Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, September 3-5



Romero @ Colon – Romero has struggled vs. Yanks but he’s red-hot. Playing it safe and sitting Colon vs. strong TOR lineup.

Pineda @ McCarthy – McCarthy at home vs. terrible offense.

Floyd @ Penny – Floyd has a 3.86 ERA and 0.95 WHIP since the All-Star break…and that includes a 10 ER blowup!

Lewis @ Bedard – High risk minimal reward for both. I’m avoiding this one entirely.

Simon @ Davis – Davis sports a 5.96 ERA and 1.63 WHIP in four starts vs. BAL this year.

Huff @ Hochevar

Duensing @ Weaver

Ohlendorf @ Coleman

Bailey @ J. Garcia – Bailey not a bad option in deeper formats but STL lineup is solid.

Narveson @ Norris

Gee @ Milone – My confidence in Gee has been restored.

Eovaldi @ Minor

Hamels @ Nolasco – Watch Nolasco throw a shutout here!

White @ Luebke

Kennedy @ Lincecum



Cecil @ F. Garcia – Freddy’s numbers are sparkling but I could never bring myself to pitch him even in semi-scary matchups.

Harrison @ Lackey – 9-8 final score alert!

Guthrie @ Hellickson – Guthrie’s road ERA is more than a full run lower than his home mark. Pitch if you’re the gambling type.

Gomez @ Francis

Slowey @ Williams – Williams gave up 4 ER to SEA so I’m not all that enthusiastic about him.

Beavan @ Cahill – If you don’t feel comfortable starting Cahill here, go ahead and cut him.

Buehrle @ Scherzer – Scherzer is struggling a bit lately but CWS lineup is erratic.

Halladay @ An. Sanchez – Go ahead and sit Anibal here, especially if you’re running out of innings.

Kershaw @ TBD (ATL)

Pelfrey @ Livan – Both are too risky in mixed leagues.

Marcum @ Wandy

Arroyo @ Jackson

Morton @ Wells – Rolling the dice on Wells coming off two-hitter.

D. Hudson @ Vogelsong

Cook @ Latos



Reyes @ Sabathia

Fister @ Jimenez

Beckett @ Alvarez

Ogando @ Shields – I’ve officially lost patience with Ogando.

Humber @ Swarzak  (Gm 1) – Humber hasn’t notched a quality start since July 2.

Stewart @ Diamond  (Gm 2)

Paulino @ Harden – Nice matchup for Paulino.

Vasquez @ Haren

Kuroda @ Lannan

Sosa @ McDonald – Sosa an intriguing option in NL-only and deep mixed leagues but he’s not on 12-team mixed radar just yet.

Willis @ Garza

Miley @ Rogers

Bumgarner @ Stauffer – SF offense the perfect remedy for Stauffer’s recent inconsistency.

Wolf @ Westbrook – Wolf hitting a rough patch and matchup is far from favorable.

Lowe @ Lee

Capuano @ Vazquez


Desmond Jennings is available in one of my leagues as a Free Agent. My outfield currently consists of Cuddyer, Beltran, and Pence. Should I make room for Jennings ???


Yes, I’d pick up Jennings (that is, if he’s still available) for either Cuddyer or Beltran. I’d probably lean towards cutting Cuddyer, who has really struggled since the All-Star break (.248 AVG).


hey zach, my team this week fell from 4th place(104 pts) to 6th place(93 pts). this was the worst week of the season for us. I really need good pitching the rest of the way. romero getting shaken up vs the yankees today didnt help. he has the red sox next week. latos hasnt been sharp ethier. nova has been very consistent. out of those 3, which 2 would u start? thanks.


Although Romero is the best pitcher of the three, he’s the guy I’d sit. Ricky’s career numbers vs. the Red Sox are ugly, and this season is no exception (0-2 11.42 ERA 2.88 WHIP).


hey Worley was picked up already….I dropped Pinieda for Vazquez(Florida) do you think that is a ok move since Vazquez has been pitching well lately…..just looking for a extra arm for the playoffs……if the team that picked up Worley drops him after his start( they tend to do this often) would you pick him up for Vazquez….Ive had 3 catchers on my roster all year long so I can plug one in when another has a day off…they are Avila, Lucroy and Soto….just saying since Rasmus is still on my bench til I need to make a move….would you drop one of them over him?


At this point in the season it’s all about results, so I have no problem with the Vazquez for Pineda swap. I’d probably take Worley over Vazquez, but some of this depends on how Worley does in his next start. As for Rasmus, as much as he’s frustrating me, I really don’t see any reason to hold onto three catchers. Based on Colby’s upside and the fact that his DL stint is expected to be a short one, I’d drop LuCroy.


one more I have Luebke on my roster…..you prefer him or Holland(Tex) ROS?


Luebke. The overall body of work is more impressive. And I love the division and the home park.


Hey you guys have helped us all season, so I put together a special team just for you. Let’s call it THE ALL MENU TEAM: …Bob Lemon takes the plate and passes the Georgia Peach allowing him to take first. Phil Coke brings a refreshing change and orders Chili Davis to take the bench with a nasty slider. Because Chili was not good today; Catfish Hunter was considered to be a decent replacement. However everyone knows that once Coke is ordered, Mark Hamburger would compliment Coke with his own flavor. Ty Cobb buttered up his stats by stealing second and hoped that Jerry Fry would complete the side. However in a total of nine at bats, Fry has yet to earn a hit. So with the second out registered and a man on second, a surprise move was made. Jeff Suppan (soup on), normally a pitcher, is brought to the plate. Suppan knew that Hamburger’s pitch was tasty and swung for the fences. Home Run! Suppan was a HERO in this Subway series, while the Georgia Peach filled out Pie Traynor’s expectation’s as his wait for Suppan to get hot was finally realized. At the end of the game everyone went over to Darnell McDonald’s House where Darryl Strawberry was waiting for them. By Doug Koehler (c) 2011 All rights reserved

Good stuff, Doug, though I must say you forgot about Adam Eaton, Tim Salmon and Todd Coffey!


Nice thanks🙂 Maybe Salmon and Catfish are good next season🙂

Nolasco just hit the waiver wire. I’m heading into my final week of the regular season and I’m fairly certain I will advance into the playoffs during the last 2 weeks of the actual season. My roster is already set for the coming week, but should I pick up Nolasco for the playoffs? Who should I drop? Luebke, Bumgarner, Wilson, Kuroda, or Carpenter? I’ve been seeing a lot of people dropping Luebke. Would he be good to drop or someone else?

What about Niemann or Peavy instead? They’re both on the waiver wire too.


I’ve always been a big Nolasco fan but he’s really disappointed me this year with his inconsistency. He’s also been rather mediocre lately. I’d pass. Keep your current guys.


Another good start by Randy Wells. Do you trust him at the Mets this week? How about Wade LeBlanc (home SF, road Ari) this week? I’m trying to decide between either of them and good middle relief arms in a deep NL-only league for this week.
Dave in Delaware


I trust Wells a little more than LeBlanc. The SF start is appealing but the ARI one could be a disaster.


Hey Zach, could you rank these players? The players are Jemile Weeks, Darwin Barney, JJ Hardy, Emilio Bonafacio, and Nick Markakis.

Oh and also, Bumgarner or Jurrjens?


Bumgarner. He’s hot. Jurrjens is not.



Based on overall value and also factoring in position scarcity, I’d say Hardy, Bonifacio, Weeks, Markakis, Barney, though Weeks and Markakis are close and could easily be flip-flopped.


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