Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 9


Haren @ Burnett

Floyd @ Reyes – Floyd can handle mid-tier offenses

Fister @ Masterson

Harden @ Cecil – TOR isn’t SEA so I don’t trust Harden that much yet

Francis @ Shields

Pineda @ Ogando

Bedard @ Liriano – Liriano a major disappointment this year

Beachy @ Hensley

Rogers @ Willis

LeBlanc @ Capuano – love Cappy at home vs. a weak offense

Detwiler @ Lopez

Marcum @ Jackson

Lyles @ Marquis – Lyles has deserved better than 1-6, but don’t chase wins!

Lee @ Lilly

McDonald @ Bumgarner


When do you think Brandon Phillips will come back since he was injured i picked up Jason Kipnis but i will drop Kipnis when Brandon comes back ?


Phillips is listed as day-to-day so I don’t think he’ll be out for much longer…maybe 1-2 games tops.


Hi guys, got a trade question CBSsportsline league H2H, 10 TEAM, weekly scoring

I traded J Jurrjens and J Axford for Cliff Lee. Im trying to strengthen my pitching for the playoffs my P staff is now Kershaw, Lee, Marcum, Shields, Cueto,G Gonzalez, Billingsley, Wandy Rodriguez. My reliever is Kimbrell and i can replace axford with Salas or Cordero off the waiver for Axfords spot. OK trade?

Im leaning towards Salas as the replacement. What are yalls opinions on Salas and Cordero going forward?

Lastly, Bedard and Peavy are on the waiver wire. Gio gonzalez has tanked it the last 4 weeks would you replace Gio, Bills, or Wandy with one of those 2 options?

Thanks guy love the blog and show!

Posted this on sat – monday blog entry but didnt know if yall were done answering questions on that entry with the new entry here being posted so Im sorry if its a double post.

Thanks again


Just answered this on the previous post.


Would you trade upton and reyes for mauer pence cain and oswalt?


Assuming it’s Justin Upton, NO. Upton for Pence and Cain is something I might begin to consider. But no way would I do Reyes for Mauer and Oswalt, even with Reyes now banged up again.


What about reyes lind martin karstens and baker for mauer pence oswalt beuhrle and danks? This guy keeps countering.

Which of these SS is the best pickup:
Alexei Ramirez, Jeter, aybar, Bonifacio?
Also, is Kubel, Ryan Roberts, or Bonifacio worth dropping Guerrero for?
Thanks as always, jay

sorry i messed up on the second one i mixed up my two leagues. ok drop guerrero for ryan Roberts, Polanco, Matsui, or Encarnacion?


I’d go with Jeter. He’s 9-for-26 (.346 AVG) so far in August and is coming off a .292 month of July, so there’s reason for optimism. And of course he’ll get plenty of opportunities to score runs hitting in the Yankees’ lineup.


And yes, I’d drop Vlad for Roberts.


Would you take choo over any of these three: Kemp, Bruce, or Rasmus?


For the rest of this season, No. I’ll need to see that Choo is 100 percent healthy and then I’ll need to see that he’s taking steps towards waking up from his season-long funk.


Hello Fantasy 411,
I just offered Morrison (1$), Rickie Weeks (14$), and $7 draft dollars next year for Lincecum ($27). It is a keeper league but I’m not really concerned about next year, good deal?

I figure weeks will be out till late august, early september (maybe longer), and i just made a deal for chase utley.


Sure! You know what we say, flags fly forever…


My trade offer was countered with this:
Daniel Bard, Tommy Hanson FOR Mitch Moreland. Madison Bumgarner
Stephen Strasburg

This is a 14 man dynasty league. I am in 5th place and have lost 2 weeks in a row. Our SP stats include holds. Since Strass is on the DL, I have to drop someone should I trade him. My 1b is Pujols and my OF’s are Boesh, Kemp, Bruce, Markakis & Quinton. My pitching is Holland, Cueto, Neimann, Baker and Shields.Nunez & Santos for saves; Adams and D. Hernandez for holds. (Bum G and Strass on the DL of course) . We have 2 Util spots for bats. My other weakness is 3b where I have Moustakis only. Is there a strong edge to this trade and should I consider looking for a good 3B or should I just stand pat and see if Strass can help me in the playoffs? Help me Obi Zach Kenobi, your my only other voice on my shoulder🙂

P.S. Hanson’s shoulder issues give me pause for concern. I am playing to win.


It’s a fair value deal but I’d lean towards passing. As great as Strasburg’s potential is, Hanson’s more of a known commodity, and I wouldn’t be overly concerned with his health going forward. Plus, Bard carries plenty of value in a dynasty league. Not only is he currently giving you holds to go along with the excellent ratio numbers, but chances are he’ll close next year.


Zach I was the one giving away Strasburg but you say pass. I am confused because you and I agree on Bard being great w holds and Hanson being a more known commodity. I think you thought I was getting Strass. Therefore, you might say do it?? lol

Hey Zach, any chance on an update report on particularly Cory’s big sleepers on the 411? By that im talking about Liriano, Stubbs, Bruce, and EE. Now Bruce has done well, but the others haven’t done nearly what we’d been expecting listening to the hype on the show. This isn’t a rant by any means as it’s all a matter of predictions, but could they at least go into why they haven’t broken out like we expected (always like the additional stats Cory provides), and whether theres a chance they could at least finish strong? A lot of us had invested in a number of those guys because of the 411’s advice so it’s been pretty frustrating for us (like Cory and Mike im sure) so see them struggle so much! Thanks.


