Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, September 22


Beavan @ Swarzak – almost like a home game for Big BB!
Lewis @ Cahill – Lewis owns the A’s
Britton @ Turner
Humber @ Gomez – Humber now due for some POSITIVE regression!
Niemann @ Colon – Niemann has handled the Yanks in his career
Big Erv @ Alvarez – very impressed with Alvarez so far
Capuano @ Westbrook – could be 3-2 or 10-9
Peacock @ Oswalt
White @ Sosa
Bumgarner @ Kuroda


Not a pitch or ditch question but an injury question:

How bad is Pablo Sandoval hurt? He’s generally my starting 3B and I’m in the championship series and have him in my starting line-up (made daily) but he hasn’t played all week. Is he done for my season (which ends Sunday?)

Anyone feel free to respond.



Nope, Pablo isn’t done for the year, though his shoulder injury is preventing him from batting right-handed. That’s why he wasn’t in the lineup yesterday vs. the lefty Clayton Kershaw. He’ll probably sit vs. lefties the rest of the way but I expect him to be in there vs. righties…that is as long as the Giants remain in the postseason hunt.


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