Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, August 6-8



Sabathia @ Lackey – not risking Lackey vs. the Yankees

Morrow @ Tillman

Peavy @ Pavano

Verlander @ Duffy

McCarthy @ Cobb – don’t like McCarthy on the road

Carmona @ Wilson

Beavan @ Chatwood – don’t trust Beavan on the road, yet

Cueto @ Zambrano

Hamels @ Cain

Narveson @ Myers – Brewers not as scary on the road

Luebke @ Maholm – hang with ‘em

Hanson @ Niese

Carpenter @ Nolasco

Ely @ Saunders – red-hot Saundo worth a gamble in deep/unmixed leagues

Livan @ Chacin – Chacin not out of the woods yet

***SIANO SAYS “Agreed. Narveson probably a decent play but when I say pitch he stinks and ditch he rocks so I’m keeping somewhat mum.”

                                                                                                                                                    ZACH’S PICKS    


Romero @ Simon – Simon handled Jays on July 27…don’t count on a repeat.

Cahill @ Price – I don’t trust Cahill vs. any team right now.

Danks @ Duensing – Danks coming off so-so outing vs. Yanks but I like this matchup. Duensing too inconsistent.

Scherzer @ Chen – Scherzer 2 ER or less in each of his last five starts.

King Felix @ Big Erv – Battle of the nicknames!

Tomlin @ Lewis

F. Garcia @ Beckett – BoSox have roughed up Garcia pretty good this year.

Jurrjens @ Lee

J. Garcia @ Vazquez – I’m tempted to take a chance on Javy here but Cards lineup is pretty solid.

Latos @ Correia – If you’re not willing to start Correia here, why do you own him?

Greinke @ Norris

Arroyo @ Garza – Arroyo coming off strong outing…but it was vs. Astros.

Lannan @ Cook

Oswalt @ Lincecum – Nice matchup for Oswalt in his return from DL.

Kershaw @ Kennedy


Floyd @ Guthrie – Taking a chance on Guthrie vs. erratic White Sox lineup.

Wakefield @ Baker – Baker too risky here, even at home.

Hochevar @ Hellickson (he might not make this start)

Furbush @ Harrison – We love to pick on those M’s!

Lowe @ Hand – Lowe can’t be trusted right now.

Hammel @ Bailey – Bailey a decent gamble in deeper leagues.

Stauffer @ Pelfrey

Wang @ TBD (CHC)

Wandy @ D. Hudson – Wandy @ARI a little scary though.

Halladay @ Kuroda

Morton @ Vogelsong


I have been offered Victorino and Izzy, for Scherzer and Axford. I would replace Torii with Victorino with the trade. Would you suggest accepting the trade?



Just answered your question on the previous blog post.


Sorry. That was me from yesterday’s blog.

Thanks for your advise,


To finish the season who would you rather have. Espinosa or Ackley? Ackley is making one hell of a surge. Drop Espo for him ???


It’s all about where you stand in the categories. Ackley should hit for a significantly higher AVG while Espinosa’s the better power/speed combo guy.


Should I drop liriano for morneau


I actually wouldn’t do that. Morneau has done absolutely nothing this year. Liriano has been maddeningly inconsistent but at least he’s had his high moments. For Morneau, 2011 has been a complete disaster.


Avila available… stick with Saltlamacchia or scoop up avila.. Can salty keep this up.. he has done well for me but??


Yeah, Salty has been very solid of late but I still think you have to go with Avila here. He’s simply having the better overall season and after a terrible July is starting to heat up again.


Should I drop Damon for Matsui, kubel, or Abreu?


I’d go with Kubel, particularly if you need more power. Matsui’s intriguing too but he doesn’t have quite as much home run upside.


This is kinda out of the blue but do u have to pay to do a dynasty keeper league? Thnx


Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Depends on what site you’re using, but if you create a free custom league with friends, either on ESPN or Yahoo, you can really set it up however way you want. A dynasty league is simply a keeper league that goes on forever, so it’s not all that complicated.


*Jurrjens at Gee on Sunday.

Ok I need help from everyone if ya don’t mind: Trade Deadline is SUNDAY (tomorrow)
10team Mixed H2H…
I give up Holliday & get Halladay

Rest of bats: McCann, Votto, Pedroia, A Cabrera, Daniel Murphy, Ellsbury, Victorino, Cruz, Stanton, Jennings, C Young, & Choo (DL)

Rest of Arms: Beckett, Lester, Gallardo, J Garcia, Scherzer, Morrow, Stauffer, Mo Rivera, Feliz, & C Perez

Can I afford to give up Holliday? Worth it for Halladay? Do I need him?

