Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 26


Paulino @ Jimenez – Paulino should be OK since he’s not facing BOS or NYY… Ubaldo, notsomuch

Burnett @ Hunter – guh

Shields @ Alvarez – I like Alvarez but he’s not ready for the big boys yet

Gonzalez @ Wakefield – Gio hasn’t had a good start on the road in months; play it safe here

Haren @ Holland

Porcello @ Swarzak

Peavy @ Furbush

Hensley @ Oswalt

T. Hudson @ Capuano – Cappy fading fast, play it safe

Wang @ Willis

Lopez @ Wolf

McDonald @ Westbrook – J-Mac a risk/reward pick at this point

LeBlanc @ Collmenter

Rogers @ Lilly

Happ @ Bumgarner



If Porcello has another bad start should I drop him? What would you do?


Yeah, I’d cut bait on Porcello. In a 12-team league, I don’t see any reason why he should be kept on rosters. Tomorrow’s matchup is a favorable one so I can see why you might want to trot him out there (personally, I’d pass) but no way is he anything more than a pitch or ditch guy. His overall numbers are terrible and the strikeout rate is very low.


I can’t start him tomorrow because if he loses I lose a game in H2H and I need to get into 8th place and I just currently got into 8th place so I’m listening to you and not starting him I wouldn’t care if he throws a perfect game (which i know he won’t)

In my 12 team dynasty league, I have Grady Sizemore in my DL slot. Is he worth keeping or should I get rid of him? I dont really need him since I have Stanton, Justin Upton, McCutchen, Trout, Gordon, and Rasmaus, and Grady cant seem to stay healthy anyway. I tried trading him but nobody wanted to trade anyone for him. Will he make a big enough impact when he gets back to justify keeping him?


Depends on how many keepers you’re allowed but I’d lean towards cutting bait. He’s YPNM as far as I’m concerned.


Catcher issues!
Martin or Montero?


Despite Martin’s recent surge, I’m giving Montero the edge. He’s been more consistent in the AVG department and hits more towards the middle of the lineup, which gives him the advantage when it comes to RBI opportunities.


Hey Zach, what are your thoughts on aces/no2s going into potential blowup matchups at this stage of the season. Got Danny Haren going into Texas tonight, is it worth giving this one a miss, especially as they rocked him last time out?


Depends on the specifics of your league standings (how many points you can gain in the counting stats vs. how many points you can lose in ERA and WHIP), but generally speaking I’ll pitch top-shelf starters regardless of the matchup and regardless of what stage it is in the season.


Hi Zach, is at Toronto still as scary as it was? Know its a hitters park but many of their guys have been cold since the break, and have this matchup coming up. Niemann @ TOR. Is Niemann just on a hot streak or is this improvement for real, and more importantly would you pitch him.🙂 Thanks


You’re right that the TOR offense has fallen off of late (15th in MLB in runs scored in the month of August) but in borderline PoD cases I’d still try to avoid @TOR. That said, Niemann is a legit grad and he’s been pitching well enough lately that he deserves our trust. Although his K rate isn’t great, I’ve been impressed by Niemann this year and am optimistic about him going forward.


Hey Zach,

Ok, so I need to replace Boesch. Johnny Damon or Peter Bourjos for ROS? I am not basing this choice solely on stolen bases….I need another somewhat productive player to fortify my OF/UTIL slot. Thanks.

Rich D.


I think Damon is the safer choice. I think he’ll give you the better across the board production.


Hi Hey do you think its a good idea to sit Gio vs Boston this evening?


See above. That’s what this blog post is for!


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