Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 6


Hunter @ Hughes

Porcello @ Carmona

Lester @ Perez

Wilson @ Niemann

Peavy @ Hendriks

Duffy @ Gonzalez

King Felix @ Big Erv

T. Hudson @ Worley

Myers @ Lincoln

Lilly @ Strasburg

Batista @ Volstad

Leake @ Lopez

Gallardo @ Lohse

TBD (ARI) @ Hammel

Surkamp @ LeBlanc


Dear 411,

Is Betancourt consider the closer for the ROTW? I own both, Betancourt and Street, but still have Street on my DL. I need to make a move. Should i drop Street to clear my DL spot?
Other question: Dee Gordon or Yunel Escobar ROTW?


I’m not sure who you need to clear your DL spot for, but I’d try to hold onto Street, though if I had to guess I’d lean towards Betancourt keeping the job for the rest of the season.

As for Gordon vs. Escobar, it’s really a question of how badly you need speed. If you’re OK in steals, Escobar is probably the safer pick.


Hey Fellas,
I know it may be rough for him, but I am pitching my fellow West Aussie and club teammate Liam Hendriks for his first start! Not in my 2nd place team as someone has already grabbed him, in my 6th place team in another league. Hope he has a great day out, but may be overshadowed by that red headed guy in Washington?

ps. Sorry fellas, couldnt help myself!


There’s no way around it. Fantasy baseball is an emotional game. Do whatever makes you happy!


Is this a good move i dropped Garrett Jones and Picked up Carlos Lee then i dropped Jonny Venters and pickup Yonder Alonso so he is my roster
C- JP Arencibia
1B- Yonder Alonso
2B- Brandon Phillips
3B- Evan Longoria
SS- Jhonny Peralta
2B/SS- Brett Lawrie
1B/3B- Mark Trumbo
OF- Matt Holiday
OF- Adam Jones
OF- Desmond Jennings
OF- Mike Stanton
OF- Andrew Mcutchen
UTIL- David Ortiz
Bench- Carlos Lee, Cameron Maybin
SP- Cliff Lee
SP- Cole Hamels
SP- CJ Wilson
SP- Johnny Cueto
SP- Matt Garza
SP- Stephen Strasburg
SP- Bud Norris
RP- Aroldis Chapman
RP- Jose Valverde
RP- John Axford


I like both of the guys you picked up but would’ve dropped Chapman, not Venters, in order to add Alonso. Venters has been the more consistent setup guy over the course of the season and he’s been less prone to disaster outings.


Since I’m in the playoffs this week, I’m thinking of picking up Hosmer to use as utility since I already have Pujols on 1st. Should I do this and if I do, whom should I drop, Peter Bourjos, Austin Jackson or Jemile Weeks? I’m already using Andrus and Bonifacio for the steals to help my team. The rest of my outfield are Torri Hunter, Cory Hart, Nick Swisher and Bautista. Thanks.


That’s a real tough one, but if speed is no issue, I’d lean towards dropping Weeks. He hits in a pretty weak lineup so you would figure his runs upside isn’t quite as high as the other two guys. But really, you can flip a coin, a three-sided coin that is!


Hi Big Z, been deliberating over which to trot out there out’ve these kinda borderline options for mixed leagues. Taking into account that I really need K’s and Wins (can’t chase W’s but those on better teams can’t hurt), can you rank these starters for me from now on out:
Holland, McDonald, Niemann, Gio, Thanks


Despite Gio’s recent inconsistency, I still have to rank him first as he has the highest ceiling, particularly in the strikeout department. McDonald vs. Niemann is a tough call but McDonald is posting the higher strikeout rate and is hot right now, so I’d rank him second.


Melky Carbrera, Howie Kendrick, or Freddie Freeman for the rest of the season. Don’t need anything really. Just is Freeman worth the pick. (I know it’s crazy that someone dropped him, but whatever)

Jon from Texas (who surged the fist day of playoffs {for me} thanks to Bulter and Fister [Thank you for the right answers on both of them earlier in the season])


I’d go with Melky. He’s been steady all season, and while I like Freeman a lot, Melky is the better across the board contributor. Not to mention that Freeman is banged up right now.


hey well of course its the playoffs and guys are getting injured….Beckett, B Wilson and Rasmus You think Beckett will be back….Fister is on the waiver wire is he worth a pick up….also wondering who I should use consistently at DH…..I have Cano and Phillips as MI and Fielder and Encarnacion at CI that leaves me with Lawrie and Freeman for DH…..Im leaning towards Lawrie at this time….I picked up Affeldt when Wilson went down, any idea if he may get save opportunities?


Beckett’s status is still very much up in the air but I’d pick up Fister regardless. By now, he really shouldn’t be on any waiver wire. And yes, Lawrie over Freeman for the reasons I touched on in my answer above.


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