I’m in 1st place, have been for whole year…don’t want to disrupt what’s been working…same time it’s halladay!
Please help me out trading deadline is Sunday!!!

Keep Holliday because you really dont hvae any weak spots in your staff but hitting would need some inprovements if you got rid of matt holliday and hes also been hot lately


It’s the playoffs and pitchers are being ditched to add starters in a last ditch effort to get a win. It’s a 12 team mix league with two keepers. They have let go of James Sheilds, Anibal Sanchez,and for a third time Ubaldo Jimenez, Should I replace any of the following pitchers for them, or be happy with my team and stand pat:

Madison Bumgarner,Daniel Hudson, Felix Hernandez, Cliff Lee, Chris Carpenter, Hiroki Kuroda

You helped me get to the playoffs so I trust, and respect your opion.



Thanks for the props but a lot of the credit should go to you! Anyway, since this is only a two-keeper league, I really don’t see any of those pitchers as sure-fire keepers. That said, even for the rest of this season I’d take Shields over Carpenter. Ubaldo over Bumgarner is tempting but Ubaldo struggled in his Indians debut and I’m not very high on him now that he’s in the AL, so I’d stick with Bumgarner.



I guess Hiroki Kuroda worries me. Thats the reason for my last post above. He was great his last outling, but facing two starts with some formidable pitchings. Is is wise to keep im in the lineup druing the playoffs or sit him The other option is to drop for another pitcher. Besides the ones mentioned above these are the other pitchers avaialbe on the wire. It’s giving me a headache, but I have tried to stay with quality over wins while in the playoffs and it has worked.

Colby Lewis,
Bud Norris
Mike Leake,
Edwin Jackson,
Matt Garza,
Matt Garza,
Gavin Floyd,
Wandy Rodriguez
Brandon McCarthy,
Randy Wolf,
Doug Fister,
Brian Duensing,Randy Wells,


I just can’t bet against Kuroda right now. He’s been so consistent this year and is giving us no reason to doubt him. He might not have the upside of a Garza, Wandy, Norris, etc. but he doesn’t have the downside of those guys either.


Hey Big Z wondering about strategies for off days. Got deep benches in my mixer so I always cut a couple MR’s for some bats on short days, however I’ve noticed none of my league rivals do this. Is there any reason why people choose not to? There isn’t any max GP/AB limits, all I can think is that it might lower your overall OBP (we use that not AVG), but the benefits in the other offensive counting stats surely outweigh this. Is this something you do every mon/thurs, as I got it from the 411 after all🙂

Another unconventional question from me as always🙂



Well, the only daily leagues I play in we have games limits for hitters, so I don’t do it that much. But in your case, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t do it. Four categories surely outweighs one!


Start Haren at the house next to the house that ruth built on tues? Normally I would start my aces anywhere but im 59 innings over my projected pace atm, would you skip this kinda start or should I focus on skipping my lesser guys’ (Stauffer, Ogando) starts.


The only scenario where I would even think about benching my ace is if he has a tough matchup AND is struggling mightily of late. Well, Haren’s not struggling (3 ER over his last 24 2/3 IP) and while the Yankees’ lineup is always dangerous, it’s not like they’re tearing the cover off the ball recently.


So I should skip my lesser guys starts down the road then?

i have Hanson, Marcum, Beachy, BIllingsly, Pineda, Masterson, Bedard and need to drop one. Should I drop Pineda since his starts are getting spaced out or do you see him as a keeper for next year?


Nah, I actually think I’d drop Billingsley. He’s been very inconsistent this year and I’d sooner take the quality of Pineda’s innings over the quantity of Billingsley’s. Pineda has struggled a bit of late but he’s also faced some tough lineups.


Do you think this is a good trade, I give Michael Bourn and get Matt Joyce and Trevor Cahill. Thanks


PASS. You’re giving up clearly the best player in the deal in Bourn, Joyce is falling off and I’ve mentioned many times my dislike of Cahill, who is prone to massive blowups.


I am wondering about 2 duds so far this year….Ive hung onto Vernon wells all season but now Rios is available….Ive already clinched my division so wondering do you have a preference as to if either player may help in the playoffs?


I’m not really a fan of either and would be fairly confident that more attractive options are on your waiver wire, but if I had to pick one it would be Wells. At least he’s hitting homers!


