Catcher and Outfielder Rankings for 2012

Hey everyone,

On today’s show we revealed our top-10 catcher and top-15 outfielder rankings for 2012. A lot of tough choices, particularly in the outfield. The Granderson vs. Ellsbury decision drove us nuts and Stanton vs. Bruce is also very close.

So without further adieu, here are our rankings:


1. Brian McCann
2. Victor Martinez
3. Mike Napoli
4. Miguel Montero
5. Alex Avila
6. Carlos Santana
7. Buster Posey
8. Joe Mauer
9. Russell Martin
10. Matt Wieters
Honorable Mentions: J.P. Arencibia, Geovany Soto, Jarrod Saltalamacchia
                                                                                                                                                                  1. Ryan Braun
2. Matt Kemp
3. Curtis Granderson
4. Jacoby Ellsbury
5. Justin Upton
6. Carlos Gonzalez
7. Andrew McCutchen
8. Hunter Pence
9. Carl Crawford
10. Matt Holliday
11. Mike Stanton
12. Jay Bruce
13. Josh Hamilton
14. Nelson Cruz
15. Desmond Jennings
                                                                                                                                               Honorable Mentions: Alex Gordon, Shane Victorino
***NOTE  On Monday, we’ll move to the mound, so we welcome you to post your own top-15 starting pitcher and top-10 closer lists. Some of your answers will be shared on the show!


Russell Martin in the top 10? I am wondering why? His Avg kills a team and now he will share time with the stud rookie. Just wondering, I own Suzuki in my keeper league and Martin was just dropped. Martin better ROTW?


Yeah, I’d take Martin over Suzuki. I think there’s a very good chance that the Yankees re-sign him for at least another year. Montero isn’t ready to catch yet and I can definitely see Martin serving as their primary catcher for most if not all of next season.


Starting Pitcher
1.Roy Halladay(well be the best SP until he retires)
2.Justin Verlander(AL Cy Young, but not MVP)
3.Clayton Kershaw(Got him a 20 team league=) )
4.Tim Lincecum(what is there to say)
5.Jered Weaver(A few bad start but still a top five pitcure[hurts coming from a Ranger fan])
6.Cliff Lee(I don’t think he is top five pitcher)
7.C.C. Sabathia(I think he fading [from a top 5 pitcher to a top 10])
8.Ian Kennedy(he well keep this up)
9.James Sheilds(I think he his better than David Price)
10.Felix Hernandez(In the depth world of SP, barely the top 10 made with his huge 3.06 ERA)
11.C.J. Wilson (heck yes)
12.Cole Hamels(sorry no three team pitchers in the 10 allowed)
13.Josh Beckett(no comment)
14.Dan Haren(couldn’t put two LAA pitchers in the top 10)
15.Ricky Romero(hugely underrated)

Honrable mention: Clay Buchholz(he would be top 10 if wasn’t injured) Jon Lester, David Price Johnny Cueto, Yovani Gallardo, Zack Grenike, and ton others I don’t want to name
1.Mariano Rivera(Best closer ever)
2.Jose Valverde(Next greatest closer ever)
3.Brain Wilson(Fear the Beard)
4.Joel Handrahan(A surpise, but 1.55 ERA with 36 saves speaks for itself)
5.Craig Kimbrel(I know I got him low, but not completely sold)
6.Health Bell(well be with a new team next year, though)
7.Carlos Marmol(bounce back alert, next year)
8.Neftali Feliz(might not be a closer year, though)
9.Joakim Soria(off a bad year but next well be better)
10.John Axford(fade a little next year)

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Papelbon(honestly kind of disappoinment), J.J. Putz(one year wonder), Ryan Madison, Leo Nunez, Drew Storen

Jon fomr Texas (in th Champion game in all three. Wish me luck)

I don’t agree with your closer list. Kimbrel should be tops. Stats-wise, he blows every other closer out of the water. He gets more Ks than anyone on that list (especially the 4 guys you listed in front of him) and will get a ton of save opportunities pitching on a contender. You give Wilson his spot for his reputation and Valverde his spot based on a misleading saves record (he doesn’t strike out enough people and he walks too many. The only real concern with him was his control and his youth. Which as this year has demonstrated, haven’t been a problem.

Starting Pitchers:

1. Justin Verlander
2. Roy Halladay
3. Clayton Kershaw
4. Tim Lincecum
5. Felix Hernandez
6. Cliff Lee
7. CC Sabathia
8. Jered Weaver
9. Cole Hamels
10. David Price
11. Jonny Cueto
12. Jon Lester
13. Ricky Romero
14. CJ Wilson
15. Josh Beckett
Honorable Mentions: Ian Kennedy, Yovani Gallardo, Stephen Strasburg


1. Joel Hanrahan
2. Craig Kimbrel
3. Heath Bell
4. Jose Valverde
5. Brian Wilson
6. Mariano Rivera
7. JJ Putz
8. Johnathan Papelbon
9. Carlos Marmol
10. John Axford

Crawford really? Only if he goes back to a small market.

lol jennings a top 15 OF, u guys love to over hype and jump on bandwagons of new players way too quick, god u get paid for this?

I took the time to really figure out the top 15 SP.
I win at least 1 fantasy baseball league a year and i took the time to look at everyone, so i feel confident with this list. I’m saving it to refer back to it next April, July & October.

1 Justin Verlander
2 Roy Halladay
3 CC Sabathia
4 Cliff Lee
5 Clayton Kershaw
6 Jered Weaver
7 Felix Hernandez
8 Tim Lincecum
9 David Price
10 Matt Cain
11 Ian Kennedy
12 Tommy Hanson
13 Adam Wainwright
14 Josh Johnson
15 C.J. Wilson
Top 15 consideration worthy:
Cole Hamels, Daniel Hudson, Jon Lester, Jeremy Hellickson, Stephen Strasburg
Sleepers to finish in Top 15:
Jordan Zimmerman, Shaun Marcum, Chris Carpenter,
Wandy Rodriguez (Traded from Hou)
Mark Buehrle (Sign with StL)


Looking forward to 2012 and beyond, Fister is available in our league. Would you drop either Wade Davis, Vogelsong or Jonathan Sanchez to add him?

Also, would you drop Brennan Boesch to add Alex Presley? Remember this is looking forward to next year.

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