The second round of playoffs has started and one of the teams eliminated droped a majority of their players to waivers. This is a 12 team mix leagueTwo keeper, and wanted to know if this is common practice and is it fair?

With that said I am not the commish, and don’t want to lose to a team with recent pick ups I passed on. The following players dropped are listed first and my current team is after that. Should I make any changes, or stay with my current line up that has taken me to the second round with next week being the finals. I am thinking Swish may be for Joyce but after that it gets tough to say..

dropped Chris Iannetta, Col to W
dropped Edwin Encarnacion, Tor to W
dropped Sean Rodriguez, TB to W
dropped Erick Aybar, LAA to W
dropped Jesus Guzman, SD to W
dropped Brennan Boesch, Det to W
dropped Torii Hunter, LAA to W
dropped Alex Gonzalez, Atl to W
dropped Nick Swisher, NYY to W
dropped Freddy Garcia, NYY to W
dropped Josh Tomlin, Cle to W
dropped Bronson Arroyo, Cin to W
dropped Jon Rauch, Tor to W
dropped Antonio Bastardo, Phi to W
dropped Alfonso Soriano, ChC to W
dropped Jorge Posada, NYY to W
dropped Rafael Furcal, StL to W

My current Team:
C Mike Napoli, Tex C, 1B, DH
1B Eric Hosmer, KC 1B
2B Ben Zobrist, TB 2B, OF
3B Ty Wigginton, Col 3B, 1B, 2B, OF
SS Troy Tulowitzki, Col SS
2B/SS Derek Jeter, NYY SS
1B/3B Gaby Sanchez, Fla 1B
OF Justin Upton, Ari OF
OF Michael Bourn, Atl OF
OF Jason Kubel, Min OF, DH
UTIL Brett Lawrie, Tor 2B
UTIL Brett Gardner, NYY OF
Bench Matt Joyce, TB OF
Bench David Freese, StL 3B DTD
Bench Corey Hart, Mil OF DTD
DL Rickie Weeks*, Mil 2B DL15
DL Jed Lowrie, Bos SS, 2B, 3B

P Madison Bumgarner, SF SP PP
P Daniel Hudson, Ari SP
SP Felix Hernandez, Sea SP
SP Cliff Lee, Phi SP PP
SP Chris Carpenter, StL SP
SP Hiroki Kuroda, LAD SP
RP John Axford, Mil RP
RP Andrew Bailey, Oak RP
RP Sergio Santos, CWS RP


No, it’s not common practice and your commish really shouldn’t allow it. I’d complain about this. It’s completely unfair, especially since you didn’t know that this guy was going to do this, so it’s not like you could’ve made it a point to maintain a high waiver priority.


Hey Big Z, considering the idea of trading Jennings in my contract keeper league purely because im in big need of RBIs and am currently right in the thick of it (2nd). Was considering making 2 offers, both for Granderson, they are:
1. R Weeks ($15) (right now) + Jennings ($0) for Granderson
2. A Lind ($6) (could replace him with Gaby) + Jennings for Granderson

Like any of these offers for me? Im targeting Grandy because he will not only help me this year a lot, but in future years at his price. Jennings would be a big loss but I’ve got speed to deal as im 1 off 1st place in steals. I also have Ackley and K-Jo/Giovatella so could survive without Rickie. Thanks


Although 15 bucks seems like a pretty decent price for Weeks, I’m OK with you making that trade. I might consider doing the Lind version but there is a difference between $15 and $6 after all!


I have two questions today
I keep four closers in my bullpen (I know it is a little much, but I have the starting pitching to back it up) Bell, Papelbon, Walden, and Soria. There is also a crazy amount of closer talent on the wire.
Are any of them going to have a better season than my 4?
Fernando Salas (Where like only league that have him), Brandon League, Kevin Gregg, and Javy Guerra.

Brandon Beachy has been rising, is he worth the pick up for Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill, or Anibal Sanchez who have been falling? (A’s pitching is not suppose to stink)

Jon from Texas (who is in first place in all three leagues thanks to you guys, Thank you)


Stand pat with your closers. Your current four are the safest options. And yes, I’d pick up Beachy for Cahill, who has been very inconsistent lately. I also like Beachy’s K upside.


Hey Zach,

Have Bumgarner, Marcum, and Cecil set to go today but am also a little heavy on innings. I like the matchups for Cecil and Bumgarner but should there be any hesitancy with Marcum? STL can have a pretty formidable lineup and he got pretty beat up last time against them. Thoughts?

Thanks as always,


If you’re way over in innings, it’s not a terrible idea to sit Marcum. But all things equal, I’d still give it a shot. Prior to the poor outing vs. STL, he had been on a pretty nice run. And what are the odds he gets hammered by the same team twice in a row? Doesn’t happen too often!


Lawrie or Kipnis the rest of the way?


I’d go Lawrie…higher upside across the board.


Hey Zach,

I have both Ogando and Pineda starting against each other tonight. Start’em both, bench one, or have them both sit? I kind of like starting Ogando and benching Pineda. Thoughts?

Rich D.


I always like pitching both pitchers when I have two guys going against each other as there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get a win. Pineda @TEX is a bit scary but unless you’re projected to go well over the innings limit I’d start him. At least you’ll get the K’s.


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