Pitch or Ditch for Friday, September 2


Danks @ Verlander – Challenging matchup for Danks but he’s been pitching very well lately.

Morrow @ Nova – Morrow cannot be trusted here. Nova risky too but I say pitch.

Britton @ Price – Britton coming off gem vs. Yanks but he’s still too unpredictable.

Holland @ Miller – Holland coming off terrible August (5.13 ERA  1.82 WHIP)…no way do I pitch him at Fenway.

Masterson @ Chen – Chen a PoD special. 3.63 ERA at home and facing a mediocre lineup.

Pavano @ Chatwood – Pavano dreadful since All-Star break (5.74 ERA  1.57 WHIP).

Vargas @ Moscoso – Great matchups for both.

Karstens @ Dempster – Karstens has been erratic lately…I’m sitting this one out.

Dickey @ Detwiler – Dickey working on seven straight quality starts.

Oswalt @ Hand

Billingsley @ Beachy – I wouldn’t waste my time with Billingsley, particularly if you’re running out of innings.

Greinke @ Harrell

Cueto @ Carpenter

Millwood @ Harang – Harang has a 3.54 ERA and 1.30 WHIP at home this year.

Saunders @ Cain – Ideal matchup for Saundo. He’s well worth a look in deeper leagues.


You told me to pick up Bedard some how since Adrian Beltre is coming off the DL would it be a good move to drop E5. He has been good for me as a plug-in, but all the places I can play him is fulled with Butler, Beltre (of course), and Kendrick. So, is he gone or is Bedard not worth that?
(Need pitching more than hitting anyway)

Jon from Texas (Who wants to congratulate Mark Hamburger on his first ininng as a Major League Pitcher. Now if we can get Phil Coke and Felix Pie we would be set, HAHAHA)


Yes, since you’re more in need of pitching and already have those guys manning your starting spots, E5 is expendable for Bedard.


Hi guys. I am in a keeper league H2H and I have a perplexing situation I need advice on. My current keepers are J. Upton, M. Holliday, Bautista, Hanley, and King Felix. I made the mistake of drafting B. Lawrie and D. Ackley instead of making one of them my rookie keeper, which I can keep and not play for two years, as long as I don’t add them to my bench. I love Clayton Kershaw, but we can only keep five players on our active roster. Is it crazy to keep Kershaw over King Felix? Also, Matt Holliday is very good, but seems to be on a decline, is it dumb to let him go and hold onto Brett Lawrie? Or would keeping BOTH Kershaw and Felix justify his loss? Thanks!


I’d stick with those four hitters. Lawrie has immense upside but will he really be a top-5 round player next year? Highly unlikely. Don’t waste a keeper slot on a guy who you can probably get back in the draft next year. Holliday is still the safer choice. As for Felix vs. Kershaw, I have no problem with you keeping Clayton over the King. He’s simply having the better season and is in the more pitcher-friendly league. Going forward, I definitely prefer Kershaw.


i wonder if Im overthinking things….I have the number 1 seed in the playoffs but for some reason I see the number 2 seed as having the better team even though I am 19-2 and he is 15-6 I have liked what austin Jackson has brought to my team since I picked him up last week…..some Hr’s and SB’s I will need to drop someone when Rasmus comes back….would you hesitate to drop Rasmus? Also have Freeman and I have Fielder, Longoria and Encarnacion for CI So I guess Im thinking either Rasmus or Freeman goes?


I never thought I’d be saying this but I’d simply cut Rasmus. He’s been terrible for awhile now and at this point in the season you have to go with the hot bat. And Jackson is swinging a hot bat. No way would I cut Freeman.


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