Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 24

How about that Astros’ lineup? Not too long ago, we were making fun of this group, doubting if they could even score seven runs in a week, let alone seven runs in a game like they did this past Saturday. J.D. Martinez has done a nice job since being inserted into the everyday lineup, Jose Altuve is batting .317 through 30 big league games and even Brian Bogusevic is making a contribution (3-for-4 with a homer last night). Look, the Houston offense is still very weak, but since the beginning of August they rank a respectable 9th in the NL in runs scored. Just something to think about.

Now let’s get to Pitch or Ditch.




King Felix @ Tomlin

Beckett @ Harrison – Harrison hasn’t handled a good team in a long time

Cahill @ Sabathia – Cahill has a 13.50 ERA in four career starts vs. Yankees

Hochevar @ Romero

Scherzer @ W. Davis

Guthrie @ Slowey

Stewart @ Weaver

Marcum @ TBD (PIT)

Pelfrey @ Kendrick – Kendrick excellent in spot starts this year

Kuroda @ J. Garcia

Wandy @ Cook – Wandy has handled Coors in his career

D. Hudson @ Livan

Arroyo @ Vazquez

Lowe @ Wells

Stauffer @ Lincecum


Haven’t chimed in here in this space in a while, so wanted to say thanks, Zach, to you and the team, for all that you do to make us smarter/better. Heading into my H2H playoff round next week as the #1 seed and owe much of that success to you and the boys…Thanks!

Also, was surprised to see Lowe in the ditch column for tomorrow. Care to explain?

-Jaynew (from BG🙂


Thanks for the kind words! As for Lowe, I’m not sure what Cory’s reasoning was but personally I think he’s just too inconsistent and he didn’t pitch well against the Cubs when he faced them a couple weeks ago.


thanks dude. and sorry for asking you to defend him! thought this was your list…

Do you think B.J. Upton will go on the DL?

Ever since Stephen Drew went down, I have been trading around shortstops. I finally stopped at Y.Betancourt. Someone in my 14 team H2H league just dropped E.Bonifacio. Is it worth picking him up for the ROS? I know Bonifacio will provide steals and possibly runs. Betancourt seems to hit for more power? I just need a steady performer for the playoffs What do you think?


I’d go with Bonifacio. At least you know he’ll provide a steady dose of steals. Yeah, Betancourt will hit for more power but Bonifacio will score more runs as he’s hitting at the top of a lineup. Basically, what it boils down to is that I think Betancourt is playing a little over his head right now when it comes to homers and his AVG is nothing special.


What are your thoughts of dropping Mike Carp for Peter Bourjos and should I still hold onto Dillon Gee or drop him? Thanks.


Carp vs. Bourjos is basically a power vs. speed decision but I’d lean towards Bourjos. He’ll outproduce Carp in steals by a wide margin, will probably hit for a similar AVG and is chipping in a few homers too.


think casey janssen is worth an add? what’s the scoop up there in that ever-changing b-pen?


I wouldn’t. Francisco has been outstanding of late, so I really don’t see the Jays making any sort of closer switch.


when do you think Mesaroco will get called and when he does will he start


I don’t have the phone numbers of any members of the Reds front office, so I can’t really say:-)


What are your thoughts on Salas’ reliability after he blew that save on Monday? The reason I ask is because I read this excerpt from STATS, Inc. that had an alarming tone in my opinion. “Salas blew his fifth save in Monday’s 2-1 loss to the Dodgers.
Advice: Salas made manager Tony La Russa’s decision to insert him a bad one. Salas should not be used by fantasy owners in any circumstance since his confidence is likely low after this bitter defeat.” (STATS, Inc.) Is there any truth to this claim? I’m in the home stretch of my league and I’m on the bubble for playoff contention so I’d like to address any possible problems now before they blow up in my face during these final weeks and during the playoffs.


Personally, I just don’t understand the hysteria surrounding Salas. Ok, he’s blown two straight saves. But every closer goes through rough stretches. Salas’ overall numbers are still exceptional, and while anything is possible with the unconventional LaRussa making the decisions, I’d be very surprised if he were removed from the closer role. I find the STATS Inc. blurb a little ridiculous. He should not be used under any circumstance? In what, a 6-team league?


Yeah, that’s what I thought. Glad to see that there are cooler heads out there.

Why did I listen to you on Kyle Kendrick? 4 innings. 6 runs; luckily, only 2 earned. 7 hits and 1 bb. My WHIP has been destroyed, and the ERA is bad enough and an error saved it from worse!

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