Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, August 27-29

Hey everyone,

This should be a pretty interesting weekend here on the East Coast with Hurricane Irene wreaking havoc on the baseball schedule. Part of today’s show dealt with how daily league owners should manage their rosters in light of all the postponements, and all I can say to you weekly leaguers is  “Sorry.” Simply put, there’s nothing you can do. And one word of advice to those of you expecting to be hit by the storm: set your lineups for the entire weekend as soon as you can as there’s a chance you can be left without internet connection for a period of time.

Well, here’s Pitch or Ditch for the weekend. Keep in mind that this list of probable starters is very much subject to change.



***NOTE: The Mets/Braves games scheduled for Saturday and Sunday have both been postponed due to Hurricane Irene.

                                                                                                                                                    ZACH’S PICKS


Moscoso @ Lester (Gm 1)

TBD (OAK) @ Bedard (Gm 2)

Nova @ Matusz (Gm 1)

F. Garcia @ Britton (Gm 2)

Niemann @ Perez – Tough matchup for Niemann but he’s earned the nod.

Verlander @ Pavano – I don’t see much upside in pitching Pavano here.

Duffy @ Carmona – Duffy cannot be trusted in mixed leagues.

Pineiro @ Wilson

Danks @ Pineda – Pineda no longer a must-start but home ERA is 2.86

An. Sanchez @ Halladay (Gm 1) – Playing it safe and passing on Anibal.

TBD (FLA) @ Lee (Gm 2)

Jurrjens @ Dickey – Dickey on a nice roll.

Millwood @ Billingsley – Billingsley maddeningly inconsistent but he’s been excellent at home.

Karstens @ Carpenter

Dempster @ Gallardo – Dempster working on six straight quality starts.

Detwiler @ Leake – Detwiler strictly an NL-only play for this unfavorable matchup.

Harang @ Saunders – This could be 10-9 or 3-2…I’ll say either pitch both or ditch both.

Myers @ TBD (SF) – Myers should rebound from Coors Field pounding.


Chen @ Masterson – Chen a decent gamble in deeper leagues if you have innings to spare.

Price @ Morrow

Colon @ Simon – Colon not the same pitcher he was in first half.

Penny @ Duensing – Nice matchup for Penny.

Floyd @ Vargas – Vargas fading. I don’t trust him.

Weaver @ Lewis

Minor @ Gee – I’ll give Minor a shot…love the K’s!

Zimmermann @ Cueto

Coleman @ Greinke

Lincoln @ Lohse – Not a fan of Lohse, but it’s the Pirates.

Norris @ Cain

Chacin @ Eovaldi

Luebke @ Kennedy


Hochevar @ Scherzer

Sabathia @ Guthrie

McCarthy @ Huff – Taking a chance on McCarthy.

Davis @ Romero – I don’t trust Davis quite enough to pitch him here.

Slowey @ Buehrle

Big Erv @ Beavan – Strangely enough, Beavan has fared better on the road (3.00 ERA) than at home (5.12 ERA).

Vazquez @ Pelfrey (Gm 1)

Volstad @ TBD (NYM ) (Gm 2)

Hamels @ Bailey

Ohlendorf @ Wandy

White @ D. Hudson

Latos @ Kershaw

Wells @ Lincecum – Wells decent in August (3-0  4.26 ERA  1.07 WHIP).


I’m playing to get into the playoffs the person I’m playing has, Lewis, Lohse and Penny starting Sunday… Should I start all three of my starters (Kennedy, Karstens and Greinke…) If I lose more and give up more earned runs than the person I’m playing I’ll be out of the playoffs so who should I start and if I don’t start one of them who don’t I start?


Start em all! Your trio is a lot better than his group. If I had to sit one it would be Karstens but I’d be totally comfortable starting all three.


