Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 20


Floyd @ Carmona (Gm 1) – I’m done with both of these guys

Axelrod @ McAllister (Gm 2)

Davis @ Nova

Pineiro @ Cecil – different reasons to not trust either

VandenHurk @ Bedard – I’ll buy the lotto ticket

Penny @ Mendoza

Vargas @ Hendriks – good home matchup for the Aussie

Holland @ Harden

Detwiler @ Kendrick (Gm 1)

Milone @ Lee (Gm 2) – biggest mismatch of the day

Delgado @ An. Sanchez

Norris @ Bailey

Marcum @ Wells – hang with ‘em on Marcum

Pelfrey @ Jackson

Latos @ Chacin – Latos is the best 7-14 pitcher in baseball

Morton @ D. Hudson

Lincecum @ Kershaw – yes, please!


Chacin a ditch vs. San Diego. What’s brought him to this looooowwly state?

Looking forward to 2012 and beyond, Fister is available in our league. Would you drop either Wade Davis, Vogelsong or Jonathan Sanchez to add him?


Your question was answered on today’s show so catch the podcast when it comes out later this afternoon.


Hey Big Z, next keeper is a tricky one, Kendry Morales who I picked up once he cleared waivers for 3 bucks. Feel if healthy he could be a big bargain next year, so which if any of the usual contracts do you like: 1yr= $6 ; 2yrs= $9 ; 3yrs = $11 ; or option year= $9 . There are currently auction budget penalties for cutting keepers on multi-year deals who clear waivers, so because of that im leaning towards caution and either a 1yr or maybe an option year and then extend it from that if he’s back to his best. Thoughts?


I’d go one year on Morales. Need to see him healthy first, but 6 bucks is a reasonable investment.


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