Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 17


Price @ Lackey

Simon @ McCarthy – McCarthy a risk after TEX rout and knee injury

Pavano @ Penny – ew

Carmona @ Buehrle

Colon @ Chen

Wilson @ Big Erv

Morrow @ Beavan – willing to gamble on Beavan at home

Coleman @ Norris

Gee @ Latos – Gee has been awful for awhile now

Saunders @ Lee

Cueto @ Detwiler

Lohse @ Maholm

Cain @ Jurrjens – good return start for Jair

Eovaldi @ Greinke

Nolasco @ Cook – Nolasco too volatile to risk in Coors

                                                                                                                                              ***SIANO SAYS “Once again I agree on all. Beavan an interesting play but good situation whereas Nolasco’s start has disaster written all over it. He has Rockies, Reds and Phillies next three starts.”


Ivan nova or Mike Leake or Ryan Dempster for rest of year

And Dustin Ackley or Brett Lawrie


I’ll say Dempster. He plays in a much more favorable division than Nova and carries more strikeout upside than either Nova or Leake. While it’s true that he’s been erratic this year, he’s on a nice roll now with quality starts in each of his last five outings.


Get rid of Porcello?? What do you think?


Yeah, I think it’s safe to label Porcello waiver wire material at this point.


who would you start at this point..ian desmond or j.j. hardy who has been hitless in the past few games?

start hardy, no doubter!!


Hardy. And it’s not even remotely close.


Considering holds only, who has been better ON AVERAGE Motte or Bard? Which is the better value for draft position? I’d say Motte.


It’s a real toss-up. Bard and Motte have virtually identical stats. Although I trust Bard a bit more and think that he’ll get more holds opportunities down the stretch, Motte’s value relative to his 2011 draft position is definitely greater than Bard’s.


My second question is based upon the first. I have a terrible catcher in Kurt Suzuki so for my dynasty league I picked up Devin Mesoraco. Now I find Motte sitting in FA and I am thinking he might give me that extra hold I need to win that category. We have 14 managers so finding a Catcher is very tough. Would you hold on the catcher if you had Coke (who has been awesome) D Hernandez, Nunez, Adams and Santos or release him for Motte? Also what is the upside of Mesoraco anyway? Thanksx2


I’d hold onto Mesoraco. You have plenty of holds guys already and, in a dynasty league, even one that uses holds, middle relievers are a lot easier to find on the waiver wire than a top prospect at a thin position.


Thanks Zach I plan on holding Mesoraco for sure now. Have a great week at under 100 degree temps (unlike OKC).

No problem. We already had our 100 degree weather here and a week of it was enough for me!


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