Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 27


Bedard @ Britton – Bedard no longer trusted to be healthy OR effective

Gomez @ Scherzer – Scherzer demoted to PoD status… DITCH

Colon @ Hellickson

O’Sullivan @ Swarzak

Alvarez @ Buehrle – Alvarez very impressive so far in debut

Lewis @ Big Erv

Cahill @ Beavan – Beavan solid at home

Arroyo @ Capuano – Cappy worth a gamble if your season depends on wins and K’s

Oswalt @ Lowe

Lannan @ Vazquez

Westbrook @ Sosa – great matchup for Westbrook

Ohlendorf @ Wolf

Kuroda @ Parker

Garza @ Bass

White @ Bumgarner

                                                                                                                                                ***ZACH SAYS “I’d take a chance on Cahill @SEA, but only if ypu’re chasing wins. Agree on rest.”


A big thank you to everyone at the 411 for a great season’s worth of advice. Couldn’t have made it to the championship without you. Only one more day of pitchin’ and ditchin’!

Thanks for all the advice all season guys! i have a keeper question for next season and future seasons. H2H 8×8

Pick 7 for next year: (round kept, contract length)

Miguel Cabrera (2nd Round, 5 years)
Cano (1st Round, 5 years)
Kemp (3rd Round, 5 Years)
Verlander (4th Round, 5 years)
Wainwright (18th Round, 5 years)
Stubbs (21st Round, 4 years)
Ellsbury (12th Round, 2 years).
V. Mart (5th Round, 5 years)
Worley (24th Round, 5 years)
Aramis Ramirez (6th Round, 5 years)
Jhonny Peralta (17th Round, 5 years)
Neil Walker (7th Round, 5 years)
Valverde (8th Round, 5 years)
Hanrahan (11th Round, 5 years)


A lot of great options here but my 7 would be Kemp, Ellsbury, M-Cab, Cano, Stubbs, Verlander and Wainwright. V-Mart for a 5th rounder is fair value right now but I’d be very hesitant to keep him for that long of a time period. At 32 already, he’s getting up there in age, and a lot of his value is tied to his catcher eligibility. Chances are he won’t be catching even three years down the road, let alone five.


Trying to gain a last couple of points – I need 3 wins and 18ks for a point in each and am just 2 ahead in saves. ERA is safe as long as I don’t have a blowup. I have just 21 innings left and have Hellickson, Beavan and Capuano ready to go tonight plus Nathan, Bell and Peralta / Farnsworth for saves. For tomorrow I only have Simon and Pomeranz. Is it worth pulling one of tonights starters to ensure i get the starts tomorrow and if so which one

Thanks for all the help this season



Nope, I’d much rather pitch the trio you have going tonight. Plus, Simon and Pomeranz are a lot riskier in terms of the blowup. And who knows, maybe you’d still have enough innings left over for tomorrow. It’s certainly possible.


I have Beavan, Hellickson and Alvarez going tonight my opponent has Westbrook, Wolf and E. Santana. I am currently down by 1 win and 19 ks, up by .60 in ERA (I have 77.1 IP he has 107.1 IP) and up by 0.06 in WHIP. Do I have a chance to overtake him in wins? He has nobody going tomorrow and I have Chen + a 2nd add based on whomever you guys target as a good add.

Thanks for the help for my playoff week!


Absolutely. Wins are impossible to predict but with more pitchers going you certainly have the edge.


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