Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 19


Tomlin @ Scherzer

King Felix @ Davis

Miller @ Francis

Hughes @ Slowey – good matchup for surging Hughes

Harrison @ Peavy

Reyes @ Haren

Cecil @ Harden – don’t know what to make of Harden now so I’ll pass

J. Garcia @ Wells

Bailey @ Correia – Bailey owns the Pirates

Oswalt @ Livan

Marcum @ Pelfrey

D. Hudson @ Lowe

Vogelsong @ Wandy

Kuroda @ Hammel

Volstad @ LeBlanc


ROTW J.J Hardy or Starlin Castro


Hardy and Castro are very close in value but they are two very different players, so it depends on what you need more: AVG, Runs and SBs or power. But if I had to pick one I’d say Hardy. You’re not going to find many shortstops with 30 HR power.


are you suprised that Bronson Arroyo is owned in a 12 team league but Jeff Karstens isnt


Not really, since Arroyo is the bigger name. But would I rather have Arroyo than Karstens? Absolutely not!


is lincecum a good choice for the rest of the season? in my leauge we get penalized for losess though so…


Ah, yeah. I think it’s safe to say that a guy who has won two Cy Young awards is a good choice. I know you’re in a league that penalizes for losses, but I wouldn’t care about that stat. It’s very unpredictable and it’s only one category.


would you drop Gaby Sanchez for one of the following
– Todd Helton
– Casey Cotchman
– Mike Carp
– Jesus Guzman
and which one would you pick up


Nah, I’d stick with Gaby based on a combination of track record and upside. I still have faith in him.


One more trade evaluation in my AL-only keeper… this one I’m looking for a validation to the fairness as it involves the Commissioner (myself) and deputy commissioner who are the only ones with approval power. Trades between us are upheld unless contested by majority of the remaining owners:
1st place trades:
– Revere (Round 15 next year)
– Holland (15)
Team playing for next year trades:
– Feliz (9)
– Crawford (Not keepable)
I figure it’s relatively balanced anyways, and while I may be getting the best player (Feliz) I’m giving up two low round keepers for next year.
Please fairly review this deal and let me know if it’s unbalanced.

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac,

Is this trade veto worthy? No. But would I much rather have your side? Yes. I’m not sold on Revere and while Holland looks like a strong keeper at that price, Feliz is without question the best keeper in the deal as a 9th rounder in an AL-only league.


411 Crew,
13 team mixed roto, 6 keeper vanilla.
About to get Arod back (finally) and having to choose between E537DH (encarnacion), of Mike Carp, ROTW. Take to the “veteran” and proven power source, or the young fella on a hitting streak? Need to keep rolling over the hits and steal categories.


I’d go with E5. I think he’ll prove to be the better run producer over the final month and a half of this season, and no way is Carp a top-78 player next year.


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