Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 11


Duffy @ Niemann – Duffy on a nice roll lately
Moscoso @ Mills
Chatwood @ Colon
Buehrle @ Tillman
Verlander @ Carmona
Luebke @ Niese
Chacin @ Cueto – Chacin K rate is way down, bad sign
Zimmermann @ Dempster – enjoy J-Z until they shut him down
Gallardo @ Carpenter
Myers @ Saunders


with scott baker and jose reyes both hurt im thinking of trading them along with karstens dempster and martin for mauer pence oswalt danks and buehrle. its a head to head points league with 6 keepers.


This makes little sense. I understand that Reyes is an injury risk and is currently not giving you anything, but why exactly would you trade him in a 6-player keeper league? Even though guys like Karstens and Dempster carry minimal value, you’re not getting enough value back to warrant trading Reyes. Pence is a solid OF but not an elite one and Mauer and Oswalt carry their own health questions. This looks more like a trade out of frustration.


What are your thoughts on dropping Chris Young from Arizona and picking up either Corey Hart or Jason Bay for the rest of the season? Also your thoughts on picking up Esmil Rogers and Luke Hochevar? Thanks.


Hold onto Young. He’s streaky but carries the most upside. He’ll also contribute across the board when going well. Hochevar is still a matchups guy in my mind until he demonstrates a little more consistency and Rogers needs to show me more before I jump on his bandwagon.


As a follow up for my last question:
Who is better Nova or An. Snachez for the rest of the season?

Jon from Texas (keeping it short for once)


I’ve put your question on the list for today’s show so keep a lookout for that. Nova is really making this choice a tough one but I’d still side with Sanchez. He was so dominant over the first few months of the season that I have a hard time believing that he won’t rebound. Also, as crazy as it sounds, Nova hasn’t even guaranteed himself a permanent spot in the Yankees’ rotation.


Which relief pitcher would you want on your team
– David Robertson
– Joe Smith
– Antonio Bastardo
– Koji Uehara
And which pitcher would you drop
– Edwin Jackson
– Erik Bedard


In a league that does not use holds, I wouldn’t make any move. Bedard and Edwin are still worthy of a roster spot in 12-team leagues and I’m not about to drop them for a middle reliever.


I just dropped A. Sanchez and added Luebke. Good Move?
The “other” Rich

or did I make a big mistake?


Not a big mistake but I would’ve picked up Luebke for someone else. I still feel that Sanchez shouldn’t be dropped but who do I think will have the better rest of the season? Probably Luebke.


Zach, trade deadline is this sunday so i was wondering if any area of my team could use a last minute improvement. i am tied for 4th out of 10 but am only 3.5 games behind the leader. the league is a 10 team h2h category league with the cats being RBI,R,HR,SB,AVG & W,K,SV,WHIP,ERA
C-Mauer 1B-Cabrera 2B-Pedroia SS-Ramirez 3B-Bautista MI-Lawrie CI- E5 OF-Pence OF-Zobrist OF-Bonifacio OF-Jennings OF-Willingham UTIL- Ortiz
SP-Felix SP-Carpenter SP-Marcum SP-Morrow SP-Niemann
SP-Pineda SP-C.Lewis SP-Oswalt RP-Madson RP-Street
RP-Putz DL-Jurrjens
Also available on the wire:
Hitters- Hardy, Crisp, Hosmer, Matsui, Pagan, Kipnis, and Choo(DL)
Pitchers- Beachy, Harrison, Bedard, Holland, Colon, Luebke, Guerra

Please let me know your thoughts. The show and blogs are great, keep up the good work. Ben


A very solid team. CI is one area you might want to upgrade as E5 is such a streaky hitter. The good news is that he’s hot right now so maybe try to package him with someone else for an upgrade. As for the pitchers, I’d drop Niemann for Luebke…higher K rate, easier division and great home park. I also think Guerra is worth a pickup, And that’s the added bonus of an E5 plus an SP for a better CI trade! It’ll open up an additional roster spot for you to carry Guerra as well.


Looking to change up the league for next year away from classic 5×5 categories. Like Holds and OPS but what is the best way to find a stat better than W’s, we cap IP as I don’t want to reward just innings stuffers. What do you all recommend?


A common alternative to wins is quality starts. It’s not a perfect stat as it is rather arbitrary (and who’s to say that a 4.50 ERA is quality), but it is less luck-based than wins.


Hey guys

I trade away Ian Kinsler and get Starlin Castro. Is this a fair trade. My league vetoed the trade because I am in first.


That’s ridiculous. I don’t see any reason why that isn’t a fair trade…none whatsoever.


Hi, Zach (and all),
Kind of a long question here with context. NL-only, 4×4, keeper (up to 12), 25 man active rosters (15+10 pitchers) plus 15 reserve, $280 at the auction. Early on, I sprinted into the lead with an F-U offense, earning 46 of 48 points. However, I settled into second place overall and am there now, about 5 points behind and about 3 points up on 3rd. Just before the All-Star Break, I started to deal some bats for arms. While the pitching project is coming along well, I will probably lose at least two points in each of HR and RBI, including a spot in each to the 3rd place team. The gains in pitching should offset those losses, plus a possible loss of a point or two in SB. However, I don’t think I’ll make it all the way to the top, particularly as one team has told me it’s exploring a deal with a team behind me that could catch me if they make that deal. That owner and I have been exploring a deal, as well, so I appreciate that he gave me the heads-up on the other possibility. If we make a trade, it will scuttle the other one, which should make me safer, at least in 2nd. So, here comes the question. Should I trade CarGo for Victorino, Bartlett and Ibanez or Soriano? In terms of numbers the rest of the way (ROW, as it should be uniformly called on the show, BTW), I’d come out on top, I think, particularly as I have two pretty dead spots that would get filled, along with CarGo’s spot. However, here’s the complication. CarGo is in year 3 of 5 at $12. He and Kimbrel (2nd of 3yrs at $5) are my only great keepers. Victorino is $32 in year 2 of 3, Soriano is $17 in 1st year, Ibanez is $22 in 2nd and Bartlett is $22 in 1st year, so none of them are slam dunk keepers.
So, keeping in mind that flags fly forever, should I mortgage the remaining bit of my future for a good, but not golden chance at that flag?
Thanks so much,
Dave in Delaware


Yes, as long as you’ve got a realistic chance to win it all (and it sounds like you think this trade will definitely help you), go for it. Good keeper possibilities come along every year. Fantasy titles do not!


Thanks, Zach!
Dave in DE

Stanton or Victorino the rest of the way?


As long as you’re not desperate for power, I’d say Victorino. He’s the more consistent hitter and is less prone to extended slumps. Not to mention that he’s batting .341 since the All-Star break!


Just traded away Kyle Lohse and Scott Baker (DL) for Ubaldo Jimenez. Good trade? Will Ubaldo ever return to 2010 status or was he just a one hit wonder? 14 man keeper league…trying to stay in playoff hunt. Thanks


Yes, good move. If Ubaldo even comes close to returning to his 2010 status it’s an absolute steal.


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