Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 16

It’s bad enough when your fantasy team is floundering due to under-performing players. It’s even worse when it’s due to injuries. But worst of all is when it’s due to other factors, more specifically off-field conduct. Whereas you can make a conscious effort to avoid “injury-prone” guys (an approach that doesn’t always work anyway), you have absolutely no control over the bonehead decisions of your players. Yeah, I own both Carlos Zambrano and Logan Morrison in one of my leagues. And to make things even more depressing, it’s an NL-only league.

Here’s Pitch or Ditch for tomorrow.




Shields @ Lester  (Gm 1)

Niemann @ Bedard  (Gm 2)

Blackburn @ Verlander

Jimenez @ Floyd – Floyd is inconsistent but CLE isn’t that scary

Nova @ Duffy

Matusz @ Moscoso

Holland @ Chatwood – erratic Holland better on the road

Mills @ Vargas – Vargas is tempting

Collmenter @ Halladay

Leake @ Wang

Carpenter @ Karstens – hard to go against Karstens at this point

J. Sanchez @ Delgado

Dempster @ Myers

Billingsley @ Gallardo – Billingsley is ice-cold and MIL rakes at home

An. Sanchez @ Chacin – coin-toss on Chacin, call it in the air

Niese @ Luebke

***SIANO SAYS “Agreed. Would love to ditch Bedard and pitch J. Sanchez but right now you need to see more or less.”


Hey Zack,can i trust Nova tomorrow without hurting my era and whip.I know cory says pitch but i really cant afford a disaster outing this late in the season.I’m one point away from first so a setback in era and whip which is really close in my league can end my season real quick.


I’m pitching Nova but ultimately this decision should be based on your particular situation. If a blowup can hurt you more than a strong outing can help you, sitting him makes sense as it’s not exactly a no-brainer decision. I’m perfectly fine with you using a defensive strategy as the season winds down as there’s less time to make up ground in the ratio categories.


hey guys, im in a 16tm keepers league in 4th place with a chance for 3rd. is it worth picking up LoMo, is he going to get called back up in sept.? thx


Depends on how many keepers you’re allowed but if you’ve got the roster space and the league is, for example, a 10-player keeper league with dollar/round values, I’d definitely consider picking him up. Honestly, I wouldn’t bank on a September callup as it sounds like the Marlins organization is very angry with him. But he might get traded in the offseason and a fresh start would certainly help.


Just picked up dempster for tomorrow but Im looking at his career against the astros and his record doesnt look too good against them.
Carlos lee= 14/39 .359 2hrs 7rbis
Chris Johnson=4/8 .500 1hr 2rbis
Quintero= 3/16=.188 1hr 3rbis
Overall he is .286avg against the players in the astros lineup


Personally, I don’t like to overthink starting pitching decisions as you can really go crazy, so I’d keep it simple. Dempster is on a roll and the Astros’ lineup is well below average. Pitch.


who has a better matchup Homer Bailey vs. Pirates or Tim Wakefield vs Royals


I’d go with Bailey. I just don’t trust Wakefield and the Royals offense, though not great, is no longer a laughingstock. They can hit!


411 crew,
13 team roto 6xkeeper mixed, 7 vanilla.
slowly creeping up on the leader, but cant run my minus pitch count down. want to drop a closer and wondering if u agree with my order of importance. Trade deadline gone so this will simply be a drop situation. Wilson, Bell, Soria, League and Guerra. Need to make a decision and kinda think it is a no brainer. Also, any word on Jose Reyes, off DL today but not ready yet? How much longer, and how good will his hammy be, may win or lose my league on his legs!

Cheers fellas,


I’ve been impressed with Guerra, but yes, I agree with that order due mostly to track record. As for Reyes, the latest news is that he’s making progress but isn’t expected to be activated from the DL when eligible next week. If I had to guess, I’d say he comes back by September 1 but expect the Mets to be very careful with him. Honestly, I wouldn’t assume anything.


Hi Hey I have both Gio and Pinieda, both have been pretty worthless the past month or so…..you think I should drop one for Luebke or Worley? I just wonder if one or both of them will hurt me come playoff time


I definitely wouldn’t drop Gio or Pineda but Luebke and Worley, Luebke in particular, are certainly worth owning. It seems like there’s a ton of pitching depth on the wire in this league so playing the matchups will be your best bet.


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