Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 18


Beckett @ Hochevar
Masterson @ Humber – one is fading, one is not. Act accordingly.
Sabathia @ Duensing
Lewis @ Weaver – Lewis is on fire.
Romero @ Cahill – Cahill a worthy gamble at home.
Kershaw @ Estrada
Kennedy @ Worley
Arroyo @ Zimmermann
Lincecum @ Minor – SF worst offense in MLB since All-Star.
Vazquez @ Stauffer – hang with ’em on Stauffer at home.


hey zach, i have aj pierzynski and him going on the dl might just kill me down the stretch. two of the better catchers available are tyler flowers(his replacement) and nick hundley(whos been hot) ruiz and kurt suzuki. obviously u can see not many options as this is a very deep 16 tm keeper league. i was thinking go with flowers cuz it looks like he has been hitting the last couple gms and he is going to get most of the starts for cws. thx


Yeah, I’d ride Flowers’ hot bat for now and see where it takes you. Those other guys aren’t all that appealing so maybe you can catch lightning in a bottle with Flowers.


Should I be concerned with Joakim Soria? I have Perez (CLE) & Kimbrel as my other closers, but with playoffs coming up, should I drop Soria? If so, My options are:
Salas, Santos, Putz, Farnsworth, Walden, League, Feliz & Madson closer-wise & Venters is available as well.


What is this, a 6-team league:-)? Normally, I’d say to hold onto Soria as he has a proven track record (although I am concerned about him right now), but with so many good closers on the waiver wire, sure, go ahead and drop him. Honestly, I’d have a very hard time deciding who to pick up as I’ve never heard of a league where all of those closers are available, but I’ll take a shot at it and say that Putz, Farnsworth and Walden would be my top 3.


Funny part, it’s a ten-team league, and at one point Jonathan Papelbon was available.

Wow. Definitely challenge yourself more next year! With a season of the 411 under your belt, a 12-teamer should be no problem.


Danny Espinosa is on the waiver wire….. I have playoffs coming up…. should I pick him up??


Since there’s no context to go along with this question, there’s really no way to answer it!



In the playoffs (12 team 2 keeper league) till this sunday and I see Kubel is DTD..Do you know if he will be back before the end of this week or should I drop him for another player like Edwin Encarnacion, which I have learned from this post is E5. I only know Kubels issue is family related and I hope all is well with him.



All I know is that Kubel will be out for tonight’s game. Beyond that it’s unclear. But I think E5 is worth a pickup regardless, and while I’d try to drop someone else for Edwin (as I’m a big Kubel fan), if you have to drop Kubel I’m OK with it as your season is on the line.


Thank you for putting my Beckham, Weeks, Altuve question on air.

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