Pitch or Ditch for Friday, September 23


Simon @ Porcello

Lester @ F. Garcia

Pavano @ Masterson

Morrow @ Price – who knows what you’ll get from Morrow?

Vasquez @ Harrison

Chen @ Stewart

Gonzalez @ Weaver

T. Hudson @ Strasburg – start Stras every time against everyone, pitch counts be damned!

Volquez @ Locke

Hamels @ Dickey

Pomeranz @ Myers – Pomeranz held his own in Coors and gets the Astros now… sweet!

Volstad @ Gallardo – 5 straight QS by Volstad

Dempster @ Carpenter

Surkamp @ Collmenter – Collmenter has regressed somewhat but it’s a good matchup

Lilly @ LeBlanc



is Matt Moore Getting another start this year other then the yankee start tonight


I’d say the chances are unlikely, though we don’t really know for sure.


Which of these players in “position competition” get the edge in playing time for 2012?
A) Trumbo v.s. K Morales (LAA) (you forgot to mention KM in the all injured team?)
B) Mesoraco v.s. Hernandez (Reds)
C) Minor vs Julio T (Atl)
D) Montero v.s. Martin (NYY)
E) Carlos Quentin v.s. Dayan Viciedo (CWS) (baring a trade of Carlos Q)
You’ve just got to post this question on the broadcast🙂

Doug (Oklahoma City)


A. Trumbo: I’ll believe that Kendry is healthy when I see it, and Trumbo WILL play every day next year, whether it’s at DH, 1B or even OF.

B. Mesoraco. I don’t see any reward in owning Hernandez next season.

C. Minor

D. Depends on whether or not the Yankees bring back Martin, as they’ll likely have to make a multi-year commitment. This situation is TBD based on what happens over the winter.

E. Not quite sure how this one will play out, but in drafts next spring I’d gladly take Viciedo at the cheaper price over Quentin. I’m tired of Carlos Q’s low AVG and injury woes.


Pavano 1.93 ERA in 4 starts vs. Cleveland this year. Ditch??

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