Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, September 8


Nova @ Simon

Miller @ Romero – Miller’s K-BB rates say “untrustworthy”

Huff @ Floyd

Hochevar @ Vargas – Hochevar is a tease, but he’s coming off a great outing and has a great matchup

Billingsley @ Detwiler – hang with ‘em

Teheran @ Schwinden  (Gm 1)

Minor @ Gee  (Gm 2) – Gee has faded badly in the 2nd half

Hamels @ Narveson

Luebke @ Kennedy


Hi guys, Nunez or Motte the rest of the way?
THXXX. Danny from Munich


Nunez. He’s an undisputed closer. Motte is not. It looks like the Cards are using a closer by committee approach right now.


hey Just posted on the wednesday but re posting for Thursday….I mentioned I have Lucroy and Soto as my 2 and 3 catchers behind Avila Montero(NYY) is available….would he play most games? and is it worth dropping those 2 for him?


I’ve added your question to the list of questions to be answered on today’s show. My personal take is that I’d rather have Montero than either one of those two catchers. I’d lean towards cutting LuCroy. Looks like Montero has already earned pretty much everyday playing time.


I see you have no comment on the Teheran @ Schwinden (Gm 1) matchup any chance you can speculate based upon what Teheran has done in the minors so far? My era and whip are quite low and I am fighting in the playoffs; however I need another win for the category do I risk it?


Cory gave his reasons for ditching Teheran on yesterday’s show, so check out the archived podcast.



With Carlos Quentin coming of the DL soon or so it seems. I need to make a roster spot. I have quiet the number of pitchers on my roster (12). Should I drop an outfielder to make room for him or a pitcher?
Hamilton and Ellsbury are of course a no.
Maybe drops: Kendrick, Cabrera (same two as before), or drop Bulter and Kendrick move to 1st.
Pitchers: Gio, Ogando (like these little 1 ininng between start there doing with him), Colon, or McCarthy
Which one of these guys should I drop?
Pitching is more of a need. (the guy I that I am facing pitching numbers are crazy)

Jon from Texas (hoping I made sense with all of that)


Well, I’d wait until Quentin officially comes off the DL before making this decision. But if I had to pick now, I’d lean towards cutting Ogando. He’s been very shaky lately and it sounds like the Rangers will limit his innings down the stretch. I don’t see him carrying much value for the final three weeks of the season.


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