Pitch or Ditch for Friday, September 9


Slowey @ Penny – I just don’t see the upside in pitching Slowey.

Guthrie @ Cecil

Lackey @ W. Davis – Lackey career @TB (7 GS): 5.98 ERA  1.69 WHIP

McCarthy @ Lewis – McCarthy vs. TEX this year (3 GS): 5.28 ERA  1.57 WHIP

Gomez @ Buehrle

Colon @ Weaver – I trust Bartolo.

Francis @ Beavan – I know Sheehan said pitch on Beavan, but he makes me nervous.

Nolasco @ Ohlendorf – Nolasco mediocre lately but you’ve got to like this matchup.

Norris @ Milone

Coleman @ Pelfrey

Halladay @ Marcum

Delgado @ Jackson – Edwin: 3 ER or less in each of his last 6 starts.

Bailey @ Chacin – Bailey career vs. COL (4 GS): 7.23 ERA  2.20 WHIP

Latos @ D. Hudson

Kershaw @ Lincecum


who would you prefer to start at DH Brandon Phillips or Freeman? I have Fielder and Encarnacion at CI and Cano and Lawrie at MI Im getting clobbered in HRs but close in most other categories….down by 2 runs in a daily league playoff


I’d go with Phillips. He’s the better bet for runs and Freeman has been in and out of the lineup due to a lingering quad injury.


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