Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 5

It was about time that Casey McGehee did something to reward his owners for their mid-round draft day investment. The only problem is that it was too late. I think it’s fair to say that 90 percent of owners who still have McGehee on their roster had him on their bench for yesterday’s three-home run game. And I must admit that I’m one of them. But the bottom line is that one great game doesn’t make up for four months of futility, so while I hope that McGehee stays hot for awhile, I’m not a believer just yet. Very little has gone right for Casey this season, but at least he can revel in the glory of being today’s Roto Monster!




Mills @ Hunter

Colon @ Lester

Moscoso @ Niemann

Jimenez @ Holland – 4 SHO in last 5 GS plus one 7-run disaster… good luck!

Porcello @ Paulino – Felipe 60-17 K-BB in KC rotation

Buehrle @ Blackburn

Vargas @ Weaver

Leake @ Dempster

Harang @ Karstens

T. Hudson @ Dickey

Westbrook @ An. Sanchez – Anibal is ice-cold, play it safe

Gallardo @ Happ

Zimmermann @ Nicasio – Nicasio worth a shot vs. WSH, even at home

Billingsley @ Collmenter – Collmenter finally fading

Worley @ J. Sanchez – can’t go against Worley right now


Jennings vs. Lawrie who wins in 2011? =)


Hard to recommend a guy who has yet to play a single big league game, so I’ll say Jennings. He’s putting up strong numbers right out of the gate.


In a head to head points 6 player keeper league I got offered mauer pence jurrjens and oswalt for justin upton and kemp. I have reyes hamilton kinsler cruz and sandoval so im not too worried about not having quality keepers for next year but are kemp and upton to good to trade?

I would also get markakis.


PASS!!! You’d be giving up the two best players (and best keepers) in the deal by far. That’s not even close to a fair offer.


Ervin Santana for Anibal Sanchez, who wins?

Oh and also, Kipnis for Markakis, who wins?


Depends on positional needs. Kipnis is the riskier choice but outfield is a whole lot deeper than second base so I’d lean towards him.



I’ll have to say Erv. He’s been on fire lately while Anibal is fading.


Just made a trade in a keeper league.
Traded: Bonifacio, Berkman, Victorino, Swisher, Cueto

Got: Strasburg and Jay Bruce.

I just didn’t see Berkman being great next year, and I didn’t need Cueto with my pitching depth. I figured everyone else I would give him because he loves quantity.
Good trade?


I usually go with quality over quantity too but you gave up both quantity and quality here and paid a premium for Strasburg, who has yet to pitch a full big league season. Bruce is a solid keeper but so too is Victorino. And although Berkman may not be great next year, you’re selling way too low on him. Even if you’re out of contention this season, I’m not in love with this trade. And if you’re contending, it makes even less sense.


Ivan Nova or Jonny Venters
Other pitchers are
– Cole Hamels
-Cliff lee
– Aroldis Chapman
– Jose Valverde
– CJ wilson
– Johnny Cueto
– Edwin Jackson
– Erik Bedard
– Vance Worley
– Jeff Karstens
And Do you think the reds will ever develope Aroldis Chapman as a starter in the upcoming years


One is a starter and the other a setup guy so it totally depends on what you need more…strikeouts and wins or ERA and WHIP.

As for Chapman, I think the goal is to eventually transition him into a starting role so yes, if not next season, I’d be surprised if he’s not starting come 2013.


Rank these pitchers
– Derek Holland
– Dillon Gee
– Ivan Nova
– Bartolo Colon
– R.A. Dickey


I’d go Colon, Nova, Holland, Gee, Dickey.


What do you guys think of this deal:

Give: Stanton/J Garcia
Get: Beltran/Panda

I have Murphy @ 3B..other OF are: Holliday, Ellsbury, Cruz, Victorino, Chris Young, Jennings, & Choo (DL)

SP: Lester, Beckett, Gallardo, Scherzer, Morrow, & Stauffer

Worth it to give up Stanton?

i am not a pro at this stuff but i say no because Stanton is hitting HR’s every night and Beltran Hasnt did anything as a giant yet


I’d pass. Despite Beltran’s stellar season, I still see Stanton to Beltran as a downgrade. And the way Murphy’s hitting, the difference between him and Panda isn’t all that huge. Garcia + the OF downgrade is too much to pay for the Murphy to Sandoval upgrade.


Lind or Hosmer ROS?


Lind’s been terrible since the All-Star break (.197 AVG) but his power upside is greater than Hosmer’s, at least for now, so I’d give the edge to Lind.


Hey Big Z, need to improve in WHIP, Wins and K’s (slightly lesser so). Dropping Snider obviously, which one out of these would you replace him with, weekly league:
Bud Norris, Brandon Beachy, Teddy ballgame (do people still call him that?), McDonald. Some suprisingly good names for a 12 teamer! Thanks.


Beachy. He’s been the most consistent of that group and is a little less blowup-prone than Norris.


Between 2B and SS I have Tulo, Rollins, Utley, and Kinsler. Would you swap any for Lawrie?


NOOO. Lawrie has yet to play a single big league game! All of your guys are established stars.


Hey Zach can you help me out with which pitchers to keep active for next week in my weekly 12 teamer. Am sucking in the W’s, and WHIP cats and only middle of the pack in ERA and K’s too; so think I’m gonna load up with 8 starters and just 1 closer next week (am tied 2nd in saves). Firstly regarding the closer, keep Soria in there over League/Izzy right? Then for the starting pitchers, who’s the odd one out out’ve these guys (King Felix and Hanson are both locks): Anibal, Beachy, Garza, Holland, Hell-boy, Luebke, Weaver.

I’m not even sure if Weavers pitching next week due to his suspension. Anyway, thanks!

Or maybe even be slightly crazy and use all starters next week?🙂


I’d sit Anibal. I’m a big Anibal fan but he’s really struggled lately and looks to be wearing down a bit. Bench him until he gets back on track.


I have been offered Victorino and Izzy, for Scherzer and Axford. I would replace Torii with Victorino with the trade. Would you suggest accepting the trade?



Yup. Fair value and it makes a lot of sense for you considering how awful Hunter has been for most of the year.


Thanks Zach!
Please ignore the same question on the Sat-Mon Pitch-or-Ditch list. That was me.


I give Bryce Harper (minor league roster) and a 4th round pick next year (9 keeper league, so 13th round equivalent) and I get Ryan Zimmerman. I have to do this trade, don’t I? The other owner is rebuilding for next year. I’m in first and going for it all this year. Thanks, Damon in Seattle


Yeah, if you feel that Zim can put you over the top this year, I’m all for making the trade.


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