Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 7


Verlander @ Masterson

Britton @ Burnett – I don’t care who Burnett is going up against. He’s a ditch.

Holland @ Price – Holland is hot again.

Chen @ Moscoso – Both are worthwhile gambles.

Wakefield @ Morrow – I don’t trust Morrow here.

Danks @ Pavano – Pavano offers little upside.

Furbush @ Williams – Williams worth a shot, but only in deeper leagues.

Dickey @ Hand

Cain @ Harang

Beachy @ Oswalt – Beachy’s a graduate.

Happ @ Burres

Eveland @ Wang

Cueto @ Dempster

Greinke @ Carpenter

Saunders @ Millwood – Slugfest alert!


Hi Zach currently have 5 closers and am likely soon to overtake a few teams into 2nd place in saves. Once I do, seeing as the saves leader is way out in front, should I start benching/cutting my lesser closers like Gregg/Guerra, to save my innings for my starters for K’s and Wins where im lacking?


Sounds like a decent strategy, but before you do this examine the standings closely to make sure that cutting a couple of your closers will not end up hurting you by giving your opponents extra points. Remember that you losing points isn’t the only way to lose ground. The other teams could gain points and narrow the gap.


Hey Big Z, is there any strategy we can use at this season to try and pick up some more wins? Reason being, im 3 W’s away from gaining 2.5 pts in that category and 7 away from gaining 3.5 (roto league), and these extra pts could make the difference between me finishing in the money or not. Presumably guys on better teams with better offences have a better chance of a W, so could it be worth picking up a few of those guys (Holland comes to mind) and benching some guys on poorer teams, in order to try and gain some more vital wins? Thanks.


It makes sense to try that but personally I think that attempting to predict wins is very dangerous, not to mention that this could potentially damage your ERA and WHIP. I might use wins potential as a tiebreaker in a close decision between pitchers, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to stack up on clearly inferior guys just because they are backed by stronger lineups.


Hey Zach,

I am in a tight race with WHIP, ERA, and Wins. I have Chen Slated to go today but he killed me last time out. He doesn’t have a stellar record against the A’s and while he is on the road where he has been better most of the season he was also on the road last start. Thoughts on the start?



Although I do recommend pitching Chen here, I’m fine with you sitting him considering your particular situation, with ERA and WHIP very tight. And it’s not like any Royals’ pitcher is a strong bet for a W. It’s a very tough call, and I still like the matchup, but it’s far from a no-brainer. Have to take some risks though!


Hey Zach!

How reliable are you on Beachy for today? I need a “W” and K’s but I’m worried that he’s gonna get hit hard and might hurt my WHIP and ERA.

For the moment, I have him benched, specially since he goes against Oswalt.


Beachy’s overall numbers are impressive enough that I’d trust him anywhere. But if you’re running out of innings and you feel like you can lose more points in ERA and WHIP than you can gain in K’s (I wouldn’t even worry about wins as they are too hard to predict), I’m OK with you benching him. Really depends on your specific situation, but all things equal I’d start him.


Thanks for the tip Zach!

I started him and it went well, althought I needed that final out to record a QS … But I’m ok with the outcome.

Great advice!

hey I mentioned I have 3 catchers….Avila who is a must have and also Soto and Lucroy….would you drop both of them for Montero(NYY) Will he play most of the games?

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