Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, September 24-26



Diamond @ Huff  (Gm 1)

Liriano @ Talbot  (Gm 2) – Liriano was awful in August and has yet to make a start in September…ditch!

Wakefield @ Burnett – This has slugfest written all over it.

King Felix @ Ogando – Ogando pitching well of late, but more importantly it’s the Mariners.

Guthrie @ Verlander

Teaford @ Danks – Danks a somewhat risky start but he’s been solid at home.

Romero @ Niemann

Moscoso @ Williams – Check out Moscoso’s home/road splits and you’ll see why I’m ditching.

Beachy @ Wang

Lopez @ Lohse – Not a Lohse fan, but aside from K’s he’s been great this year.

Kendrick @ Gee – Kendrick since All-Star break: 4-2  2.42 ERA  1.08 WHIP

TBD (CIN) @ Lincoln

Hammel @ Happ

Sanabia @ Greinke

Surkamp @ Kennedy

Billingsley @ Harang – As much as I’m fed up with Billingsley’s inconsistency, this matchup is too good to pass up.


VandenHurk @ Penny

Lackey @ Nova – Nova’s earned it. Lackey is DTM.

Hendriks @ Carmona – Carmona’s been awful this month (7.66 ERA  1.95 WHIP  .343 BAA

Cecil @ Davis – Both are too unpredictable to trust.

Mendoza @ Floyd – Floyd hasn’t recorded a QS in almost a month.

Furbush @ Holland

Harden @ Pineiro – Harden has offered us little reason for optimism lately.

Halladay @ Pelfrey

Minor @ Detwiler – Minor has struggled on the road. Detwiler 3 ER or less in seven of his last eight starts.

Wood @ McDonald

Chacin @ Harrell – Chacin simply not worth the headache despite appealing matchup.

Nolasco @ Narveson – Scary matchup for Nolasco.

Wells @ Jackson

Kershaw @ Luebke

Lincecum @ Collmenter


Bedard @ Hunter – Bedard can’t be trusted right now.

Jimenez @ Scherzer – Wouldn’t blame you for benching Scherzer though.

Hughes @ Shields

McGowan @ Buehrle – Three of Buehrle’s last four starts have been disaster outings…ditch.

Paulino @ Slowey

Wilson @ Haren

McCarthy @ Vargas – Both are solid plays.

Bailey @ Schwinden – Great spot to pitch Homer.

Lee @ Delgado

Milone @ An. Sanchez

J. Garcia @ Wandy

Karstens @ Marcum

Eveland @ D. Hudson

Coleman @ Latos

Millwood @ Vogelsong – For a few weeks, Millwood was looking like a decent PoD option…not anymore!


Hey Big Z have figured out most of my keeper now im sure you’re glad to know!🙂 Just a few names left now, firstly Big Erv. Love this guy as he’s been a great WW pickup for me twice now (other time being his big year a few years back), so he certainly is in my good books! Is he worth keeping for 1 year at $7 (4+3) or can I draft him for less? And also wondering about Hunter Pence, he’s been very solid since being traded to the fightin’ Phils, worth keeping for another year for $18 (15+3)? Thanks man.


Yeah, I’d keep both Erv and Pence at those prices. I can see Erv going for 9-10 bucks…not a huge value keeper but if you like the guy it’s certainly worth it. Strangely enough, on Wednesday’s show, one of the viewer questions asked if Pence should be kept at $18 and Cory said yes. I agree. Hitting in the middle of a formidable PHI lineup, I think he’ll deliver 22-24 dollar production.


Hey Zach,
details of the league unimportant at this stage, all that matters is with your help I moved from 4th to tied 1st! Brian Wilson will probably be shut down once the Giants cant make it. Any word on how soon this may be official? Need to put up some holds on the board and maybe squeeze a spare save opportunity with his roster spot. Willing to cut him as I wont be keeping him in 2012.
By Monday morn this answer may be mlb news anyway, but checking if u have heard anything. Also, is it safe to say that any starting pitchers who starts from today are pretty much done for the year?



I haven’t heard anything definitive regarding Wilson but the Giants are now officially eliminated from playoff contention. It’s a tough call but I think I’d still hold onto him if one save will make a huge difference in your league’s standings.

And thanks for the kudos!


How do you not pitch Guthrie at Comerica when he sports a 1.76 era and a .91 whip with an opp ba of .204 for his career there?

Zach? Is there going to be a PoD for this week? I have 4 adds to make for SP and I don’t know who to target.

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