Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, August 13-15



Weaver @ Romero

Hellickson @ Hughes – Hughes likely pitching for his rotation spot.

Lewis @ Cahill – Cahill so unpredictable…I’ll sit him for this tough matchup.

Scherzer @ Guthrie

Duensing @ Tomlin – Not a Tomlin fan but great matchup.

Hochevar @ Peavy

Beckett @ King Felix – Nice!

Correia @ Estrada – Could get ugly for Correia.

Lannan @ Oswalt

Wells @ Lowe – I keep wanting to pitch Lowe but he can’t seem to put together a string of strong starts.

Stauffer @ Bailey – Padres’ lineup showing some life lately so Bailey’s risky, but if you’re into taking chances he’s not a bad gamble.

Lincecum @ FLA (TBD)

Hammel @ J. Garcia – Hammel has a 9.00 ERA in five starts since the All-Star break.

Pelfrey @ D. Hudson – I just don’t see the upside in pitching Pelfrey here.

Wandy @ Kershaw


Slowey @ Huff

Shields @ F. Garcia – I keep doubting Garcia and he keeps notching quality starts.

Haren @ Cecil – Cecil’s last four starts: 29 IP  7 ER  22 K

Fister @ Reyes

Francis @ Danks – Danks mediocre over last two starts but he should get back on track here.

Harrison @ Harden – Tough opponent for Harden but at least he’s at home.

Wakefield @ Furbush

LeBlanc @ Willis – Call me crazy…I’m pitching the D-Train!

Vogelsong @ Volstad

Garza @ Beachy

Wang @ Halladay

Morton @ Marcum

Lyles @ Kuroda

Capuano @ Marquis – Capuano too shaky of late to trust in tough matchup.

Rogers @ Jackson – I don’t trust Rogers yet.


Liriano @ Porcello – Porcello coming off disaster outing but I haven’t lost faith.

Burnett @ Paulino – I don’t trust Burnett, and I don’t think I ever will.

Hunter @ Gonzalez – Hunter not a bad gamble in deeper leagues but I’ll be conservative here.

Ogando @ Richards – I’m losing patience with Ogando though.

Alvarez @ Pineda

Bumgarner @ T. Hudson

Westbrook @ McDonald – Risk with McDonald outweighs the reward.

Lopez @ Sosa

Lilly @ Wolf – Lilly looks to be back on track.

Hensley @ Millwood

Dickey @ Harang


Hey Zach,
I have Justin Morneau coming off the DL today. My question is should I drop anyone from my team to keep him or should I just drop him? This is my team:
G. Soto – C
Ryan Howard – 1B
Ryan Roberts – 2B,3B,OF (2B)
E. Longo – 3B
E. Andrus – SS
A. Lind – 1B,OF (OF)
M. Stanton – OF
J. Upton – OF
M. Morse – 1B,OF (UTIL)
C. Maybin – OF (UTIL)
C. Carpenter – SP , M. Garza – SP , S. Marcum – SP , M. Latos – SP , C. Luebke – SP
Gio Gonzo – SP , POD
H. Bell – RP , J. Walden – RP , K-Rod – RP , K. Uehara – RP , F. Salas – RP
DL – Josh Johnson (SP) & Jorge DLR (SP)
Just to let you know that in my league HOLDS is a catagory.
I’m also wondering if Morneau is going to produce (I know that he was hitting well during his rehab assignment). Do you think that he will carry that production into the majors and reat of the season? Sorry for the very long question.
Thanks, Gregg

I went ahead a dropped Morneau after he went 0-4 on friday night. I hope that I made the right decision…because right now my batters will probably do just fine without him. I would still like to have your opinion on the dilemma that I had.
Thanks, Gregg


Yup, that’s what I would’ve done. Morneau has shown us virtually nothing this year to deserve our confidence.


Zach, Madison Bumgarner has had great games and not so great ones but he is only 21 so the fact that he is holding his own, striking out 10 in a game is a great sign. I was wondering how even a trade would be between him and Tommy Hanson. Tommy gets the edge right now. Would this trade be doable or is Tommy H just way more valuable, even with the shoulder issue? Thanks tons and have a great weekend. Would a more even trade be for BumG for D. Bard in a league w holds/saves. Keeper.


Well, Hanson’s DL trip certainly changes things for this year but going forward in a keeper league I’d still rather have Hanson due to the upside factor. On the other hand, trading Bard for Bumgarner is something I’d do, even in a holds league.


I dropped Paul Maholm and picked up Doug Fister….. good move?


Definitely. Maholm has been very shaky of late and he was clearly pitching over his head for the first few months of the season. Fister has been solid all year and his move to the Tigers should help him in the wins department.


Is Livan Hernandez a big risk to pickup i would drop Jason Kipnis when Brandon Phillips becomes and everyday player again


I just don’t trust him in a mixed league. I’d have to think that there are better waiver wire options in your league than Livan.


