holland or Bartolo Colon Or Erik Bedard who would you have on your team


Holland (can’t pick against him right now considering how hot he is) and Venters.


Hi, I own Strassberg and I am trying to move him for someone useful in the playoffs. I am having a hard time determining trade value. Could you suggest 2 bats and 2 SP’s that you believe would garner fair value? Your answer will help me gauge fair value. thank you



I’m assuming this is a keeper league but “fair value” is always relative to your league. Float some trade offers out there and see if anyone will bite and then come back here once you get some names. Hard for me to say in a vacuum!


Thanks for looking and sorry about the vaccum. It is a keeper league and the best offer is Derek Jeter which I do not believe comes close to fair value. I am thinking a healthy Strass would garner at least someone taken in an average 3rd round draft…Kemp or upton in bats, But Strass is not healthy. Just wondering maybe Tommy Hanson fair value?


Yeah, Jeter’s not enough but no way are you getting Kemp or Upton for Strasburg. Both of those guys, particularly Kemp, will be first rounders next year. Dealing Strasburg for Hanson is reasonable and it’s something I’d definitely do if I were you.


Should i drop Freddie Freeman to pick up Desmond Jennings


I don’t think either deserve to be on waivers but it depends on your category needs. If you’re light in speed, go with Jennings. Overall though, I slightly prefer Jennings. He can carry you in SBs while Freeman won’t dominate in any one category.


hey quick question…..Gio has seemed to be getting hit hard in his past few starts…think he will rebound or should I pick up Holland or hellickson for him or even Leake Gio is a nice source for Ks but not much else at this time

Could pick up Hell-boy, but im benching but not cutting Gio now. Just a rough patch.


I totally agree with BB on this. Hellickson deserves to be picked up, but not at the expense of Gio.


Uggla and Jennings for Marcum and J Weeks?
Who gets the better deal?

Also different league, drop Bucholz in a 5 keeper where I have Josh Johnson, Strasburg and Sabathia?



Uggla, Jennings side all day, and yes drop Buchholtz…I dropped him in my keeper a week ago. See if Holland’s available, dude’s en fuego right now.


Again, BB is right on here! Uggla is on fire right now and Buchholz carries close to zero keeper value in your league format.


Cheers guys, I got the Uggla & Jennings side thankfully. And pulled the trigger on both moves a little earlier just wanted a bit of clarification. And also by chance it was Holland I picked up for Bucholz haha, great minds and all that

Hey Zach an idea for the 411 could be to look at this years rookies, and which ones have succeeded and which ones struggled. Some people have been down on rookies this year, but the likes of Freeman, Ackley, Jennings, Pineda and Hosmer have all put up some good numbers so far. Still shows why you should grab the prospects once they’re called up, if you can grab them for free and they hit then you’re onto a winner there.

I had Jennings stashed a good part of the year in one league before finally getting fed up with them not calling him up, then they call him up literally one day later! Sucks, but at least I’ve got him in my keeper league.

Would you accept reyes latos karstens and marcum for asdrubal lincecum and colon?


This is a very close trade but I’d lean towards yes with the key factor being that Latos has rebounded nicely from his early-season struggles. And of course you’re getting the best player in the deal in Reyes.


A guy in my league has said Jose Bautista is up for trade for SP and an infielder. This is a h2h keeper league and I’m in desperate need of power for the playoffs. I have Weaver, Verlander, and Cueto. Of those 3, is there 1 that you would be willing to give up for this deal? I’m partial parting with Cueto just because he doesn’t get the same # of k’s as the other 2. Is that a deal you do? Also, I’m not positive that I would keep Cueto in favor of some position players while I’m almost definitely going to keep Weaver and Verlander.

Thanks Zach!


If you can pull off Cueto for Bautista, that’s a flat out steal. Maybe even throw in someone else in the trade if he rejects. I’d probably deal Weaver for Bautista too, but very reluctantly.


