Updated PoD Category Chart (9/22)

Hey everyone,

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated our Pitch or Ditch category chart, so here’s one final update for the season. This can be used as both a guide for the final week and a way to value all the pitchers heading into the offseason and eventually into 2012.

PoD chart 9-22

And, for the last time, a reminder as to how the chart works:

In an effort to help you make those all important Pitch or Ditch decisions, the 411 tribunal of Mike, Cory and I have divided all the starting pitchers in the Majors into five groups: Aces, Pitch or Ditch Graduates, Pitch or Ditch guys, DTMs and Indifferents. DTM (dead to me) refers to pitchers who we are totally fed up with and will not start under any circumstance right now while Indifferents should also be benched in all matchups…but we don’t hate them!

As always, all comments are welcome.



Can keep 5 for next year in a 5×5 Auction league. Pretty sure keeping Uggla ($20), Granderson ($17). Other options for the other 3 – Reyes ($28), Braun ($43), Morse ($10), Cuddyer ($10), Neimann ($1), Weaver ($36), Latos ($25), Valverde ($10), Lilly ($8). FYI – we use QS instead of W for a pitching category.

Where’s Zimmerman, J for Nats. Gotta be an Ace, no?


Zim is simply not an ace. Not a great K rate and he doesn’t pitch deep enough into games. There are plenty of pitchers who are more deserving than Zim who we left as grads.


Fair enough, maybe Ace was a stretch, but he’s not even listed in the Nats rotation…not even as a footnote. He did enough this season to make the POD chart…even if it is as an afterthought.


The only reason Zim wasn’t on the chart was because he was shut down last month due to an innings limit, so technically he’s not currently in the rotation. But we haven’t forgotten about him! He enters next season as a grad, no question. You’re right though that he did warrant a footnote.


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