Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, September 1

Gonzalez @ Carmona *Gio back on track even though he barely survived Boston
Perez @ Hunter
Duffy @ Turner
Burnett @ Lester *Lester should get plenty of run support
Niemann @ Wilson *Niemann a grad
Big Erv @ Furbush *BIG ERV‼‼!
Worley @ Leake *I like Leake but if you are protecting ERA/WHIP may want to sit this out.
Billingsley @ Lincoln
Dickson @ Gallardo
Hensley @ Batista
Wang @ T. Hudson


Hey guys,

Got a tough one here. Im currently in 2nd place in a First Year 10tm keeper mixed H2H league, in pretty good shape, and the way the league is setup 1st-3rd place keeps 4 players, 4-6th keeps 5(pending playoff outcomes). I drafted Stanton 8th, Granderson 11th, Bourn 13th, and Stras 20th. Great. But I also picked up the following off the wire, and they are automatic last rounders in next years draft: JPA, Morse, Lawrie, Jennings, Beachy and Dempster.

All keepers are for 3 yrs, Im thinking Stanton, Granderson, Jennings, Stras… But I really like Lawrie, anything else I should consider here? Love the show guys.

– Lunchbox


All these guys are great keepers so trading multiple keeper prospects in exchange for keeper upgrades would be my preferred option. But if that’s not possible, I’d go with Granderson, Jennings, Morse and Lawrie. Stanton for an 8th rounder is good value but Jennings, Morse and Lawrie for last rounders is exceptional value. You can always get Stanton back next year in say the 5th or 6th round if you’d like. Even though Stras and Beachy are appealing keepers as well, I’d pass on them. Those four hitters are better options.


Ogando was a great blessing for a Texas Rangers and I think he well be a good pitcher in the future, but that isn’t going to help my fantasy team now. Now I don’t know the condition of him since I am typing this during the game but with his fatigue and possible trip to the DL is it time to let him go? If so I need someone with mid K (4 or 5) and can keep a low ERA and WHIP?
Collmenter, Freddy Garica, (I am getting this called David Huff [CLE] popping up?), McCarthy, Floyd, or Behard

Jon from Texas (Who’s Yahoo league team has only two draft day pitchers still on his roster [Papelbon and Romero])

or should I go for that Strasburg guy since it seems he his going to pitch now?

never mind I picked up Strasburg for Scott Baker. Back to the originial Ogando and his five Oranges of Oman


I don’t think Ogando is waiver wire material just yet but I’d still try to find a way to pick up Bedard, who would definitely be my preferred choice out of the SP group you mention.


Ummm.Nieman vs Rangers at Texas? I know mike said pitch but i don’t know if i’m willing to risk a beat down on my era and whip with a month left..

Hey Zach what do you think to Alexi Ogando’s keeper value for next year? I can keep him for 6 bucks next year, do you think he’ll be worth it once he’s had the offseason to rest, or is he more of a flash in the pan type.

Have been benching him recently and am considering cutting him, but if he has some keeper value till next year ill need to hold onto him so his keeper price doesnt skyrocket. Thanks.


I expected this to happen with Ogando as he’s now in uncharted territory as far as innings pitched is concerned, but I think he’s shown us enough this year that 6 bucks is a fairly low-risk investment. Without knowing your other keeper candidates, I’d probably keep him at that price.


Hey 411,

Have to pitch 2 out of 3 this weekend. Have to save some innings.
Who shoudl I pick: Beachy, Marcum, Hellickson?


Honestly, I like all three. Do you really have to sit one? This is a real toss-up but I’d lean towards benching Hellickson. The Orioles’ lineup is no pushover and the Rays will limit Hellickson’s innings down the stretch, which hurts his chances of picking up wins.


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