Just a follow up to my Wells/Rios question…..I see Ankiel is hitting lead off and doing well this week….he is also available would he be a better option than those 2….I have 7 SPs but hesitate to drop Pinieda or Holland at this time


Yeah, for the short-term I’d go with Ankiel. He probably won’t be a long-term solution as everyday at-bats aren’t guaranteed, but you might as well ride him while he’s hot.



With Chase Headley headed for the dl and my other 3rd basemen David Freese DTD, I am going to use Ty Wigginton and Jed Lowrie (hope he gets activated) as my third base options. Should I have picked up another 3rd base player. I saw Brett gartner was placed in waivers and I took him to replace Headley. Chipper seems to be free but that injury is lingering so I passed on him. Did I do the right thing?

Also is Johnny Giavotella for real? Should I have picked him up instead?



Picking up Gardner was absolutely the right move. I honestly have no idea why he was available. As for Giavotella, I wouldn’t go too crazy over three games but his Minor League numbers are intriguing. As a middle infielder, he could have some value in deep mixed leagues but I’m taking a wait and see approach for now.


I just had a person go out on the DL for the rest of the season. Open OF spot.
Which these has OFs are best for the rest of the season?
Raul Ibanez
Mitch Moreland
Jaun Pierre
Alfonso Soriano
and lets’s throw out Jason Bourgeois name also

Jon from Texas

Another Ike Davis owner eh. For me they’re tomato tomarto, just depends on what you need. Maybe Borg has most upside but Ibanez most consistent.


I like Bourgeois due to his ability to dominate in a category. All those other guys are rather uninspiring.


Good morning! Quick question: Start Big Z in an NL weekly? At ATL later this week.
Dave in Delaware

12 team dynasty league. Battling for 1st, but looking for a spark with both short term and keeper potential. I have Goldscmidt, but Giovatella is available as well. I’m plugging either guy in at UT, so position isn’t as crucial. Who’s the better grab? Thanks.



When we discount position, I prefer Goldschmidt. Much greater power upside and that’s what I usually look for out of my Utility slot.


Hey guys,

Trade Deadline in my league has come & gone (yesterday) and I wasn’t able to upgrade 3B…I decided to stick w/Murphy, then he got spiked and I got screwed.

I picked up Lawrie but not 3B eligible til Thursday at earliest…I have McCann on DL & Y Molina got suspended..so my problem is this: I don’t have a 3B or C til Thursday..I’ll only be able to fill one spot at moment…who should I pick up:
Salty, Iannetta, Torrealba, Arencibia, Lucroy, Mcgehee, Encarnacion, E Nunez, or Wiggington.

Sorry for long list of so-so names…pls help me out!

Thanks as always,
Josh A


I’d just look at “Last 7 days” or “Last 14 days” and sort by hits or RBIs and see who has the best numbers. I don’t know off hand but you’re just picking up a fill-in here so I wouldn’t sweat it too much.


Hi guys, got a trade question CBSsportsline league H2H, 10 TEAM, weekly scoring

I traded J Jurrjens and J Axford for Cliff Lee. Im trying to strengthen my pitching for the playoffs my P staff is now Kershaw, Lee, Marcum, Shields, G Gonzalez, Billingsley, Wandy Rodriguez. My reliever is Kimbrell and i can replace axford with Salas or Cordero off the waiver for Axfords spot. OK trade?

Im leaning towards Salas as the replacement. What are yalls opinions on Salas and Cordero going forward?

Lastly, Bedard and Peavy are on the waiver wire. Gio gonzalez has tanked it the last 4 weeks would you replace him with one of those 2 options?

Thanks guy love the blog and show!

Ugh forgot to add Cueto to my list of Pitchers =)


Yeah, I like that trade, especially with Jurrjens now on the DL. I think Salas has a higher ceiling than Cordero but he also has a little less job security. I’d lean towards Salas but wouldn’t mind picking up both of those guys. I’m very surprised that they’re both available.


What are your thoughts on Lawrie….I have Cano, Phillips, and K. Johnson as 2B on my team…….you think Lawrie will provide better production ROS than Johnson?


Yeah, I’ve pretty much lost my patience with Johnson. He’ll hit some homers but he’ll also kill your AVG so it’s just not worth it. I usually don’t like to play recent callups over established guys but Lawrie has been so impressive right out of the gate that I would start him over K-Jo.


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