The Final Pitch or Ditch for 2011! (9/28)


Morrow @ Humber – Humber has been terrible down the stretch

Lester @ Simon

McAllister @ Porcello

Betances @ Price – Johnny Wholestaff for the Yankees?

Harrison @ Richards

Chen @ Pavano – you read that right, kids

Gonzalez @ Vasquez

Volquez @ Batista – friendly reminder: Volquez is awful

Pomeranz @ Surkamp

Strasburg @ Volstad

Blanton @ T. Hudson

Carpenter @ Myers – Myers is white-hot in September

Locke @ Greinke – he will only pitch an inning or two, according to reports

Dempster @ LeBlanc

Lilly @ Saunders – if your season depends on a W, gamble on Saunders

                                                                                                                                                ***ZACH SAYS “Even @ SF I’d be a little scared to pitch Pomeranz coming off awful outing @ HOU. Pitch only if you have a safe ERA/WHIP cushion. Agree on rest.”


Hi fellas, would you please advise what keepers you like infor my daily H2H 10-team 30stat(15/15) 12 player keeper league, I really appreciate it. (BTW I am fight for league CHamp due to your help, thanks tons fors this site)

Mike Napoli, Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, Mike Moustakas, J.J. Hardy, Desmond Jennings, Josh Hamilton, Mike Stanton, Michael Morse, Prince Fielder, Dustin Ackley, Matt Holliday, Bryce Harper, Brett Lawrie DL, Buster Posey DL

David Price, Jeremy Hellickson, Doug Fister, Matt Moore, Stephen Strasburg,
Ted Lilly, Bruce Chen, Brandon Morrow, Joe Saunders
Neftali Feliz, John Axford, Ryan Madson
DL – Adam Wainwright, Tommy Hanson, Alex Cobb

Thanks -evilempire42xx

RE: KEEPER HELP – Sorry, that’s 12 keepers we’re allowed, I was a little unclear.


There are so many great options here (in other words, sure-fire top-12 rounders), that this is a tough call. But my 12 would be M-Cab, Fielder, Kinsler, Napoli, Jennings, Stanton, Lawrie, Hardy, Holliday, Hamilton, Price, Strasburg. Hellickson vs. Strasburg is very close but I just couldn’t resist keeping Strasburg based on what we’ve seen from him in his limited time in the big leagues. That said, Hellickson does hold the advantage of having a full MLB season under his belt, which makes this decision quite difficult. Strasburg’s upside is through the roof though. Plus, he doesn’t pitch in the AL East.


Zach thanks for replying to my 11th hour post. We are same on 9, differences very interesting.
>Napoli (Posey “lesson” shy’ed me on catcher keepers – rethink time)
>Lawrie (luv’em too, was unsure if real deal – Thanks!)
>Hardy (yeah SS pos. makes’em a stud, you’re right)
>I had Hellickson ahead of Price, will rethink that.

Hmm, “no agonizing” over Matt Moore, Wainwright, Moustakas, Harper ??? – if you have the time I’d be really interested on your thoughts there. BTW tonight’s looking real good for my two-peat, thanks!
– evilempire42

P.S. – LUV PorD, check always, but please put a comment on those “Double Bold” matchups so I can “gleen the way you lean”. Thanks again guys,. And remember – Being Hungry is better than “Staying thristy” LOL

YOU GUYS ROCK…look forward to your top 150 for 2012

Help Im down by alot….today is the end so im putting all the probables i can in… who should i pitch Drew Pomeranz, Zach McAllister or Jeff Locke.


Although I’d be a bit hesitant to pitch him if I were in a close race in ERA and WHIP, Pomeranz would be my choice. He has by far the most favorable matchup. So if it’s a matter of you chasing wins and strikeouts, he’s the one to pitch.


Thanx Zach… definitely was the right choice he did pretty good

Fantasy 411 has been a must watch for me; thanks for the advice through the season. I have one open starting spot today in a H2H league and the score is close – do I start Pomeranz or hope for a solid relief appearance (and possible win) from Hamels? Pomeranz scares me after the HOU start.


Yeah, personally I wouldn’t risk it with Pomeranz on the final day of the season if you feel that a mediocre outing could seriously threaten your chances of winning.


Thank you Zach and company at the 411 for all the advice this season. Even though I wasn’t able to 3-peat due to a poor M-R schedule during Week 24 (too many good players had both days off), I am in a great position to lock up 3rd place tonight in my 8 keeper 10 team H2H 12×13 league. During this off season I am going to have some fun determinig next years keepers. Tulo, Braun, Crawford, Ellbury, and Cain are guaranteed in my opinion… just need to decide on a combination of Mauer/Avila, A-Rod/Lawrie, and Oswalt/Hellickson/Johan Santana (if he returns to form) for the remainder 3 spots. Take care all, and see you in 2012!

Just in case you were interested my final roster consists of: Avila, Trumbo, Ackley, Tulo, Lawrie, E5, Moustakas, Aviles, Ichiro, Braun, Crawford, Ellsbury, ARod, Mauer, Hellickson, Homer Bailey, Vogelsong, Chris Perez, Andrew Bailey, Clippard, Melancon, Fister, Oswalt, Bumgarner, Anibal Sanchez, Porcello, Bastardo, Cain, Miley, Cahill, and Johan Santana


I’d go with A-Rod, Lawrie and Avila. No need to keep two pitchers and I’m a little concerned about Mauer going forward with his injuries and complete loss of power.


I went undefeated in the playoffs and yet lost. How? Well, I tied and one hold would have put me over. That is how important each stat is for a league. Would you speculate on top 10 holds and players who could grab closer roles in 2012? Thanks Sergio Romo anyone?


Well, it sounds like the Rockies will try to trade Huston Street this offseason, so there’s a good chance Betancourt opens 2012 as Colorado’s closer. And he could very well hold onto the job all year. Bobby Parnell has been very shaky in the closer role but I expect him to get first crack at the job next season. Mike Dunn is another guy who’s worth monitoring now that Leo Nunez (or Juan Carlos Oviedo) appears to be out of the picture.


ZACH!!!!! Thanks heaps for the help this season mate! can back from 14 points in 4th to a 1 point win on top of my 1st roto league! Gonna ride the wave for 5 months!
Depression is already settling in with 5 months till the fantasy wheel begins turning again. Need to organise my keepers. When do u all start working the blog for off season talk or are you lucky enuf to have a fwe months off til Jan/Feb 2012?

Thanks again to you all at 411 Central,


Congrats! Glad we helped. Not sure yet regarding the specifics of our off-season schedule but we will resume the podcasts in November, figure maybe once or twice a week. As for the blog, feel free to ask any questions you’d like and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. The truth is that the fantasy baseball season never really ends!


Thanks guys for the help and looking forward to next year. I won 2 out three leagues. The 20 team league if I would of had 1 more SO I would of won! Anyway thanks for all the help.

Jon form Texas (Go Rangers!!!!!!!)

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