Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, August 20-22

R.A. Dickey



Huff @ Fister

Burnett @ Liriano – I wouldn’t pitch Burnett against anyone. Period.

Wakefield @ Paulino – Wakefield not a bad gamble vs. KC but now is the time for conservatism.

Furbush @ Hellickson

Ogando @ Danks – Losing patience with Ogando but CWS lineup not too scary. I’ll be bold and take a chance on Danks.

Hunter @ Pineiro – Nice matchup for Hunter.

Alvarez @ Gonzalez

Willis @ Morton – D-Train let me down last time out so I’ll pass. Morton solid of late but this matchup scares me.

Lilly @ Rogers – Can’t sit Lilly right now despite rough matchup.

Wolf @ Capuano – Capuano a bit risky though as he’s been mediocre lately.

Jackson @ Garza – Jackson’s move to STL hasn’t gone as well as expected but I’ll pitch him.

Kendrick @ Lannan

Bumgarner @ Lyles – Ditch Lyles even against Giants. 7 ER allowed in each of his last 2 starts.

Miley @ Beachy

Hensley @ Harang – Hensley intriguing if you’re feeling lucky, but more of an NL-only play.


Jimenez @ Porcello – Porcello not instilling a whole lot of confidence in me these days.

Pineda @ Shields – Sitting Pineda here is understandable but I haven’t jumped ship yet.

Lester @ Duffy

Nova @ Blackburn – Nova should rebound here.

Holland @ Floyd – Holland so unpredictable but six of his last eight starts have been strong. Floyd not trustworthy at this point.

Matusz @ TBD (LAA)

Perez @ Moscoso – Playing it safe and sitting Moscoso.

Gallardo @ Dickey – Dickey has earned the nod but if you’re running out of innings don’t waste them on this start.

Collmenter @ T. Hudson – Collmenter’s last two starts encouraging but the wheels could fall off again at any moment.

Leake @ McDonald – Great matchup for Leake…not the case for McDonald.

Halladay @ Wang – Remember when this was a battle between two AL East aces?

J. Sanchez @ Sosa – Sanchez questionable for this start.

Billingsley @ Millwood – This could get ugly for Billingsley.

An. Sanchez @ Luebke – Anibal surprisingly effective @COL. Now he gets rewarded.

Westbrook @ Lopez


Vargas @ Carmona – Fausto a PoD special!

Verlander @ Niemann

Bedard @ Wilson – Bedard not great since trade to BOS. I’m ditching him here in tough matchup.

Britton @ Pavano

Narveson @ Karstens  (Gm 1)

Greinke @ Lincoln  (Gm 2)

Saunders @ Detwiler – Saundo cannot be trusted in mixed leagues.

Gee @ Lee

Jurrjens @ Dempster

Eovaldi @ Carpenter

Myers @ Chacin – Disaster alert for HR prone Myers.


Hi guys,
end of the season Q, Y! 12 tm, non keeper, mixed: looks like Hosmer is fading, is Goldschmidt a good replacement? Hafner? Duda, Need AVG and pop.

Thx, Danny from Germany


I’d stick with Hosmer for now. Hafner is somewhat appealing but he’s struggled since the All-Star break and is always an injury risk. Goldschmidt brings the power but is an AVG liability thanks in large part to his insanely high strikeout rate. And despite showing some pop, Duda’s power upside is the most limited of that group.


Due to Humber getting hit I have need a pitcher to replace him and it is tight in starting pitching in my league. Lohse, Collmenter, Aceves (I know he isn’t one but it seems like Red Sox pitchers go down by the week), Leake, Crow, McCarthy, Bud Norris, Harden, or Fister. =/
ERA and WHIP would be the “need”

Jon from Texas (Thank you Josh Johnson for being hurt)


Normally, I’d go with Norris and his high strikeout rate but since you need ERA and WHIP more than strikeouts, I’ll say Fister. He’s been the most consistent in those two departments since the start of the season and Norris’ 1.33 WHIP is OK but not that good. Leake would be a close third. Harden is also tempting but I just don’t trust him over the long haul.



