Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 13


Carpenter @ Karstens – Cards rank first in NL in both runs scored and batting average. Ditch Karstens.

Wang @ Gee – Both are high-risk, minimal reward.

Dempster @ Leake – Leake in 3 starts vs. Cubs this year: 2.74 ERA 1.00 WHIP

Hand @ Minor – Minor at home this year: 3-1 3.34 ERA, over a K per inning.

Hamels @ Happ

Rogers @ Greinke

Kennedy @ Billingsley – Billingsley’s a mess right now.

Luebke @ Cain

Price @ Simon

Morrow @ Wakefield – Morrow vs. BOS this year: 13.83 ERA 2.20 WHIP

Masterson @ Harrison

Pavano @ Chen

Verlander @ Floyd

Williams @ Moscoso – Favorable matchup for both.

Burnett @ Furbush – That’s right! Ditch A.J. even vs. M’s.


Do you know if Pineda has been shut down for the year? If not, should I still keep him?
the “other” Rich


The latest news is that Pineda is scheduled to make one more start before being shut down (Sept 21 @MIN). It’s a favorable matchup so yes, I’d hold onto him.


I’m in the playoffs. Hughes, Wolf, or A. Sanchez,ROTW. Who would you pick?
thanks again.
other Rich


Definitely not Hughes. I’d lean towards Anibal as he’s coming off a gem.


Hi Big Z, is Crisp a keeper candidate for 1 year at 5 bucks? Reason being, im considering dropping him to try and improve my team elsewhere, but if I do so his price immediately shoots up once he clears waivers. I know he’s exceeded expectations this year, but will 5 bucks be a bargain for him next year or can I let him go and maybe draft him for cheaper next year. Im thinking he likely won’t cost more than 5.


5 might be a slight bargain for Crisp but a couple bucks shouldn’t prevent you from dropping him if you feel like this is a move that will help you win now. Maybe he goes for 7-8 next year but probably not more than that.


Dempster 2.88 ERA in 4 starts vs Reds this year.

Well you can tell me if it helps me win. Would be dropping Crisp to claim Peralta, who would overtake Ackley in my MI spot for now whilst he’s cooled off. Then once Ackley heats up again id play him at 2B instead of Sizemore. I need to boost RBis, and as for Crisp I have lots of capable replacements at OF, only prob is I could use some speed with Reyes not stealing much. Worth the claim/drop?

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