Pitch or Ditch for Friday, September 16


Haren @ Hunter

Sabathia @ Cecil

Shields @ Beckett

Humber @ Paulino – two of this year’s nicest waiver wire pickups

Jimenez @ Slowey

Fister @ Cahill

Wilson @ Beavan

Wandy @ Garza

Vazquez @ Lannan – nice rebound by Javy in the 2nd half

J. Garcia @ Worley – Garcia faded badly in 2nd half

Wolf @ Arroyo

Capuano @ Lowe

Bumgarner @ White

Miley @ Stauffer – don’t’ trust Stauffer right now

Locke @ Kuroda


Cuddyer or Prado for the last week?


It’s close, but I’d lean towards Cuddyer. Both have struggled since the All-Star break but I see Cuddyer as having more power upside.


Hi Zach next installment of my keeper options here🙂. Trying to decide what to do with Gio ($5) and Mad-Bum ($6), who I both like. Now to make things easier the rules for contracts are as follows, hope you’re familar with these kinda leagues: 1yr= +3 (min $5) ; 2yrs= +6 (Min 9) ; 3yr = +8 (min 13) ; or an OPTION yr = +6 (only the option contract can be renewed).

Do you see either pitcher developing into an ace in the future? They’ve both definately got good K rates but I tend to think Bumgarner’s got a better chance because of his much lower BB rate. Which/if any contracts would you give them? Im thinking Bumgarner might be worth a 2 year deal (12 bucks) based on his potential, whereas im thinking maybe to play it safer on Gio and give him a 1 yr deal (8 bucks), though he could really break out too. What do you reckon, thanks.


I’m high on both but do agree with you on Bumgarner getting the edge due to the superior control. Still, I’d probably go two yrs on Gio as well. I can definitely see him going for around 15 next yr, so 11 is a pretty good price.


Hi Zach wanna put a claim on A Jones who’s just been dropped in my league, need to drop one of Utley/Weeks/Kipnis. Who’s the odd man out, could it be Utley?

Notice Jones has been pretty bad recently though. Would you still take him over Wells or Kubel? I know I hate my OF too…


Yes, I’d take Jones over Wells any day of the week.


For 2012 in a 14 man Dynasty league who would you drop? Nick Markakis or Carlos Lee? Need to drop 2 where holds and saves are needed….Ubaldo Jimenez, Clay Buchholz, Leo Nunez, Madison Bumgarner, Johnny Cueto, James Shields, Jason Motte, Derek Holland, Mike Adams, Sergio Santos, David Hernandez, Jeff Niemann, Stephen Strasburg, Julio Teheran. I am leaning toward Hernandez and Niemann. Also outside of Jimenez, Santos and Hernandez all of the other pitchers came out of my draft. I am one win away from the finals how did I do? Drafted my first SP in round 7.


It’s close, but in a dynasty format I’d lean towards dropping Lee. Markakis is considerably younger and Lee’s power numbers have been in steady decline over the last few years. Simply put, I can’t think of a single category in which I can comfortably label Lee as the better option.

And yes, Hernandez and Niemann would be my choices to drop.


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