Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 30

Hey everyone,

First, I’d like to offer my condolences to any of you who lost your playoff matchup because you owned too many players on the teams that got their games rained out this past weekend. Stats from the rescheduled games should really be added to this week’s total, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. And I know, it’s very unfair. Just another reason why I’m not a big fan of head-to-head leagues.

Well, enough griping. Let’s get to Pitch or Ditch.




Francis @ Fister

Cahill @ TBD (CLE) – Cahill extremely inconsistent of late but I’ll throw him out there vs. below average Indians’ lineup.

Cecil @ Guthrie – I expect Cecil to bounce back.

Sabathia @ Lackey – Don’t be fooled by Lackey’s 12 wins. He’s had a miserable season.

Hellickson @ Feldman

Swarzak @ Stewart – Stewart an intriguing AL-only play but too risky for mixed leagues.

Williams @ Vasquez

Vazquez @ Pelfrey – Vazquez: 3.51 ERA  1.07 WHIP and more than a strikeout per inning since All-Star break.

Halladay @ Arroyo – Bronson’s on a nice roll but no way am I pitching him here.

Livan @ Jurrjens

Morton @ Sosa

Jackson @ Marcum – I don’t trust Edwin vs. dangerous Brewers’ lineup.

Cook @ Miley

Stauffer @ Kuroda

Garza @ Vogelsong


Hey 411..
Whats a better starter for tomorrow jurrjens vs nats or cubs vs vogelsong??? Im 8 categories behind 4th seed i need this week. Please help!!


I’ll say Vogelsong. Jurrjens has been very inconsistent lately and he doesn’t give you many strikeouts.


Drop Cuddyer for Swisher? Thanks!

Also, is now the time to disregard offensive prowess and play the hot hand off waivers? I’m in a nonkeeper


Absolutely. There’s simply not enough time left to wait for underachieving players to live up to their track records. That’s not to say you should drop Hanley Ramirez for Yuniesky Betancourt though!



Sure. They’re roughly even in value but Swisher has been scorching hot since the All-Star break while Cuddyer has been fairly mediocre.


In the play-offs of non-keeper league. for the next two weeks should I drop Mayberry Jr for Thome? Seems like Thome could feast on A’s pitching. What do you think? @Jay—get swisher!!!!!


Yes…if you can afford to devote your utility spot to Thome. I think there’s a better chance that Thome makes a meaningful impact down the stretch, and it’s not like Mayberry Jr. is playing every day anyway.


in a 12 team h2h league get to keep 3 players for next yr which do u think r best 2 keep outta votto pedroia crawford tulo cc and lincecum was thinking pedrioa tulo n cc thoughts thanks


I’d go with Pedroia, Tulo and Votto, but you have way too many great keepers there. This sounds a little crazy, but try making a trade for a keeper upgrade…maybe upgrade at 1B over Votto? (Pujols?)


I have both Beltre and Youkilis on the DL. Im already in my fantasy playoffs and I have Desmond Jennings and Brett Lawrie filling in for Youk and Beltre. Since Jennings and Lawrie are so hot right now, should i take them out? or leave youk and beltre on the dl?

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