411 Master Minds,
13 team mixed roto, 6 player keeper, no top 3 picks can be kept.. I am 10 behind the leader (the closest I have been is 8, it keeps fluctuating)
1st My team: Non keeper (NK), Keeping (K), Indifferent(I)
Offensively I am strong, alot of aggressive trading done and not much to do here, 2nd in most categories and only -5 in SB from 1st. Last in offensive K’s (brutal!!!)
Carlos Ruiz(I), Pujols(NK), Dustin Ackley(K), E5(I), Jose Reyes(NK), E.Bonifacio(I), Ellsbury(K), McCutchen(K), Stanton(K), Desmond Jennings(K), Crawford(NK), Mike Trout(K?), ARod(NK/DL)

Pitching is my main problem, not sure who to keep and honestly anyone is fair game except for Shileds as PICK is a category.
Gio Gonzalez, James McDonald(POD Spot), Heath Bell, Soria, B.League, Joe Nathan, Feliz, Mike Adams, Beachy, Javy Guerra, Morrow, Grienke, Tim Hudson.
Category / rankings / how far behind: Wins/5th/ 9 down, SV/7th/33 down (4th place is only 8 saves away), K/2nd/26 down, , GIDP/4th/5 down, HLD/tied 1st with league leader, ERA/5th/0.54 down… I also have 110 innings in the bank to use up.
As you can see I have already started loading up on closers to try and at least run up the 4th place on the saves table. Looking to possibly make a trade for a couple of serious ground ball pitchers to flag some GIDP’s (Matt Harrison, Chatswood on the wire, but thinking to try and trading for Felix with using both Beachy and Gio Gonzalez).Trade deadline in August 14th!! Trade offer I presently am offering is Neftali and Trout for an upgrade of either Wilson, or Axford, to 2 seperate teams
My thoughts on strategy for ROTW, ride the POD with whoever is against Seattle or Houston. If a better option presents itself, go for it. I figure to sacrifice another starter but should I ride the starters I have ROTW hoping to make up the 10 points? Am I over thinking all this….?…Mate I am going nuts here!!!
Sorry about the novel, just wanted to show u the whole picture,


Whoa. If there was ever a word limit on blog questions, this would probably go over it:-)

In short, I think your starting pitching is fine and your strategy is solid. I’d definitely make that trade for Wilson. Not sure if I’d do it for Axford though. But you do have plenty of good keeper possibilities so Trout is somewhat expendable as he’s probably a year or two away from realizing his full potential. Feel free to ask any follow-up questions!


Hi I need to pick up a starting pitcher for this scoring period…..Im looking at Holland tomorrow against cleveland…..I have 7 OF;s would you drop V.Wells or Jay to pick him up this way I could keep my starters in case some get limited in innings


Absolutely! I’m fine with you dropping either of those OFs to pick up Holland. As for which one, it’s really a toss-up depending on your category needs. Jay will likely hit for the higher AVG from here on out while Wells offers more power.


I am looking to upgrade pitching for the stretch run. I am struggling in wins and K’s.

Who would be the best pick up out of these guys from the wire:

Derek Holland, Ricky Nolsaco, Anibal Sanchez, John Danks.


Right now, I’d go with the red-hot Holland. But long-term, through the end of the season, I think Anibal will post the best overall stat line, particularly in the strikeout department.


In need of help at 2nd base. Is Jason Kipnis worth picking up? 4 home runs in 4 games is pretty impressive. Do you see him beind a solid contributor for the rest of the season?

Once I have your advice I will pick up a guy. Its a dead heat between Kipnis and Nolasco right now.


Kipnis was never a huge HR guy in the Minors so I wouldn’t go too crazy about the four homers in four games. That said, productive hitting second basemen are hard to find so if Nolasco is merely a bench guy for you, I’m OK with that move. At this point in the season, addressing needs should be your priority.


Thoughts on trading Beckett and Izturis for Reyes- trying to gain speed is? Is this too light? The original offer was Reyes for Beckett and Zobrist which seems too much. My concern is where it leaves my SP – Bumgarner, Marcum, Nolasco, Stauffer, and Picked up Cecil for today… thoughts?


Addendum to that- was just countered with Zobrist, Dunn, Beckett for Reyes and Crawford…


I’d do that trade in a second. No question.


hey Zach,
First of all thanks for your advice you gave me before i left on internetless vacation.
Anyways, who should i take on my team for tomorrow, Nova or Bedard?

sorry, Nova or Britton ?


I’m scared of Nova @BOS but Britton has been awful lately so I’ll go with Nova by default.


Hey Zach,

I hope you are doing well. Brennan Boesch or Martin Prado for ROS? Prado does offer three position eligibilty but not too happy with his production overall. Thanks in advance.

Rich D.


Yeah, even factoring in Prado’s positional flexibility, I’d opt for Boesch. He’s putting up very strong across the board numbers this season. Prado’s yet to get hot this year, is not a speed guy and doesn’t offer much power.


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