Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 25


Harden @ Hughes – Nando and I disagree on both of these, meaning both are risk/reward
Reyes @ Liriano – I no longer trust Liriano
Fister @ Hellickson
Francis @ Cecil
Miller @ Ogando – Ogando may be fading, play it safe vs. Red Sox
Beachy @ Garza
Miley @ Lannan – Miley worth a gamble in deep/unmixed leagues
Morton @ Jackson – Morton comes in on a roll but it’s a tough matchup
Sosa @ Vogelsong


Hi, when Strassburg returns off of my DL, I will need to drop someone but who? Can you assist? 14 man keeper league with holds and saves
James Shields
Madison Bumgarner
Jeff Niemann
Leo Nunez
Sergio Santos
Mike Adams
Johnny Cueto
David Hernandez
Ubaldo Jimenez
Jason Motte
It just seems it might be best to leave him on my DL as any drop will hurt me…the trade market being over, saves are hard to come by and all those with holds are taken. SP’s that are useful are also hard to come by…helllllp.

im not an expert but i say nunez


I’d drop Motte. Of your setup guys, I think he’s the least likely to get some save chances from now until the end of the season. And, unless this is a 10+ player keeper league, it’s not like he would be one of your keepers anyway.


We keep all but two

Hey guys,

Cecil or Jackson for tmrws start?

Thanks as always
Josh A


I’ll say Jackson. He’s pitched pretty well over his last few starts and I’m not at all afraid of the Pirates’ lineup.


Should I stick with B.J. Upton? I have all of my bench players injured so I HAVE to play Upton…. Keep him or drop him and pick someone up?


Depends on who you’d be picking up but I’d probably hold onto Upton. Sure, the AVG is terrible, but he still offers the power/speed combo that we fantasy owners crave!


Ok thanks….. do you think he’ll start tomorrow?

If I had to guess I’d say yes, but it sounds like he’ll definitely be back by Saturday.


Good morning Zach,
I hope you are doing well. At this point, I think Brennan Boesch is done. Any problems with dropping him and adding Cameron Maybin? Thanks.
Rich D.


I have absolutely no problem with that, especially if Maybin can realistically gain you some points in steals. Honestly, I’m shocked that he’s available in your league.


hey Rasmus and Adam Jones are both hurting….I still have Rios as a back up but do you think Morrison is worth a pick up?


Sure. The more outfield depth the better, and Morrison certainly made a grand return to the Majors yesterday with the homer.


well Zach I needed someone in my line up today so picked up Austin jackson and so far so good…..Do you feel Morrison would be a upgrade over him or would you think of dropping someone like Rasmus…..will have to drop one when Jose Reyes returns and would like to keep all my pitchers….have Bonifacio at ss but also he has OF/3B eligibility and has done well for me….also have Lawrie on my bench but would hate to cut him loose for someone else to grab


Jackson and Morrison are very close in value so it really depends on whether you have a bigger need for power or for speed. I’m fine with you sticking with Jackson for now. I definitely wouldn’t drop Rasmus. He’s expected to return from his injury within the next couple of days and, despite his struggles since the trade, I still like his upside playing at the hitter-friendly Rogers Centre.


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