Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 21


Shields @ Hughes  (Gm 1) – Hughes unpredictable and much better on the road

Hellickson @ Sabathia (Gm 2)

Buehrle @ Jimenez – Ubaldo finding his groove with the Tribe

Haren @ McGowan

Hunter @ Beckett

Scherzer @ Paulino – Scherzer has allowed 29 HR’s this year

Pineda @ Slowey – this might be it for Pineda this year

Wilson @ McCarthy – McCarthy outstanding at home

Wandy @ Arroyo

Wolf @ Garza

Bass @ Cook

Ohlendorf @ Miley – good matchup for Miley, but K-BB says too risky

Peacock @ Worley

Lowe @ Vazquez

Schwinden @ J. Garcia

Vogelsong @ Eveland – who knew Vogelsong would last?!



It’s very, very early to be thinking about this, but my league likes to trade a little in the offseason, including draft pick trades, so I’d like to get an idea of who I’d be looking to keep. We keep four. The settings are 5X5 H2H Most Cats with SVHD replacing SV. Thanks in advance, and here’s my roster:

C – McCann
C – Montero
1B – Teixeira
2B – Kinsler
SS – Ramirez
3B – Youkilis
1B/3B – Hosmer
2B/SS – Phillips
LF – Braun
CF – Granderson
RF – Pence
OF – Gordon
U – Swisher
SP – Hanson, Cain, Beachy, G. Gonzalez, C.J. Wilson, Fister, A. Sanchez, D. Hudson, Latos
RP – Betancourt, Robertson, Benoit, Holland

From an 15+ year vet of fantasy I would keep Granderson (CF is a hard position to fill and he’s a first rounder in 2012), Kinsler, Teixeira if you can handle the low avg or Hosmer if you feel he will earn you at least 25 HR’s as his avg is great and finally Braun. You never want pitchers in the first 4 rounds in my opinion, I am not sure if you are referring to Alexi or Hanley as your SS but either way I would not risk what is certain with the four I chose to what might be with Hanley R (if that is indeed who that SS is) My rule for drafting is draft the best players available before drafting for position. Pence would be my next option, especially if 1b will be in abundance in your draft for 2012.That is my two cents worth.🙂

Thanks. Ramirez is referring to Alexei.


I totally agree with Doug on this. McCann would be a close fifth due to the position scarcity factor but my four would be Braun, Granderson, Tex and Kinsler, who has finally stayed healthy for an entire season! As for Tex, I have a hard time believing that he has all of a sudden lost the ability to hit for a high AVG, but even if he hits .260 with 35-40 HRs and 120 or so RBIs, he’ll be well worth it. Youk’s recent injury woes scare me and I think you can get back Cain in the draft if you wanted to. No need to keep a pitcher here.


Hey Big Z, next player on the keeper list is Adam Lind ($6). Guy’s been pretty wretched this 2nd half and his .298 OBP is a bit of a killer in my league. That said he is only 6 bucks, and so if the average bounces back next year he could be valuable with his power. Though he’s had 2 low AVG years back to back now could it be fair to say this is what he is? Trying to decide between: 1yr= $9 , or not to keep him at all I think. I really need to focus on OBP more next year as that’s what killed me this year. Any thoughts appreciated dude as always.🙂


At that price, I’d take a chance on Lind. At least he was better this year than he was last season, so maybe he can put it all together and at least get close to his ’09 production. Minimal risk, high reward.


Oh the pain, I am undefeated in the playoffs and yet I will come in third. Why? I lost to a tie and I don’t mean paisley. (lost by 1 lousy hold) So I would like your thoughts on the following please cheer me up with a favorable answer.🙂 Who would you trade and who would you keep out of Ubaldo Jimenez, Clay Buchholz, Madison Bumgarner, Johnny Cueto, James Shields, Derek Holland, David Hernandez, Stephen Strasburg, Julio Teheran, Leo Nunez, Jason Motte, Mike Adams, Sergio Romo, Sergio Santos and David Hernandez. This is a 14 team dynasty league where the best SP on the waiver wire is Mike Leake and the best holds player avail is J.P. Howell. Stats include Era, whip, holds, saves, wins, K’s. Also Julio T or Minor as best potential for 2012 and beyond. P.S. I miss the call in feature from last years show and would love to see a Facebook Q & A since I don’t use Twitter. Thanks and have a great off season.

Help! In playoffs for first. Have CarGo & Aramis Ramirez. My bench down to one (just had to drop Brett Lawrie). Do I keep these two and hope or drop & get someone healthy? Your thoughts appreciated…and maybe a little prayer too.

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