Ok thanks a lot! I had Karstens sitting at first but now I’m starting him

zach, have a couple of questions regarding next week since i might not have any internet connection so i have to set my lineup tonite.
1- Tyler Flowers or Carlos Ruiz?
2- need SB. Revere or jesus guzman? guzman has been getting some but i need SB bad so im not sure if he will continue with them.
3- Nova or Stauffer? stauffer @dodgers and nova @boston which is definitely risky even though nova has been very good.


1- Flowers has more upside than Ruiz, particularly in the power department, so I’d lean towards him.
2- Revere is the safer pick. I’ve seen more of him so I’m more comfortable starting him.
3- Go with Stauffer. I really don’t trust anyone @BOS save for top-30 level SPs.


Hey Zach,
i have already clinched a playoff spot (playoffs begin next week) but i want to make some tweaks to my lineup that has been just ok lately. its a h2h league with each playoff matchup being 2 weeks long. the hitting categories are AVG,HR,R,RBI,SB and the pitching categories are K,WHIP,ERA,SV,W.
My lineup: C-Mauer 1B-Miggy 2B-Pedroia 3B-Bautista SS- Alexei MI-Zobrist CI-Lawrie OF- Choo, Pence, Jennings, Pagan, Tabata UTIL-Ortiz
My Pitching: SP- Felix, Carpenter, Marcum, Pineda, Morrow, C.Lewis, Niemann, Oswalt, Jurrjens RP- Street, Putz, Madson
I think my offense and pitching are solid, is there any category where you think i could use some reinforcements? Also, i would like to use PoD in the playoffs, which guy would you drop to open up a free spot to stream starters? Thanks as always, your advice is well appreciated.


Yeah, this team is stacked, I honestly don’t see any glaring weaknesses. I’d have a very hard time dropping any of those starters for PoD but if I absolutely had to pick one to replace it would be Morrow. He’s been great for strikeouts but his overall inconsistency from one start to the next is maddening.


I must drop Boesch due to injury so I can maintain my playoff spot. Who is the better pick up JD Martinez or Brandon Allen? We keep all but two players and the loss of Boesch hurts. (all DL spots filled Strass, Kendry M and Buchholz)


It’s close but I really like what I’ve been seeing from Allen so far and he’s got more power upside than Martinez, even though he plays in a pitcher-friendly park.


Any chance you and the guys on the show can discuss your PoD starters and decide on one list? They guys on today’s show said to pitch Pavano, Piniero, and Detwiler and to ditch Harang, Billingsley, and Jurrjens. It’s a little confusing when I watch the show and hear one thing, then come on here and see the opposite. Granted some of them were in their two-strat pitchers in weekly leagues but they still said to start them in tomorrow’s games. It would make it nice to see some consistency. I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s more of a suggestion. Thanks.


As crazy as it might sound, the reality is that I don’t always agree with the show picks:-) And even sometimes on the show, Cory/Mike/Nando/Joe’s ditch is another one’s pitch. One of Cory, Mike or I do the PoD list every day, and our picks are our personal opinions.


Do you think I should keep Porcello? I need a pitcher to bring my innings up and keep my innings down


I believe I answered this on a previous post. Cut bait on Porcello. He’s waiver wire material in a standard 12-teamer.


I need to drop a player to get Jose Reyes back into my lineup I am considering either Austin Jackson or Colby Rasmus…..leaning towards Rasmus or I could DL him if hes out awhile…..You think rasmus would be a plus for the playoffs?


In my mind, the solution is simple. Activate Reyes and replace his DL spot with Rasmus. This way, you can buy yourself some time to decide on what to do with Rasmus.


The “placing stats” strategy only works if the team you “placed” the stats with doesn’t turn around and trade them directly to the team you were trying to affect. Wow. Lesson learned.


My condolences!


Dear 411,

JD MArtinez or C Young (OF) ROTW?


Despite his prolonged slump, Young would be my choice. It’s all about the track record. He might kill your AVG but he’ll give you homers, steals and plenty of runs.


Duda or Morse the rest of the reason for 1B?


Morse…easily. He’s the much safer bet for homers and is simply the superior all-around hitter.


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