Updated PoD Category Chart (8/16)

Hey everyone,

It’s that time again. Time to post an updated Pitch or Ditch category chart!

PoD chart 8-16-11

A reminder as to how it works:

In an effort to help you make those all important Pitch or Ditch decisions, the 411 tribunal of Mike, Cory and I have divided all the starting pitchers in the Majors into five groups: Aces, Pitch or Ditch Graduates, Pitch or Ditch guys, DTMs and Indifferents.

Here’s a list of the notable changes that we’ve made since the last version of the chart posted in late-July:


Danks PoD to grad

Peavy PoD to grad

Niemann PoD to grad

Furbush indifferent to PoD


Billingsley grad to PoD

Vargas grad to PoD

Harang grad to PoD

J. Sanchez grad to PoD

Lohse grad to PoD

Francis PoD to indifferent

Blackburn PoD to indifferent


Let us know what you think.



Always love Pitch or Ditch, no one prepares me for daily matchups better! Completely agree with the changes.

Cueto has been pretty great. Thought he may get an upgrade….

If Ian Kennedy get a W over the Phillies, I think it’s finally time to upgrade him to an ACE!

Just out of curiosity, how would the new grads like Peavy and Danks compare to the grads that I have on my roster? Can you rank them from best to worst?

Carpenter, Bumgarner, Wilson, Luebke, Kuroda, Fister*

*Not on my roster


I still trust Carpenter, Bumgarner, Wilson, Luebke and Kuroda (Fister borderline) more than Peavy or Danks.


Good to know that my guys are better than the available FAs. Thanks

Well next week is the first round of playoffs. I have to fill 4 spots (3OF + U) with these possibilities, whats your suggestion?

Car-go (obvious spot)


My three besides Car-Go would be Lind, Maybin and Bonifacio with Boesch a close 4th. Markakis does a bunch of things well but nothing exceptional and Frenchy is just too streaky for my taste.


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