Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 10


TBD (LAA) @ Nova

Humber @ Hunter – good bounce-back chance for Humber

Porcello @ Jimenez

Gonzalez @ Mills – tough matchup for slumping Gio

Paulino @ W. Davis

Vargas @ Holland

Lester @ Blackburn

Worley @ Billingsley – Billingsley hasn’t been great, but good matchup

Karstens @ J. Sanchez

T. Hudson @ An. Sanchez – Anibal slumping

Millwood @ Leake

Harang @ Dickey

Detwiler @ Lopez

Wolf @ TBD (STL)

Myers @ Collmenter – ugh. Avoiding both.

                                                                                                                                              ***SIANO SAYS:

-Tough to bench Gio but CS is right, definitely don’t cut. Mills a blue plate special but that’s an AL-only play.

-I’m very on the fence with J. Sanchez. He came out of gates fine but then unraveled vs. Phils. Is rust off? If so he can do well vs. Pirates’ awful lineup.

-Dickey a decent play if chasing a win since it’s SD but by no means recommending unless desperate.


Hey Zach,
I recently did a trade. This was the offer I recieved : Gio Gonzo (I get) for T. Hanson (I send)…I was on the fence with this one. So I countered his offer with Gio Gonzo and Matt Latos (I get) for T. Hanson and R. Nolasco (I send)…felt a little better with this one. And to my amaze he accepted it…WOW !!! Was this a good counter offer trade? Who got the better deal out of this? I know that Gio is slumping right now, but so is Hanson (I just read that Hanson could possiblly be heading to the DL). I hope that you approve of this trade cause I feel good about it. Thanks for all you guys down at the 411, I appreciate all the help and your opinions!

Just to let you know that this is a 12 team H2H non-keeper league and playoffs are in 4 weeks. I’m playing to win this year (currently 3rd) of course! I hope that this trade will help me in the coming weeks and then the playoffs.


Yeah, I like the counter proposal a lot more than the original offer. Latos has been very good for awhile now while Nolasco remains somewhat inconsistent. Latos also has the higher K rate. I’m definitely growing more concerned about Hanson’s health going forward for the rest of this season.


Just traded:
Konerko and Morse for
Melky and A Gordon
Keeper league good trade?

Keep Axford b/c he doesn’t blow many saves and Walden does


Don’t like it. I just don’t see what you’re gaining out of this other than some steals from Melky and a moderate upgrade in runs. I think Melky is playing over his head in the HR department and Konerko is without question the best player in this trade. One could even make the argument that Morse is the second best player. You’re also losing a good amount of power here.



Who would you have John Axford or Jordan Walden

also who would you rather have Jason Heyward or Josh Willingham


In a non-keeper league I’ll say Willingham. Heyward has shown us little to suggest that he’ll break out of his season-long slump anytime soon while Willingham is putting up his usual solid power numbers.



It’s close but Axford has been the slightly more reliable pitcher this year, so I’d go with him.



I reviewed the waiver wire and wanted to drop joyce who is in a slump for one of the following, and this would force me to activate Jed Lowrie and drop Brett Lawrie for one of the following:

Garrett Jones,Kyle Blanks,Nick Swisher, Jesus Guzman,

I would settled on Guzman nut would it be worth losing jed and Bret for one player. I want to win and think he is hot so go with him with two weeks left? Am I right?


I’d much rather have Lawrie than Lowrie and if I had to pick one of those outfielders it would be Swisher. So my ideal duo would be Lawrie and Swisher.


Hey Zach am after a bat or some pitching to try and get me over the top this year (am currently 2nd) in my contract keeper league. My question is how do you decide how many points you can make up as result of a trade? I know the method with counting stats (RBIs, HRs, Ks etc) and i’ll try doing that, but what about things like OBP and WHIP? I’ve been offered a deal involving CC ($20) which would give up Jennings ($0), as I need to improve in WHIP and K’s badly, but im not sure how to work out how much I can improve in those categories (and how much id drop in OBP) by getting CC at this stage, is there a way (or at least a rough estimate)? Obviously Jennings would be a very nice keeper, and CC might be just a 1 year rental, but if he can put me over the top this year I’d want to do it. Thanks


I’m no expert on this but what makes sense to me would be to project that CC will pitch roughly 55-60 more innings (25% of 230-240) and just add his current ERA and WHIP numbers over that innings # to your overall team accumulation. It’s not an exact science as it’s probably not accurate to assume that he’ll pitch to the same ERA for the rest of the year, but it’s a start.


Hey Zach am looking to improve in RBIs and OBP and have been offered Hamilton ($24) for Weeks ($15) and a prospect like Mesoraco/Montgomery. Now do you see Hamilton having a big finish, as his numbers have pretty mediocre for him this year? I’ve got too many DLd bats, so really need a bat who I can use right now to try and win this year, even if I don’t keep Hamilton, is this a deal worth doing? I’d be hoping Hambo could go on one of his usual late-season rambages again!


I think it’s a good gamble as Hamilton has the ability to carry your team when hot. And his numbers aren’t terrible…just light on the homers. But that’s something he can make up for rather fast.


In my 12-team h2h dynasty league, someone just dropped Jay Bruce. Which of these players would you drop to pick him up (if any): Rasmus, Trout, Anibal Sanchez, or Pedro Alvarez. My starting OF is solid: Justin Upton, Stanton, McCutchen, and Rasmus and Trout are on my bench. My Util. right now is Votto (Fielder @ 1B) Im thinking drop Sanchez…any thoughts?

Just my two cents but if you are trying to win now, put aside Trout and get Bruce…you give up nothing now and get some very solid help in Bruce now. As for Anibal, it depends on what you have as SP’s.


I’d say Sanchez or Rasmus depending on the state of the rest of your pitching staff. I’d lean towards Sanchez though as hitters are generally more reliable than pitchers from year to year. Both are without question worth dropping for Bruce.



I have been pretty hurt by reyes going out and now need to shuffle some players around to fill in my infield. Looking at CI options would giving Victorino to get Butler be worth it may have to add in someone like Venters as well. Thoughts?



Pass. I’ve stated here many times my distaste for Butler. He just doesn’t hit for enough power at the first base position. Victorino is simply the more valuable player.


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