Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 23



Beavan @ Masterson (Gm 1)

TBD (SEA) @ TBD (CLE) (Gm 2)

McCarthy @ Colon – still riding Colon at home vs. weak A’s

Chen @ Morrow

Penny @ Price

Lackey @ Lewis – Lewis en fuego, Lackey “not”

Simon @ Duensing

Buehrle @ Big Erv – Buehrle’s earned it


Kennedy @ Zimmermann    

Estrada @ Ohlendorf

Niese @ Worley

Cueto @ Nolasco – Nolasco is pre-disastered

Minor @ Coleman

Kershaw @ Lohse

Norris @ WhiteI trust Norris, even here

Latos @ Cain – the most likely 1-0 game of the night



Is picking up Gaby Sanchez a good move?


Yes, but it depends on who you would be dropping.


B.J. Upton…. or should I pick up Peter Bourjous or is it just Bourjous isn’t going to keep it up?


I still prefer Upton. Even though he’s having a very disappointing season, B.J. carries more of a track record when it comes to contributing in multiple categories. I know his miserable AVG is hard to ignore, but if we cover it up the rest of his numbers aren’t bad at all. His steals are down from last year but he’s hitting for more power.


I disagree about the 1-0 SD/SF game. Pads have been raking lately, and Beltran might be back in the lineup. Don’t be surprised if these two muster up 3-4 runs each.

Hey Big Z, haven’t posted for a while cos I’ve been sulking after plummeting from 2nd to now th in my keeper league. And all that after I traded Jennings ($0) for Halladay ($25) and Pence, and also traded Weeks ($15) and Mesoraco for Hamilton ($24) a few weeks back…how can that happen?!

My thinking is that it is a tight league, so if I can fall like that I can climb back up in the same amount of time. Am currently cursing the Jennings deal to as I did it to win this year! Please reassure me they weren’t bad ideas in terms of the trades I did? I did them to try and win this year… now I’am considering trading FOR keepers before our deadline!

and I meant say I’ve plummeted to 8th!


Stay the course! Sounds like all the teams are so bunched up that ground can be gained rather quickly, so I wouldn’t freak out. I’m probably not the one to reassure you as I second-guess my trades all the time, but then I remember the 411 phrase “don’t confuse the outcome with the decision” and I feel a lot better. Your decision was a sound one and the outcome hasn’t been decided yet. There’s still plenty of time left in the season.


Ok thanks, glad to hear the idea was right. Think its just been a case of my other guys all deciding to start taking their holidays early, hopefully they’ll snap back into shape before too long. It looks bleak right now with me a way off the pace but points change so rapidly in this league its insane, so hopefully I still have a shot. I’ll keep playing for this year and hope they turn it around.

I dropped Kevin Correia (DL) and picked up Alex White…. Good move?

Dear 411,

At the beginning of the season the answer was very obvious.
Ubaldo or Minor ROTW?
I’m getting tire of Ubaldo’s inconsistency.
By the way, this is a 12 Team Keeper league.


Your question will probably be on today’s show so stay tuned for that. Personally, I’d stick with Ubaldo. Minor won’t even be in the rotation anymore once Hanson comes back and I still like Ubaldo’s keeper value, so it’s not like this is a win now vs. plan for the future decision.


who would you rather have Peter Bourjos, Jon Jay, Desmond Jennings or Josh Willingham im am 2nd in home runs and last in steals Right now i have willingham but i could use some steals but i need some one who could get a hit or 2 every night


Jennings. To me, this is a no-brainer. He fits all your needs and is simply the best overall player of that bunch.


Yuniesky Betancout, Jed Lowrie or Yunel Escobar ROTW?


I’d ride Betancourt’s hot bat and take it from there. These guys are fairly interchangeable so I wouldn’t get too attached to any one of them.


Who would you drop to activate A-Rod:
E5, Prado, Hart, Buttler, Yunel Escobar, Jed Lowrie, JD Martinez?


I’d lean towards Lowrie. His upside is the most limited in my opinion.


which is a better combo Bourjos and G Jones or Jennings and Willingham


Jennings/Willingham. It’s pretty simple. Jennings is the best player of the four and Jones is the worst player.


All aboard the closer carousel. Saw Salas blew another last night, his job on tenderhooks? Motte worth the pickup in case there is a change? Boggs’ been getting pounded recently.


With LaRussa making the decisions, anything is possible. But does Salas deserve to lose the closer job? Absolutely not. On the whole he’s having a very good season and I’m not going to let a few poor outings overshadow that. His overall numbers are still very strong.


Hi what are your thoughts on Casper wells….would he be a good pick up for ROS or do you see Venable as a better option….looking for a back up OF?


It really depends on whether you’re more in need of power or speed, but generally speaking when it comes to backup outfielders, I tend to just go with the hotter bat. Don’t over-think these things too much.


Definitely no pitch for Lohse today? He has had good outings his last couple times out.


I agree with Cory on Lohse. I just don’t trust him, and now is the time to be more conservative in pitch or ditch decisions.


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