Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, September 15


Hellickson @ Miller – I know Joe said ditch on Hellickson but he’s been too dominant all year for me to sit him.
Carmona @ Ogando – Ogando can no longer be trusted.
Buehrle @ Francis
Scherzer @ McCarthy – McCarthy has been lights out at home (2.92 ERA  1.14 WHIP)
Milone @ Schwinden
An. Sanchez @ Kendrick – Anibal is hot. I’m trotting him out there.
Sanabia @ Lee
Wells @ Bailey – Coming off gem at Coors, Homer has earned it. Wells not a terrible start but the matchup scares me.
Vogelsong @ Chacin
Ohlendorf @ Eveland


do u do fantasy football too

411 Crew,
13 team mixed roto 6 keepers…..
I want to drop Arod like a bad habit! I am so close to the top spot but his taking a position with no stats, or even game time! Now he is out for 3 more days, had ENUF! Permission to be rid of him for Chisenhall, Duda, Shelley Duncan, Juan Rivera, or wait for it..E5! I just need hits and run production from my CI NOW (as you say name mean nothing, and non keeper for 2012) Only allowed 2 spots on the bench for position players and they rotate between, Crawford (Mr.Disappointment), Mike Stanton (who may as well be shut down, keeper for 2012)

Help me Zachary Kenobi, your my only hope!



The guys will answer your question on today’s show, but personally, since you’re not keeping him anyway, I have no problem with you dropping A-Rod if you really have to. Apparently, he’s returning to the lineup tomorrow, but I can totally see the Yankees limiting his playing time down the stretch, especially once they clinch a playoff spot.


Hey no stealing my catch phrases lol

Hey Zach is Quentin worth keeping at 11 bucks next year in an OBP league? Was wanting to pick up Homer for todays start, but I’d have to activate Quentin by cutting someone else or cutting him, as he isnt even playing. I drafted Quentin for 8 bucks, if he’s not really worth keeping at 11 ill drop him. I’ve fallen away though the last month and am middle of the pack now seemingly without a realistic shot of catching the top 3, so whether he is a keeper seems the most important thing really.


It depends on who your other keepers are but $11 for Quentin is a pretty fair price. In a mixed league, I could see him going for 13-14, so while it’s not a huge bargain, it’s fair.


Hey Big Z got a tough one for you here (like always🙂 ). Need to decide which out’ve Wieters and Avila to keep. Both currently cost 6 bucks due to the time I picked them up, and so either could be kept for: 1 yr= 9 bucks, 2yrs= 12 bucks, 3 yrs= 14 bucks, or an option year= 12 bucks too. Do I go with potential in Wieters (really showing it right now) or in consistent production from Avila who’s had his breakout season this year. It is an OBP league so maybe that gives Avila the edge, though if you think Wieters has the ability to go nuclear next year I might go with that (though could I get him cheaper at auction?). Will steadily post up my question mark keepers from now until the end of the season, looks like im not gonna manage to make it into the top 3 this year(thanks to putrid performances from Reyes, Ackley, Reynolds, A-Rod, Gio and Lind recently…) . Thanks anyway though, still think I made the right trades, my players just didn’t produce when it mattered.


Man, can you ever give me some softball questions?:-) Anyway, not to spoil tomorrow’s show, but we’ve got Avila ranked higher than Wieters for next year, so Avila would be my pick. He’s been the more consistent player and is still just 24, so it’s not like he’s some veteran who’s having a fluky season. He could get even better.


Ha sorry man, its this new keeper league im in, requires a lot of dedication, very complex!🙂 Ok thanks man, one more thing, how many years would you give him then, im thinking either 1 or 2. Do you think he’s good enough to justify a 2 year deal so 12 bucks? Or play it safe with 9 bucks for 1.


I think I’d take a chance on two yrs/12 bucks. I really don’t see Avila regressing that much and when we factor in position scarcity, 12 bucks for an upper-tier catcher is a pretty good deal.


Softball questions….I have Suzuki and Mesoraco and I can keep one (need room to use Kendry next year) which one for my 14 team keeper/dynasty league? Gordon Beckham or Jemile Weeks do I give up on Beckham or stick with him as figuring it out for 2012 or hold onto the SB’s of Weeks? Only other SB’s come from Kemp. Finally which one would you drop for 2012? Lee, Markakas, Quentin or Moreland? I have Kemp and Bruce as my top 2? Also Motte needs your love, he did get the closer role.🙂 Thanks


Definitely Mesoraco over Suzuki in a dynasty league. Mesoraco carries tremendous upside while Suzuki has regressed dramatically since his breakout ’09 campaign. I’ve pretty much lost all faith in him.

I’m willing to give Beckham one more season to get his act together, so I’d still take him over Weeks, who has benefited from a .347 BABIP. His K/BB rate is also very poor, so I don’t see him as a .300 hitter going forward. Yeah, he’ll give you steals, but Beckham is the more complete player. We’re just waiting for him to figure things out!

And finally, I’d lean towards dropping Moreland, who has faded somewhat in the second half. It’s a tough call though.


Thanks🙂 Here’s hoping Lee has one more in him too Have a great off season

Also please share the love for the 411 crew and all their hard work this season. As a final act, could they project any breakout candidates for 2012 out of the September call ups? Julio T, Mesoraco and even the STRASS man?

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