Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 31


Paulino @ Porcello – Not a good matchup for Paulino. I’ve given up trying to figure out Porcello so I’ll pass.

Diamond @ Peavy

Harden @ Jimenez – Giving Harden a mulligan for last start as it was @NYY.

Alvarez @ Reyes

Hughes @ Beckett – I totally don’t trust Hughes here.

Shields @ Ogando

Haren @ King Felix

LeBlanc @ Lilly – LeBlanc not worth the risk.

Lopez @ Bumgarner

Volstad @ Capuano – Can’t possibly sit Capuano coming off two-hit shutout.

Lee @ Willis

Lannan @ Lowe

McDonald @ Happ – McDonald very impressive lately.

Westbrook @ Wolf

Rogers @ Collmenter – Tough test for Collmenter, but he’s rebounded nicely from mini-slump.


Loney or Kotchman rotw ?


Your question was answered on yesterday’s show.


411 Masters,
13 team roto mixed.. Have an annoying problem to figure out. Trade deadline long gone. My outfield is Ellsbury, Stanton(cant be rotated RF), McCutchen, Desmond Jennings and Crawford. I have been rotating Crawford on the bench with anyone not playing as he is on my all disappointment team this season. Picked him up in a late trade hoping he will heat up. Do I just keep revolving them thru based on matchups, or make a decision to keep Crawford in and place another on/off the bench?
8 behind the leader and closing. Hell of a problem and keeping all for 2012 except Crawford as he is a non keeper.

Cheers as always,
p.s. Does JR write his own material or some really good script writters? Love all ur work!


Yeah, I think the only thing you can do is keep on revolving those guys based on matchups. I hate those kinds of problems BTW!

And yes, JB does write his own scripts. The guy is simply amazing:-)


hey well almost playoff time….would you advise holding onto Pinieda who has 3 starts left or pick up Worley for him? Also Trout is available….I have Jennings, Stubbs, A Jackson, Crisp, Adam Jones, and Bonifacio( who is 3b/ss/of eligible and Rasmus on the DL


At this point, I’d go with Worley. Pineda’s running out of gas so I’m not sure how effective he’ll be over these final three starts. Worley just keeps on rolling. And I’d definitely pick up Trout for Jackson, who is clearly the weakest link of that OF group.


I need to bolster my era, whip and strikeout numbers, maybe also nab some sneaky wins. I was looking to add two elite relievers to acheive this goal.

Here is my Shortlist:

Daniel Bard
Koji Uehara
Vinnie Pestano
Dave Robertson
Sergio Romo
Sean Marshall

Which two out of these guys will help me the most in the last month?
I am currently first in a 12 team Rotisserie. My offence leads 4 out of 5 categories but my pitching is so so. The second place guys pitching stats are amazing and his offence is closing in on mine too. Your help is much appreciated.


I’d go with Bard and Robertson. Romo’s numbers are outstanding as well but he’s coming off a DL stint so I’d first like to see him pitch in a few more games just to make sure he’s 100 percent.


need room on my roster to re-activate Jose Reyes. Who goes? Espinosa or Kelly. Johnson?

I’d drop Johnson. I’m sick of his inconsistency.


I also own both in one of my leagues so I’m wrestling with the same decision. But right now I’m playing Johnson. He’s been hitting very well since joining the Blue Jays and is a very streaky player, so I’d ride this out while it lasts.


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