Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 14


Romero @ Lackey *Can Ricky Ro continue to slay the beast?

Penny @ Axelrod

Weaver @ Harden

Hendriks @ Hochevar

Huff @ Holland

W. Davis @ Guthrie *Wade Davis has struggled on road…too risky.

Nova @ Vargas *Did you see what they did to Larry Bernandez?

Nolasco @ Delgado

Jackson @ Morton

Halladay @ Norris *Pretty risky for Bud but if Myers can do it why can’t he?

Latos @ Lincecum

Coleman @ Cueto

Peacock @ Pelfrey

Millwood @ Marcum

D. Hudson @ Kershaw *NL West putting on show tomorrow

                                                                                                                                                ***CORY SAYS “I’d pitch Harden at home, and I like Hendriks at KC also. Agreed on the rest.”


I know this is completely off topic, but does anyone know of a good fantasy football blog where I can get as good advice as I get here? Does the Fantasy 411 staff have any suggestions? This is my first season doing fantasy football and I’m hoping to get the same level of advice as I get from here on baseball.

Bud Norris or Ricky Nolasco. Who do you pitch of the two?


Norris. Nolasco has been absolutely awful in the second half. More on him on today’s show!


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