(I am not saying I am going to do this but)
Is it a wise strategy, if ERA and/or WHIP are high, dropping starting pitchers for RPs that pitch one scoreless, hitless ending every other game?

jon from Texas (This is a question I have though about, but never done)


If you really break down the standings and determine that you can gain more ground in the ratio categories than in wins and strikeouts, that’s fine with me, depending of course on the starting pitcher you’d be dropping.


Who do u like to pitch on Tuesday. Dempster vs Astros, Niese vs Padres or Leake vs Nationals?Should i pitch any of them


I like all of those matchups and, depending on your innings limit situation, would lean towards pitching all three. But my top two would be Dempster and Leake.


Niemann has been amazing since returning from the dl.Should i pitch him against Boston at Boston.He did have an amazing outing last time he faced them.


It’s tempting and Cory is going to say pitch, but personally, I think it’s too risky. I tend to be more conservative at this time of year as there’s less time to rebound from disaster starts.



I made is to the finals and took you advice keeping Brett Lawrie, and driopping Jed Lowrie. Also picking up Swisher for Matt Joyce. Of course NY and TB were rained out. Going forward I am worried about Swishers performance … it seems he is pressing. I have Jetter and Gartner alreaday on my team and thought I should switch one of them for a diffrent player so the PPD is’nt a factor. Also I was thinking of dropping Gaby Sanchez who is also struggling for my final week to pick up one of the hotter hitters. Should I stand pat or move any of the above mentioned for one of the following are stand pat?

Ruben Tejada,Jose Altuve,Mark Ellis,Willie Bloomquist, Rafael Furcal, Mike Carp,Edwin Encarnacion,


Swisher’s .244 AVG in August is sub-par, but he does have two homers and 11 RBIs in 12 games this month. I’d stick with him and wouldn’t worry too much about rained out games. That’s something you just can’t control.

As for Gaby, his .181 post-All-Star break AVG is flat-out ugly BUT come playoff time I’m not one to jump ship on a guy I’ve stuck with all year. If I were to replace him I’d probably pick up E5, but I think I’d hold onto Gaby.


I currently have Walden as one of my relief pitchers. Should I keep him or pick up Nunez or Marmol for the rest of the season? (My other pitcher is Mariano Rivera and I’m definitely keeping him). Thanks.


I wouldn’t drop Walden but I have no idea why Nunez and Marmol are available in this league. I’d pick up both if I could while hanging onto Walden.


pick up carp for kendrick
and pick up lawrie for willingham or gardner
picked up league for nathan ealier thought it was a steal


I’m OK with Carp for Kendrick so long as you’ve got second base covered and would pick up Lawrie for Willingham. Gardner’s steals and runs potential are just too valuable to drop.


Delmon Young just got traded to Detroit. Help or hurt his value?


Well, Young’s season can’t get much worse! I think that any change of scenery will help him at this point. And it doesn’t hurt that the Tigers clearly have a better lineup than the Twins.


If Ogando has a bad outing today, I think I’ll drop him. Good Move? Which of these SP would you add. Holland, Freddy Garcia, Buehrle, Minor, Cecil, or Wolf.

The “other” Rich


I’m not a big Ogando fan but I’d give him some more time than just one more start. Prior to his last outing, he was actually pitching pretty well. I’d probably give him two more starts but wouldn’t play him in particularly difficult matchups. Buehrle might be worth adding anyway though. He’s been very good for pretty much the whole year.


I have have been juggling catchers for the intire year and I am tire of it. In a 20 team league who is the best choice for the rest of the season?
Saltalamacchia (The best name in best baseball, my current catcher, and just found out his last name means “jump over a kind of tall shrub” haha)
Posada (will pick up if have to, but he is a headache)
Iannetta (The guy I drafted, dropped, picked up, and dropped again)
Ramon Hernandez

Jon form Texas (Who is glad he held on to Dan Uggla)


Playing time will be a major issue for Posada going forward so I definitely wouldn’t go with him. Iannetta has the highest power upside of that bunch but his AVG is terrible. I think the safest pick is Hernandez as he won’t really hurt you in any one category.


With Choo being back, who should I drop in both of my leagues to take him off?

League 1 (Choose 2)

-Paul Konerko
-Chase Utley
-Mark Reynolds
-J.J Hardy
-Jay Bruce
-Mike Stanton
-Chris Young
-Hunter Pence
-Desmond Jennings
-Ian Desmond
-Kelly Johnson
-Rickie Weeks-
-Brian McCann (Off DL, replaced Choo’s slot for the time being)

League 2 (Choose 1)

-A.J Pierzynski
-Prince Fielder
-Howie Kendrick
-Evan Longoria
-Alexi Ramirez
-Brennan Boesch
-Jay Bruce
-Michael Bourn
-Matt Joyce
-Jonathan Lucroy
-Torii Hunter
-Placido Polanco
-Martin Prado
-Pablo Sandoval
-Adam Lind

Sorry for the long question. Always appreciated.


My choices to drop would be:

League 1: Johnson and Desmond
League 2: Pierzynski


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