Recently I lost the lead in my league and i am now 3 points down sitting in 2nd. its basically between me and the guy that passed me as the 3rd place team is 14 points back of me. i was wondering if you could maybe look at the two teams and tell me what you think of the two.

His team
C-Mauer, 1B-Votto, 2B-M.Young, 3B-J.Lowrie, SS-E.Bonifacio, IF-A.Gonzalez, OF-Gardner OF-Maybin OF-Bruce UT-Hunter B-Heyward DL-Beltre DL-Reyes
SP-Greinke,Kershaw,Sherzer,Shields,Jurjjens RP-Santos,Putz,League,Clippard

My team
C-Martin, 1B-Pujols, 2B-K.Johnson 3B-Panda SS-Tulo IF-Kendrick OF-McCutchen
OF-B. Upton OF-Ichiro UT- Swisher B-Gaby B-Rasmus DL-Arod
SP-Weaver,Marcum,Garza,Morrow,Kuroda,Cahill RP-Kimbrel,Guerra,Krod

I think that his pitching is superior to mine but I also think my offense may be just a tad better. Im not sure which team i think will be better the rest of the way. what do you think?



I totally agree with your assessment. I’d rather have his pitching as his rotation is very strong 1-5. But I definitely prefer your hitting. That said, a lot of this depends on when Reyes and Beltre will return and whether or not they’ll pick up where they left off. If that happens, I’d give his squad a slight edge.


13 team roto mixed, 6xkeeper, vanilla.
Fighting the good fight for 1st ,BUT, thinking to drop my boy Ackley. Getting little production from my MI,SS,2ND= Ackley, Betancourt, Altuve with Reyes still on DL. I know PT is king but FA list has-Eric Young, Robert Andino, Edwardo Nunez who are getting less AB’s, but more production in numbers. Equal 1st in steals and trying to get a fwe more and pray for the retun of Reyes to steady my MI. Cut Ackley for one of the other 3?
Also, Wilson DL stop, just a blip on the radar, or something more?

Cheers again for all your help mate,


I’d stick with Ackley. At least you know he’ll give you a solid AVG, and I’m not all that excited about any of those other guys. Keep in mind that with A-Rod back, Nunez now returns to a reserve role.

As for Wilson, honestly, I’m a little concerned as this is the same elbow that was operated on back in 2003 when he underwent Tommy John surgery. But the Giants insist that the DL move was precautionary and reports are that it’s just inflammation, so that’s certainly encouraging news. I own The Beard in an NL-only keeper league, so I’m crossing my fingers!


hey well I have home field wrapped up for the playoffs….wondering if I should stay put or would you make any moves….I have Bonifacio at SS with Reyes on DL…..Bloomquist is available? Also Bourjos and Venable are FA’s and my OF consists of Stubbs, A Jones, Rasmus, Jennings, Crisp and Rios…..My MI is Phillips and Cano and have Lawrie on the bench…..and lastly B wilson on the DL, I have Axford and Walden do you think I should drop anyone on my team for Affeldt or you think wilson will return….I have 2 weeks til the playoffs so could stay put as these 2 weeks is meaningless to my team as far as playoff seedings……hope this makes sense….thx


The one move I’d make is to pick up Bourjos for Rios, particularly if you could use some more steals. Also, there’s absolutely no downside in adding Affeldt to cover yourself. I’m sure there’s someone on your bench who’s expendable.


Addendum: would you drop Chapman for Affeldt…….I have Venters and D hernandez for Holds currently


Yep, I’d do that since the only way Chapman gets any saves from here on out is if Cordero gets injured.


Is it a good move to pick up Jeff Niemann


Sure, depending on who you’re dropping.


im dropping Todd Frazier for Niemann

Absolutely yes!

alright one more question…Bourjos was picked up already….would you consider A Jackson, Venable, G Jones or Jay to drop Rios for? Or just hang onto Rios on the bench and see if he improves the last couple of weeks


Yeah, at this point I think I would replace Rios with Venable. At least you know he’ll give you some speed. Plus, he’s batting over .300 since the All-Star break.


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